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The WonderSwan Color is a handheld game console designed by Bandai released in 2000, and was only available in Japan. While the original WonderSwan had only a black and white screen, the color version features 64k of RAM and a larger color LCD screen.

Prior to WonderSwan's release, Nintendo had a practical monopoly in the Japanese handheld market. After the release of the WonderSwan Color, Bandai took approximately 8% of the market share in Japan, partly due to its low price.

Another reason for the WonderSwan's success in Japan was the fact Bandai managed to get a deal with Squaresoft to port over the original Famicom Final Fantasy games with improved graphics and controls. With the popularity of the Game Boy Advance and the reconciliation between Squaresoft and Nintendo, the WonderSwan Color and its successor, the Swan Crystal, quickly lost their competitive advantage.

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