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Highlighted on the World Map.

The Woodlands Area is a region of the world map in Final Fantasy VII. Most of the area is on an island in the south between the Gongaga Area and Junon Area. There is a small bit of land south of the island included in the Woodlands Area.

The "tail" of the island behind mountains is not part of the Woodlands Area, belonging to Junon Area. Early concept art of the world map FFVII World Map Concept Art shows the Woodlands Area and the Junon Area on one contiguous land. This may suggest that separating the Woodlands Area into an island may have been a late change in development, with the mountains initially serving as the significant divider between areas before the small bit of land was deleted making it an island.[1]

The Woodlands Area gets its name from forests that cover the center of the area, and in the center of the forest is the Temple of the Ancients. This is the area's only feature and the player comes here in the story after obtaining and forfeiting the Keystone in the Gold Saucer, chasing Sephiroth based on a lead supplied by Rufus. After solving the temple's puzzles, the pyramid on the world map is replaced by a hole.

The Mystery Ninja has 50% chance of being encountered in forests if Yuffie is not yet recruited.