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The Wolves' Den is a players versus players arena in Final Fantasy XIV, first appears in patch 2.1 "A Realm Awoken". This area is where players can hone their skills in duels and practice fighting techniques on striking dummies.

Locations Edit

The Wolves' Den Pier Edit

This is the main section of the area, here you can find the aetheryte, mender, delivery moogle, and the summoning bell. There is also the Disreputable Priest a vendor players can purchase Garo gear from with Wolf Marks, and the team board where you can form pvp teams.

Wolves' Den Docks Edit

This is where the Ferry skipper is that'll take players to Lower La Noscea.

The Braveheart Edit

A damaged ship that can no longer sail, the bottom of the ship is used as a market where players can purchase pvp gear, weapons, and other items. At the top of the ship there is a striking dummy and a fishing spot.

Entry Counter Edit

A location at the back of the ship where players can learn about the fundamentals of pvp and enter into matches.

Dueling Circle Edit

A square arena where players can duel each other, inside the arena there are pillars and edged walls to practice dodging and hiding from opponents. Just outside the arena are six fighting dummies.


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