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The Wizard Bracelet as seen in Final Fantasy VII.

A bracelet from another world. This vivid green accessory has been modified to enhance various abilities when equipped. In its original world, it can be purchased in the hot spring village of Mideel or won from monsters in the Forgotten Capital.

Wizard Bracelet (ウィザードブレス, Wizādo Buresu?), also translated as Magician's Bracelet, is a recurring piece of equipment in the series. It usually provides some form of magical enhancement, either to MP, Magic, or Magic Defense.


Final Fantasy VII[]

The Wizard Bracelet is an armor anyone can equip. It has eight Materia slots in four linked pairs, and provides +6 Defense, +3 Defense%, +85 Magic Defense, and +3 Magic Defense%, as well as +20 Magic. It can be bought in Mideel for 12,000 gil at the Weapon Shop (moved to the lady with the white chocobo after Ultimate Weapon's attack if the player talked to her beforehand), dropped from Jenova∙LIFE, and stolen from Epiolnis.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Wizard Bracelet is an accessory that provides MP +60% through Materia Fusion, and absorbs Fire, Ice, and Lightning-elemental attacks. It is a reward for completing the missions 2-5-3: More New Species Found and 7-5-6: Youngest in the Wasteland and can be bought at Sector 7 Shop and Network Shop Duo for 80,000 gil.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Magicians Bracelet from FFVII Remake.png

Magician's Bracelet is a piece of armor with poor stats but the maximum number of materia slots (four). It can be stolen from Reno in Chapter 12, "Fight for Survival", bought from shops from Chapter 13, "A Broken World", onwards, and found in a treasure in "The Path to Greater Heights" during Chapter 15, "The Day Midgar Stood Still".

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Wizard Bracelet grants the MP Stroll ability, which allows the user to recover MP while walking around the field map, as well as MP +20%. It can be found in Chapter 5 at Kilika Temple and the Ruin Depths.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

Wizard Bracelet is an accessory obtained from the Final Fantasy VII event, To the Forgotten Capital. It provides 6 DEF, 10 MAG, and 15 SPR.



Wizard is another name for a Magician. Wizards in fantasy literature and RPGs often draw from the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien, whose Wizards of Middle-earth are a group of beings outwardly resembling Men but possessing much greater physical and mental power. Each Wizard has robes of a characteristic color, Gandalf the Grey being a quintessential example.