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World A is the world in which Final Fantasy takes place. The world was never named in the original game, but is referred to as World A in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

In addition to Final Fantasy, World A is also the setting of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. It is also shown in the ending of Dissidia Final Fantasy and Light to All in Dissidia 012, and it also has a near-duplicate world called World B where the Dissidia games take place.








Dawn of Souls bonus dungeons[]

Anniversary bonus dungeons[]

Locations in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin[]

  • Cornelia:
    • Castle Cornelia: The seat of power of King of Cornelia, also the home to the royal family, including Princess Sarah.
    • Chaos Shrine: A strange structure that has appeared out of nowhere, where Chaos is said to dwell.
    • Pravoka Seagrot: Aa safe dock inside of a cavern where a pirate captain named Bikke anchors his ship between his raids.
    • Western Keep: An old, war-scarred and abandoned citadel where the Dark Elf king Astos is reported to be living in.
    • Refrin Wetlands: A lush jungle-like forest where weather can be changed from sunny to a heavy rain by the use of mystical devises.
    • Crystal Mirage: A mysterious translucent tower that is said to be a travel point to a place beyond the clouds.
    • Flying Fortress: An ancient highly advanced space station that houses the Wind Crystal, currently in possession of the Fiend Tiamat.
    • Wicked Arbor: A dense forest covered in thick miasma and inhabited by dangerous monsters.
    • Mount Gulg: An active volcano that is the location of the Fire Crystal, usurped by Marilith.
    • Hallowed Massif: A snow-covered mountain range with numerous undead roaming around.
    • Cavern of Earth: An ancient tomb and the place where the Earth Crystal resides, along with the Fiend of Earth, Lich.
    • Ruins of Machina: Ruins of a technologically advanced extinct civilization, full of dangerous machinery.
    • Sunken Shrine: A energy-producing facility that houses the Water Crystal, guarded by Kraken.
    • The Ancients' Tower: A tower of an ancient design, said to contain secrets only known to a select few.
    • Vigilia Court: A tower of incredibly advanced design.
    • Terra Tortūra: Several pieces of landmass floating in the air, lifted off the ground by an enormous power.

Other appearances[]

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

World A appears as the FMS for several Final Fantasy themes:

  • "Main Theme"*(from Final Fantasy)
  • "Opening Theme"*(from Final Fantasy)
  • "Airship"*(from Final Fantasy)

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Captain N: The Game Master[]

Captain N - World of Final Fantasy.png

Due to not having an official name for this world during the Nintendo era of the original's game release, the creator/writers of the show referred to it as the World of Final Fantasy, named after the game. It is described as being a medieval world.