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Wonderland (NA), or Ikai (JP), is a location in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. It is a collection of fragments of the worlds consumed by Chaos, now under the rule of Earl Tyrant. The inhabitants of Wonderland are trapped within their worlds, and because of this they know only despair and fear. The negative emotions are the essence that feeds Chaos.

The twins, Ai and Yu Hayakawa, and Lisa Pacifist arrived in Wonderland via the Interdimensional Train, which affords them transportation to the various worlds of Wonderland. Later, Pist Shaz XI created the Ocean Puzzle, which uses various worlds revolving in a Rubix Cube fashion to prevent anyone within from leaving, such the Comodeen aboard the submarine Jane.


The Dark Pillar[]

First appearing in the middle of the Sea of Japan twelve years prior to the story, it could be seen by the populace in South Korea, China, Russia, and Japan. When it first appeared, two giant creatures, one resembling a gun-headed dragon and one a sword-headed winged serpent, spawned out of the dark pillar, fighting each other while devastating the Japanese naval and air fleet. In the end, both creatures destroyed each other. The shockwave swallowed the geologists Joe and Mary Hayakawa into Wonderland.

The Interdimensional Train[]

The Interdimensional Train is a subway service, driven by a fragment of Omega, that allows people to travel safely to Wonderland and, presumably, back to Earth again. It was later destroyed when Omega returned to reclaim the fragment driving it.


N.B.: The following are not official names, as no such names exist.

"Insect Tokyo"[]

The first world the twins arrived in looks very much like Tokyo, but the buildings were made of plants and the inhabitants are mostly insects. Surrounding the city is a large desert, with a forest located somewhere beyond that. It is unknown if anything lies beyond that.

Here they find Kaze bound by roots in one of the streets, and Chobi the chocobo.

Fruit Village[]

The second world visited by the twins and Lisa, the fruit village is a large city made of fruit. This world is inhabited by heavily-depressed, shrouded people known as the Apathetics, who do nothing but sit around, eating handfuls of the fruit like buildings whenever they are hungry. Under the grounds of this world is the base of the rebel faction against Earl Tyrant, the Comodeen. Lisa and the twins were introduced to the group by Fungo.

It is in this world that Ai had her first encounter with Fabula and Fungo, and obtained PoshePocket. It is also where the protagonists first encounter Makenshi.

Fiery Desert[]

The Fiery Desert is a large desert where pillars of fire appear from the ground periodically. The desert also features a number of oases, where Lisa is introduced to the dangerous effects Ellenium, a substance within Wonderland water, has on her Kigen Arts.

Soil Desert[]

A barren area that at first appears to be filled with sand, but upon closer examination by Lisa she discovers that the sand was in actuality Soil, the crystallized remains of a dead person's soul. The Soil appears to fall in giant streams from giant cracks in the sky.


A large factory where hundreds of people work in an endless production line of assembling and disassembling the same components time and time again. It is through this that the residents of this world can find meaning in their life, and are seen to fall into utter despair when Oscha tricks them into completing the project, collapsing when they realize what they've done. The residents are set back on their endless task after the protagonists defeat Oscha.


A strange manor created by Herba, another Lord of Gaudium. The manor, along with the surrounding town, was created from a material called walnut, a hard stone-like substance which was supposedly one of the strongest substances in Wonderland. Within the manor several strange rooms were found, such as a large room filled with dead peppers growing in abundance. The manor and the surrounding city was later destroyed at the end of the episode when Kaze summoned Atomos.

Chocobo Fields[]

A large field inhabited by thousands of chocobos, and one of the Chocobo Sisters, Chocobaba. The chocobos spend most of their time traveling the world, fleeing from and fighting the various monsters present.

Somewhere in these fields are various places of note, including the monument to the legendary Ciel, a great and powerful chocobo that was faster than any other and possessed the ability of flight.

There also appears to be a field of flowers in a wood, where Chocoimo and Chocobaba, the Chocobo Sisters, are seen having a picnic; the flowers seem capable of transporting anything that enters them to other parts of Wonderland, though this may be due to the influence of the Ocean Puzzle.

Fungus World[]

This is all that remains of Fungus's home world, and consists of millions of mushrooms and other fungi. Fungus is almost unbeatable here, even by Kaze. In the end it takes Kaze summoning the Meteor Master to burn the world, and Crux spreading mold to destroy the fungi, to defeat him here. This world's final fate is unclear, but one may assume it was destroyed by the bombardment.

Memory Lane[]

Memory Lane consists of a small village by a river; it appears pleasant and scenic. Above the town, however, is a large radio tower transmitting a signal that draws people into their childhood memories, until they no longer recall who they are or what they were doing.

Kaze is unaffected by this, either due to his amnesia, his status as an Unlimited, or his inability to enjoy his memories due to the horror of his world's destruction. In the end Kaze destroys the tower, causing the world to collapse.


Telos is the only source of Flying Water across Wonderland, a substance that can defy gravity. The Comodeen are seeking this place for this substance to enable them to reach Earl Tyrant's flying fortress, Gaudium.

The world consists largely of a forest, where a single resident lives, weaving Flying Water into clothes. There is also a beach, where the Flying Water exists in large, solid, spherical, balls. The world was destroyed when Pist fought Kaze and Makenshi here, much to Earl Tyrant's anger.

Cloud Ruins[]

These ruins of a long forgotten world in the clouds served as the battle grounds for Makenshi and Madoushi. The clouds are strong enough to support the weight of Jane entirely, and the ruins provide many opportunities for a skilled swordsman to gain advantage over his foe. The world was destroyed in the fight between the two, forcing the Comodeen to flee.

Upsidedown Ocean[]

An unusual area within the ocean puzzle where the ocean was found as the sky and the ocean floor in place of the land. In this area Ai falls to the ocean floor after an argument with Yu where she later encounters Clear in an area that looks like a massive coral reef.

The Ruins of Misteria[]

The remnants of Makenshi's world, visited during FFU: After. Madoushi's grave is found here.

Ruins of Winderia[]

Though they are never seen in the series, the ruins of Winderia would have a place amongst the various worlds consumed by Chaos.

Ocean Puzzle[]

Pist created this large device to trap the Comodeen, and force them to endure various challenges, in order to harvest the energy from their despair and their will to survive. The Puzzle shuffles the prisoners through various sections of Wonderland, each selected as an ideal location for the challenge.


Wonderland is the name of the world Alice visits in Lewis Carol's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the sequel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. In both they are bizarre lands, dangerous to anyone that does not know the way in which they function, and filled with strange and wonderful things.