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FFII Wizard Bug

Aero 16, cast by the Evil Staff, targeting the non-present Emperor.

The Wizard Staff bug is a bug in the original Famicom version of Final Fantasy II.

When used as an item in battle, the Wizard's Staff (known as the Evil Staff in the Neo Demiforce fan translation and Wizard Staff in the Dark Shadow over Palakia prototype) casts Scourge XVI (translated as Aero/Bane respectively) on a random target. The spell targets a random targeting byte, which can cause it to hit enemies or party members. However, it can potentially target empty slots, typically slots which contained a defeated enemy, resulting in no effect. Amusingly, it may report that the Emperor was targeted by the spell; this is because the final boss battle against him uses a unique targeting byte which is not excluded from the spell's targeting.

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