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The Work Glove is a joke weapon for Tifa in Final Fantasy VII. It can first be acquired in the Temple of the Ancients. Though it has a very high Attack stat for when it is acquired, and increases Tifa's critical hit rate by a greater rate than other weapons, it has no Materia slots at all, severely limiting her utility. As with all of Tifa's gloves, it cannot be thrown.


The Work Glove can be acquired in the Temple of the Ancients in the bottom of the room just before the room where the Red Dragon is fought. Later, it can be purchased from Junon for 2,200 gil after the player obtains the Highwind.


Attack 68
Attack% 114
Magic 0
Materia slots None
Bonuses Element: Hit

Critical% +4

As the Work Glove has a base Attack stat bonus of 68, the base damage for physical attacks when the Work Glove is equipped is in the following formula:

$ \text{Base Damage} = \text{(68 + Strength)} + \frac{\text{(68 + Strength)} + \text{Level}}{32} \times \frac{\text{(68 + Strength)} \times \text{Level}}{32} $

where "Level" is Tifa's current level and "Strength" is her Strength stat. The Work Glove also has an Attack% (Accuracy) of 110%, grants a +13 bonus to Tifa's Magic stat, and provides Tifa an improved critical hit rate of +4%.


FF7 Work glove

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The Work Glove has a high Attack stat for when it is acquired, and a higher critical hit rate boost of any of Tifa's weapons. However, because it has no Materia slots, it limits Tifa's utility compared to other weapons.

Since Tifa is built more towards physical damage, due to her high Strength stat and multi-hit Limit, a lack of Materia slots on the weapon does not hinder her as much it does as other characters. The big drawback with the weapon is that it limits how many Independent and Command Materia she can equip, as most other Materia types are less useful for her. To mitigate this, the player can equip armor for her with many Materia slots, such as Gold Armlet or Diamond Bangle, to equip Independent and Command Materia on the armor instead.

Work Glove is a very strong choice for Tifa, as improving her physical damage is most important for her. It can be used by players who do not rely on Tifa for Materia slots. However, it is outclassed by the more well-rounded Crystal Glove, which has a slightly better Attack stat and plenty of Materia slots. Later weapons for Tifa also outclass Work Glove.

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