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Wolfsfang Peak is a location in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It is located north of the Lanzelt region and can be accessed through the Lanzelt Snowfields. In turn, this place leads to the Lanzelt Ruins to the northwest, to the Lost Village of Marlo to the southeast, and deeper into the Lanzelt Mountains.


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At the city of Grandport, Rain, Lasswell and Fina hear from a local that an armored dark-clad figure has gone north to the Lanzelt Ruins. Guessing correctly that it is none other than their enemy, Veritas of the Dark, they pursue him and pass through Wolfsfang Peak. Rain asks Fina what could the Sworn Six of Paladia want in the ruins and what is their ultimate goal. But as Fina suffers from amnesia, she can't answer.

As they make their way through the mountain, they follow the snow rats' burrows but, while the journey takes a long time, they don't take any shortcuts as it is easy to get lost in there. They go deep into the cave, where they defeat the Frost Dragon with effort, and come out on the other side. They continue through the lowlands, towards the ruins.

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Wolfsfang Peak - Exploration[]

In the exploration, players must navigate through the snowy landscape and an ice cave. There are six normal treasure chests and a single silver chest, containing a Recipe for Barblizzara. There are three collection points. It is possible to clear the exploration without facing the boss, a Frost Dragon, as there are three possible exits. One leads to the Lanzelt Ruins, the next location in the main scenario and is thus unlocked automatically. The other two lead to the town Lost Village of Marlo and to the dungeon Lanzelt Mountains.

The hidden path to the village is above the treasure chest containing Star Quartz, and right next to the (also hidden) chest containing Earth Key #5. Ending the exploration from this exit will unlock the town.

Lanzelt Mountains can be unlocked in order to obtain the esper Shiva. The player must defeat the Frost Dragon to the west, which prompts a notice saying that something collapsed in the distance. A tree will be knocked down to the east, giving passage previously inaccessible. Exiting from this eastern path will unlock the Lanzelt Mountains dungeon. Defeating the Dragon is also necessary to obtain Earth Key #24, as its chest located on that area of the map.

The quests "Missing on the Mountain", "The Wolfsfang Terror" and "Sins of the Past" require that the player re-do this exploration.

Treasure chests
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