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World of Final Fantasy is a role-playing game for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Microsoft Windows. It celebrates the Final Fantasy series's thirtieth anniversary and aims to attract a younger audience with its light tone and stylized graphics.[3]

Set in the land of Grymoire, World of Final Fantasy chronicles the adventures of Lann and Reynn, twin siblings who must tame monsters and befriend characters from other Final Fantasy games to reclaim their lost memories.

A multiplayer spin-off, called World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo, was announced in November 2017. Due to low interest, Meli-Melo was shuttered in December 2018.

An enhanced edition, called World of Final Fantasy Maxima, released on November 6, 2018, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Maxima adds new characters and story arcs, and includes the ability to transform into a classic Final Fantasy character.[2] It is also available as an upgrade pack for owners of the original PS4 game. PS Vita users cannot upgrade due to technical restrictions.



A battle.

Players determine the actions of Lann, Reynn, and a series of tamable monsters called "Mirages." They explore a variety of locations and use the Mirages in their arsenal to navigate the environment, clear obstacles, or reach hidden treasure. Players can choose to play as Lilikins (small, "chibi" versions of Lann and Reynn) or Jiants (their regular versions), and they can switch between these forms at any time, so long as they are outside battle.

Players do not navigate on foot on an overworld as with main installments in the Final Fantasy series. Lann and Reynn begin their adventure from a town called Nine Wood Hills and use a Gate to travel to another world called Grymoire, the game's main setting. There, most locations in the game are connected with one another and are traversed in a linear fashion, save for several towns. Players can use other Gates in Grymoire to travel back to Nine Wood Hills, and the players can likewise use the Gate in Nine Wood Hills to travel back to any location in Grymoire that has a Gate. Nine Wood Hills serves as the only location with a shop.

Battles are turn-based. Lann and Reynn team up with their Mirages to form "stacks," which determine the party's stats and usable abilities. They can be toppled by the enemy, resulting in a brief stun period, or manually separated by the player without penalty. Foes sometimes create stacks when encountered, as well.

Enemy Mirages can be brought to the players' party with the Imprisming system, by possessing a respective Prism then using certain types of attacks on the Mirage to put it in a "Prismtunity" state, in which they can then be imprismed. When successful, the Mirage is recruited to the player's party.

As playable Mirages level up, players may unlock abilities and stat boosts for them through the Mirage Board system. Each playable Mirage has its own Mirage Board, and unlocking spaces in which they learn these abilities require certain amounts of SP, gained as Mirages level up. These abilities are then made available for players when present in their active stacks. Lann and Reynn can also learn abilities by equipping special items called Mirajewels.

While Lann and Reynn's primary goal is to collect as many Mirages as possible, they can also accept sidequests to collect additional rewards. As they progress on their journey, the twins are joined by Mega Mirages and Champions, powerful allies that can be called upon to assist them when the necessary conditions have been met.


WoFF Main Characters 2

Lann and Reynn, the main protagonists.

Playable characters[]

There are two playable characters who are controlled during battle and can be freely switched between on the field.

  • Lann - A brash, head-strong and impulsive boy who tends to allow his pride and his guts to get the better of his instinct. Though he appears to be somewhat slow-witted, he frequently shows flashes of wisdom or maturity. He is loyal to his sister and to his family above all else.
  • Reynn - A level-headed girl who is frequently troubled by the consequences of the actions wrought by herself and her twin brother. Despite her misgivings, she nonetheless continues forward with the execution of the Crimson Prophecy, unable to determine an alternate course of action.

Supporting characters[]

Lann and Reynn encounter many unique individuals on their journey through Grymoire. They are characters from the Final Fantasy series, save for one.

  • Bold text indicates an appearance in the Maxima update.
  • Italicized text indicates a Champion obtained from DLC.
Original game Champions Non-playable
Final Fantasy Warrior of Light
Princess Sarah
Final Fantasy II Firion None
Final Fantasy III Refia None
Final Fantasy IV Cecil Rydia
Final Fantasy V Bartz
Gilgamesh (as part of Bartz's Champion Medal)
Enkidu (as part of Bartz's Champion Medal)
Final Fantasy VI Terra
Final Fantasy VII series Cloud
Tifa (Nibelheim Guide attire)
Final Fantasy VIII Squall Quistis
Final Fantasy IX None Vivi
Final Fantasy X series Tidus
Rikku (Thief dressphere)
Final Fantasy XI Shantotto None
Final Fantasy XII Balthier None
Final Fantasy XIII series Lightning (Equilibrium attire)
Chocolatte (Chocolina's alias)
Final Fantasy XIV Y'shtola (Scion Healer's Robe attire) None
Final Fantasy XV Noctis None
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time None Sherlotta
Kingdom Hearts Sora (no longer available to download as of March 31, 2017) None


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Reynn and Lann awaken in the world of Nine Wood Hills to find all the shops and streets around them empty. There is only a single person, Enna Kros, and fox named Tama who has been squatting on Lann's head. The two explain that Lann and Reynn have lost all memories of their past as Mirage Keepers and must set out on a journey to collect Mirages, perhaps even meeting their lost family in the process.

Reynn and Lann travel to Grymoire, arriving at Wellspring Woods, where they have gained the ability to take on the miniature form known as "Lilikin." The two confront their first murkrift containing a powerful Mirage, but are woefully unprepared and sent back to Nine Wood Hills, thanks to Tama sacrificing one of her many lives. The two meet the merchant Chocolatte and go shopping, then meet another Mirage named Serafie, who agrees to aid them on their journey. They again run into Enna Kros, who bids them farewell, but not before telling them that she is "god" and that they must now begin their journey. The two again return to Grymoire, ready to begin their journey proper.

Reynn and Lann arrive at Bridge Overlook and ride a train run by a Cactuar Conductor and arrive in the town of Cornelia. There, they find a host of Mirages in the employ of the Bahamutian Army attacking the city. They make quick work of them, but Lann shocks the townsfolk by assuming his Jiant form. Nevertheless, the town's leader, Princess Sarah, detects the truth of their otherworldly nature and warmly invites them to her castle. She tells them that they are the "Jiants from the Hills" of prophecy, who will bring either salvation or ruin to Grymoire. The two leave, agreeing to return to help Cornelia, but first they must visit The Nether Nebula to capture more Mirages.

Lann and Reynn leave Cornelia to capture more Mirages, and eventually make their way to the Nether Nebula. Within the Nether Nebula, Reynn and Lann encounter the powerful Mirages Ifrit, Shiva and Ramuh, whom they have unknowingly met before, and agree to a test of strength. While they pass, they do not have the strength to command such powerful Mirages and are left with a prismarium of a lesser Mirage from their tribe. They return to Cornelia to face the Bahamutian Army.


The World of Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack was composed by Masashi Hamauzu, whose previous works include Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- Original Soundtrack and Final Fantasy XIII: Original Soundtrack. The opening theme, "Innocent²," is written by Ryo Yamazaki and performed by Aoi Mizu, a Japanese singer also known as "Mizuki." The game's ending theme, "World Parade," is written by Ryo Shirasawa of Noisycroak. It is sung by Kana Hanazawa, Eri Kitamura, and Ayana Taketatsu, who voice Enna Kros, Tama, and Serafie in Japan, respectively.


Realizing few children play Final Fantasy, executive producer Shinji Hashimoto approached Hiroki Chiba to develop World of Final Fantasy. Art designer Yasuhisa Izumisawa created stylized characters for use in the project.[3] As revealed World of Final Fantasy is experienced through its protagonists' eyes, thus scenes were added to the game that would grab players' attention and invest them in it emotionally.[3]

The re-release, World of Final Fantasy Maxima, was developed under the low budget, so what could be achieved was limited. The difference in resolution between handheld and TV modes on Switch caused some trouble for the staff. The game engine is the Orochi Engine, which the Switch didn't support, but Square Enix got the engine team to support the Switch. The PS Vita version lacked sufficient memory and thus was not able to support the upgrade.[4]

Some people wondered if Lann's puns were really necessary, so the team considered an option to turn them off in Maxima, and the alteration was practically finished, but then the team "felt bad for him" and thought better of it. For the second playthrough, Chiba considered audio commentary from the characters that appear in each cutscene, but it was abandoned for being too "meta".[4]

While there are no plans for a sequel, Hiroki Chiba has fully written the story and could start development if Square Enix gives approval.[4]


WoFF Sephiroth Meteor

The Day 1 Edition of World of Final Fantasy includes a code that enables players to summon Sephiroth.

Prior to the release of the main game, the "Dungeon Trial Edition" of World of Final Fantasy was released for PS4 and PS Vita on October 17, 2016. After completing the trial edition, the Magitek Armor P became a companion when starting the main game.

World of Final Fantasy was released in North America, Japan, and Europe on October 25, 27, and 28, 2016, respectively. Standard, Day 1, Limited, and Collector's Editions were available. Day 1 Editions came with the option to use Japanese voice acting, a Sephiroth Champion medal, and access to three Mirages: Red Bonnetberry, White Chocobo, and Glow Moogle. Pre-ordered Day 1 Editions also contained a Cactuar Johnny Mirage, Crimson Armor, and a PlayStation 4 theme. Limited Editions include the aforementioned content, as well as a 24-page art book. Collector's Editions could only be obtained from the Square Enix Online Store, and they contain all exclusive material from the game's other versions and are packaged with an 80-page art book, a copy of the World of Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack, and a set of three mini figures: Cloud, Squall, and Lightning.

A PC version was announced on October 31, 2017, and released on November 21 via Steam. The Day 1 Edition, which included a digital soundtrack sample and a desktop wallpaper, was available until November 28.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima[]

World of Final Fantasy Maxima Logo

World of Final Fantasy Maxima

On November 6, 2018, a DLC expansion called "Maxima Upgrade" was released and is available for most platforms that World of Final Fantasy is on, excluding PlayStation Vita due to the console's limitations. A physical edition was released for the Xbox One in North America while the Nintendo Switch received a physical edition in Southeast Asia, as well as Hong Kong and Korea. The following were added with the expansion:

  • The player can have 12 Mirages in their party instead of 10.
  • After clearing the game, the Treasure Tracker is obtained, making treasure chests easier to find.
  • Several battle-related and Key Items were added.
  • The player can now carry up to 120 Mirajewels instead of 99.
  • The player can now carry up to 999 Arma Gems instead of 99.
  • Mirages that appear in secret areas, and as bosses in other places (such as Princess Goblin, and Undead Princess) reappear again even after already imprisming them.
  • New Game+ was added, unlocked at the title screen menu after clearing the game once.
  • Option to listen to "Innocent³" from World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo in the Theater Mode.
  • Difficulty reduction of the Sandstalker minigame.
  • Catching Fritt, Bablizz, and Zapt was made easier.
  • Hauyn can join the party after clearing the game and completing every intervention quest. She can change between Jiant and Lilikin forms, but does not participate in battles.
  • Enna Kros was added as a superboss battle after the player clears the game.
  • An EX dungeon centered around the original Final Fantasy, the Hidden Dungeon, was added. It includes rooms with random battle conditions, and boss battles with the Four Fiends and Garland.
  • The Immortal Dark Dragon, an Exnine Knight enemy that appears at the beginning of World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo manga, appears as a superboss. The option to fight him becomes available after clearing the game.
  • Option to fight a more difficult Exnine Bahumut, after the player defeats Enna Kros, The Immortal Dark Dragon, and Garland.
  • New "Nightmare" difficulty which makes enemies and bosses much stronger, but also rewards the player with much more EXP, Gil and better items. Available only in a New Game+ file, and can be switched on and off at any point in the Config menu. Battles in the Coliseum do not go up to this difficulty, however.
  • The Coliseum now has "Consecutive" battles where the player must clear one battle after another. These battles are unlocked after finishing the game.
  • The player can now take on time attack versions of battles already cleared at the Coliseum. The time attack challenges require the player to finish a battle within a time goal, while the player's stacks' levels are capped to certain levels, and are rewarded with items for doing so, in addition to those rewarded from the normal version. The time attack challenges can be redone limitless times.
  • Three new fully-voiced Champion intervention quests.
  • New secret ending after defeating Exnine Bahumut a second time.
  • Avatar Change: by obtaining special Mirajewels, Champion Jewels, Lann and Raynn can transform into legendary Final Fantasy characters in battle; each character has their own battle background music, as well as an active, passive skill, and/or stat boost. Fighting as a Champion has a trade-off: Champions themselves and Mega Mirages cannot be summoned.
  • A minigame where the player can fish with Noctis has been added, with a possibility to reel in even Leviathan.
  • Hauyn's Archives: characters that first appeared in World of Final Fantasy have "World of Final Fantasy (Apocrypha)" written in their "First World of Origin" field in Who's Who; these can be read as WOFF Apocrypha, which are scattered throughout the game world and must be gathered. There are twelve to obtain.
  • New Mirages and Champions in the Who's Who and Mirage Manual; since there is a little more story after clearing the game, additional descriptions have also been added to Lann and Hauyn's entries.

With the exception of Sora's Champion Medal, World of Final Fantasy Maxima for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch contain all the DLC Champions and Mirage Coliseum Tickets.

Packaging artwork[]

Production credits[]


Producer Shinji Hashimoto
Director Hiroki Chiba[5]
Creative Producer[6]
Main Character Designer
Tetsuya Nomura
Lilikin Character Designer Yasuhisa Izumisawa
Music Masashi Hamauzu[7]
Theme Song Performer Mizuki[8]

Voice cast[]

Character Japanese English
Lann Soma Saito Josh Keaton
Reynn Sora Amamiya Amanda Leighton
Enna Kros Kana Hanazawa Cassandra Lee Morris
Tama Ayana Taketatsu Lisa Kay Jennings
Serafie Eri Kitamura Nancy Sullivan
Hauyn Maaya Uchida Eden Riegel
Masked Woman Maaya Uchida Eden Riegel
Brandelis Hidekatsu Shibata Tony Amendola
Pellinore Keiko Han Jennifer Hale
Segwarides Hideyuki Tanaka Richard Tatum
Thane of Saronia Ryō Horikawa Joe Ochman
Lusse Keiko Han Jennifer Hale
Rorrik Hideyuki Tanaka Richard Tatum
Girl Who Forgot Her Name Aya Hirano Jade Pettyjohn
Warrior of Light Toshihiko Seki Grant George
Princess Sarah Yoko Asagami Brooke Lyons
Garland*(Archived audio) Koji Ishii Christopher Sabat
Refia Yoko Hikasa Mimi Torres
Cecil Shizuma Hodoshima Yuri Lowenthal
Rydia Noriko Shitaya Caroline Macey
Bartz Soichiro Hoshi Jason Spisak
Faris Rie Tanaka Emily O'Brien
Gilgamesh Kazuya Nakai Keith Szarabajka
Terra Yukari Fukui Natalie Lander
Edgar Shinichirō Miki Ray Chase
Celes Hōko Kuwashima Christina Rose
Cloud Takahiro Sakurai Steve Burton
Tifa Ayumi Itō Rachael Leigh Cook
Shelke Fumiko Orikasa Kari Wahlgren
Zack Kenichi Suzumura Rick Gomez
Squall Hideo Ishikawa Doug Erholtz
Quistis Miyuki Sawashiro Kristina Pesic
Vivi Ikue Ohtani Kath Soucie
Eiko Hisako Kanemoto Michaela Murphy
Tidus Masakazu Morita James Arnold Taylor
Yuna Mayuko Aoki Hedy Burress
Rikku Marika Matsumoto Tara Strong
Shantotto Megumi Hayashibara Candi Milo
Balthier Hiroaki Hirata Gideon Emery
Lightning Maaya Sakamoto Ali Hillis
Snow Daisuke Ono Troy Baker
Serah Minako Kotobuki Laura Bailey
Chocolatte Seiko Ueda Julie Nathanson
Noctis*(Archived audio) Tatsuhisa Suzuki Ray Chase
Sherlotta Marina Inoue Stephanie Sheh
Cid Showtaro Morikubo William Salyers
Captain of the Guard Masaya Onosaka Crispin Freeman
Cactuar Conductor Shigeru Chiba Andrew Morris
Master Tonberry Jōji Nakata Steven Barr
Moogle Sumire Morohoshi Bailey Gambertoglio
Chocochick Misaki Kuno Melissa Fahn
Mecha Chocobo Misaki Kuno Melissa Fahn
Boko Kana Hanazawa Kana Hanazawa
Ifrit Keiji Fujiwara Matthew Waterson
Ifreeta Yukari Tamura Tania Gunadi
Shiva Takako Honda Adrienne Wilkinson
Shivalry Mamoru Miyano John Paul Karliak
Ramuh Tamio Ōki William H. Bassett
Ramewl Fuka Sudo Alexandra Meyer
Leviathan Masako Ikeda Claudia Black
Bahamut Masahiro Kobayashi Fred Tatasciore
Odin Kiyoshi Kobayashi Bob Joles
Diabolos Kazuhiro Yamaji Robin Atkin Downes
Addy the Adamantoise Hiroshi Iwasaki William Frederick Knight
Quacho Queen Suzuko Mimori Ashly Burch
Quacho Maaya Uchida and Ayana Taketatsu Maaya Uchida and Ayana Taketatsu
Princess Goblin Yū Kobayashi Janell Cox
Undead Princess Hitomi Nabatame Deborah Sale Butler
Ultros Masaya Onosaka Sam Riegel
Mel Kaito Ishikawa AJ Gentile
The Immortal Dark Dragon Kenji Nomura Roger Rose
Sora Miyu Irino N/A
Dramut Nicolas Roye
Mecha Choco Maya Tuttle



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