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The Wizer Staff, known as the Wiser Staff,[1] is a weapon for Aeris in Final Fantasy VII. It drops from Gi Nattak. The weapon has four unlinked Materia slots, and grants double AP growth to each Materia equipped to it, making it Aeris's best weapon for level grinding. Wizer Staff can be thrown.


The Wizer Staff can be obtained from the Gi Nattak in the Cave of the Gi. Later, it can be purchased from from Junon for 3,200 gil after the player has the Highwind. However, Aeris is not in the party at this point.


Attack 33
Attack% 100
Magic 7
Materia slots Materia Slot Single.png x4
Bonuses Element: Hit

As the Wizer Staff has a base Attack stat bonus of 33, the base damage for physical attacks when the Wizer Staff is equipped is in the following formula:

where "Level" is Aeris's current level and "Strength" is her Strength stat. The Wizer Staff also has an Attack% (Accuracy) of 100%, and grants a +7 bonus to Aeris's Magic stat.


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The Wizer Staff has moderate stats that are lower than other weapons available for Aeris at this time, such as the Prism Staff or Aurora Rod. More notably, it provides double AP growth to all its four Materia slots. This means that Wizer Staff is Aeris's best weapon if taking her along for grinding to level up Materia.

The Wizer Staff has four Materia slots, each of which should be given to Materia that is in need of leveling up. Aeris's high Magic stat means that she benefits most from Magic and Summon Materia. The drawback to the weapon is that, as the slots are unlinked, the former cannot be paired with All, making it slower for grinding enemies, while the latter's animations take a long time to complete, making it less than ideal for farming. A good way to help with level grinding for Aeris is to equip the Enemy Skill Materia on her armor (so it does not take up a double AP slot), as abilities such as Matra Magic and Aqualung greatly benefit from her Magic stat.

The Wizer Staff is Aeris's best weapon for farming Materia, and around the time it is acquired, she is equally as good as other characters for farming AP. Aeris can also equip the Platinum Bangle or Rune Armlet, which provide double AP to two and four Materia slots respectively.