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World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo was an online multiplayer video game based on World of Final Fantasy.


In a similar fashion to its main-game predecessor, players had the ability to train their Mirages in a place known as the Garden. They could provide their Mirages with gems known as "Rise" that were obtainable from exploring and adventuring. Rise allowed the Mirages to grow and gain varying stats throughout their growth, allowing the player access to unique Mirages that could learn a multitude of abilities.

Players could also utilize the stacking mechanic present in the predecessor game, allowing advantages and disadvantages in battle per the combination of Mirages.

Champions and Mega Mirages also returned as a function during battle when stacking specific Mirages together. The special move summons a Champion from the Final Fantasy series to aid in battle.

The Dome Challenge feature allowed players to play with their friends in battle and gain exclusive Mirages and items as rewards.[1]


Main characters[]

Player Lilikin
As a "Dome-User", the player could use powers of the "Garden Dome" that allowed them to befriend Mirages and start all kinds of miracles in the alternate world that is Valgallan.[2]
Mel / Meloch Mercurius
A mirage who takes care of the player and provides support. He has a butler-like demeanor and has a polite way of talking. He'll help out as a navigator but won't participate in battles.[2]
A Mirage who supports the player within the Garden Dome. She'll help for Garden Dome and Mirage upbringing. Originally she's been helping various people across different worlds but has left Valgallan to Meru.[2]
A Mirage that provides informational support within the player's Garden Dome. She uses a special ability called “Gossip Gather” that allows her to observe the player's surroundings. She's a self-proclaimed mascot character.[2]
Nevan (ネヴァン, Nevan?)
A mysterious Mirage that was sealed in the Whitey's capsule for a long time. After hearing that the player has entered the Mirage Dome, an embodiment of the Mirage's heart, Nevan forces itself into your party. She's logical and understanding, so it doesn't seem like she's a bad Mirage...[2]
Whitey Gang (ホワイティ一味, Howaiti Ichimi?)
These guys use a capsule-like object that seals Mirages. The group consists of the rather air-headed Whitey, the serious attendant Seryu, and the somewhat of a klutz in Pui-Pui. They seem to have a big objective and appear before the player...[2]
Lann & Reynn
Twin brother and sister from an alternate world that isn't Valgallan, and knows how to use Mirages. They appeared to have arrived in Valgallan out of nowhere.[2]
Enna Kros
She's a nice person but can be a bit of a self-proclaimed God. In response to the cries of help from Valgallan, she leads the Player to the alternate world and unlocks their power. As a God, she doesn't interfere much with any of the worlds herself.[2]

Supporting characters[]


“Valgallan.” There is a world where legendary beings called Mirages and small people known as “Lilikins” coexist.

The earth, which is said to be “the source of all energy,” is divided into five magical powers—“fire,” “ice,” “forest,” “light,” and “dark”—and is protected by five “Mythical Beast Kings” who specialize in each power.

However, the “day of calamity” will come…

During the ceremony celebrating one thousand years since the founding of the Baron, King Cecil was suddenly swallowed up by darkness and went missing.

And so the [Player] was summoned to Valgallan.

With their “Garden User” ability that enables them to befriend Mirages, the [Player] will go on an adventure to change the fate of destruction engulfing the world.[1]


The game was in development, due for a release in later 2017. Closed beta testing lasted from November 25, 2017 to November 29, 2017 at 4:59 PM. The beta was limited to 10,000 players and a code was required to participate.[3]The game was officially released on December 12, 2017.

Pre-registration rewards were made available on its initial release depending on the number of pre-registered players.

The following pre-registrations would yield certain rewards:

  • 50,000 pre-registrations – 1,000 total Crystal Chips
  • 100,000 pre-registrations – Avatar Accessory: Cat
  • 200,000 pre-registrations – 1,500 total Crystal Chips
  • 300,000 pre-registrations – 2,000 total Crystal Chips
  • 350,000 pre-registrations – Player Costumes: White Mage and Black Mage
  • 400,000 pre-registrations – 2,500 total Crystal Chips
  • 450,000 pre-registrations - 3,500 total Crystal Chips
  • 500,000 pre-registrations - Mirage: Shiva 4★[1]

Service for this title ended December 13, 2018, with all web pages linking to a customary reimbursement notice for recent DLC purchases.

Packaging artwork[]

Voice cast[]

Mel (メル, Meru?)
Kaito Ishikawa[4]
Tama (タマ, Tama?)
Ayana Taketatsu[4]
Serafie (セラフィ, Serafi?)
Eri Kitamura[4]
Nevan (ネヴァン, Nevan?)
Yuko Kobayashi[4]
Enna Kros (エナ・クロ, Ena Kuro?)
Kana Hanazawa[4]
Time Mage (時魔道士, Toki Madōshi?), Zaphr (サンダガイ, Sandagai?), additional mirages
Chisa Yuuki[5]
Bablizz (ブリザ, Buriza?), Baby Tonberry (ベビートンベリ, Bebī Tonberi?), additional voices
Miyuki Satou[6]
Tonberry (トンベリ, Tonberi?)
Jouji Nakata[7]
Ifreeta (イフリータ, Ifrtīta?)
Yukari Tamura[8]
Shivalry (シーヴァ, Shīva?)
Mamoru Miyano[9]



The word mélimélo is French for "mishmash" or "hodgepodge", meaning a collection of miscellany. It may be derived from mélange, meaning "mixture".

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