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With Trabia in Mind is a time-limited event where Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 10.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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It is recommended that you clear Ch. 10: Abandoned Petalum before playing.

  • ???: Oh, great. I wonder where this is. I think I might be lost...
  • ???: There're no cities or buildings in sight! Not even train tracks! I really stepped in it this time.
  • ???: ...Huh? What's that sound?
  • ???: Ahhh! An airship! Alright!

(Selphie runs after the airship)

  • ???: I'll hitch a ride with them! Yeah, that's the ticket!

  • ???: Wait up! I said waaait!
  • Kain: ...Did you hear someone just now?
  • Zack: Yeah... It sounded like a girl shouting, "Waaait!"
  • Squall: You're imagining things. We're all the way up here.
  • Zack: Naw, I definitely heard it! She must have a really high voice. ...Get it?
  • Squall: (Oh, brother.)
  • Zell: Hmm... It did sound kind of familiar, though.
  • ???: Wait up, already! C'mon!
  • Zack: See! We're not just hearing things!
  • Kain: Is that...a girl?
  • Vaan: Hey, guys!

(Vaan runs in)

  • Vaan: Someone's been chasing after us yelling things. Anyone know who it is?
  • Zell: Who would chase after an airship? Let me have a look.

(Selphie continues running after the airship)

  • ???: Heeey! Give me a lift!

  • Zell: Waugh! Her!? Hey, Squall!
  • Squall: Yeah... Vaan, could you ask them to touch down for a moment?

(Vaan runs off)

  • Kain: Hm. Not an enemy then.
  • Squall: No, she's a member of SeeD like me and Zell.
  • Squall: (Brace yourself... Things are about to get noisy.)
Selphie, All Worked Up:
  • ???: Whee-ooo! You guys saved my life! And who'da thunk Squall and ya'll would be aboard, too!?
  • Irvine: Who'da thunk you'd be chasing after us? Right, Squall?
  • Squall: I don't know how you thought anyone would hear you... Crazy as ever.
  • ???: That's it? You're not surprised to see me?
  • Irvine: Selphie, let me introduce you. This little lady is Eiko, and the fella in armor is Cecil.
  • Selphie: Wow! Nice horn! It's so cute!
  • Eiko: Oh, you think so? Hehe...you have good taste!
  • Selphie: And your armor's really cool, man! You think I could try it on?
  • Selphie: Isn't it super heavy!? Ah! Don't tell me—you're on a diet! I bet the pounds just melt off in that!
  • Cecil: No...this...is simply standard equipment in my world...
  • Squall: You don't have to humor her. This is just how she is.
  • Eiko: Cheerful and fun! I can tell you're a nice person! Say, let's go play over there!

(Laguna arrives)

  • Laguna: Heyo! There's a new recruit? Introduce me, too!
  • Selphie: Get out! Sir Laguna's here, too!? And he's young! It's that Sir Laguna!
  • Selphie: My hero! I've missed you!

(Selphie chases Laguna away)

  • Laguna: Whoa! What the—!? Is this the dream thing again!? Or the movie thing this time!?
  • Squall: I could've guessed this would happen... I hope she doesn't say anything she shouldn't...
  • Irvine: Leave it to me. I'll make sure she understands.

(Irvine walks off)

  • Irvine: Selphie, let's chat, eh? I've got something real important to tell you.
  • Squall: (...Thanks.)
  • Serah: What's up, Sis? You said you wanted to talk.
  • Lightning: Yeah. It might be nothing, but...
  • Lightning: It seems there's a secret code going around lately. Do you know anything about it?
  • Lightning: I overheard Palom and Vivi using it earlier...


  • Palom: Booyaka, Vivi! Let's go practice your magic!
  • Vivi: Booyaka! Thanks, Palom!

(Vivi chases after Palom; Lightning observes)

  • Serah: ...So you noticed, too. Actually, just a little while ago...

(Flashback: Serah observes Zack approaching Cloud and Aerith)

  • Zack: Booyaka! Aerith, Cloud, would you get this?
  • Aerith: Um...booyaka?

  • Lightning: What on earth is..."booyaka"?
  • Serah: Sorry, but I don't know either. Maybe it's some other world's vocabulary.
  • Selphie: Booyaka! What's shaking, you two?

(Selphie arrives)

  • Serah: Selphie... Can you tell us what "booyaka" means?
  • Selphie: Oho! How good of you to ask! It's a greeting I made up!
  • Selphie: I couldn't quite get it to catch on in my world, but everyone here's got the spirit!
  • Lightning: ...What does it mean?
  • Selphie: Cute, right?
  • Lightning: We're not...communicating...!
  • Selphie: Feel free to use it as much as you can! Later! Booyaka!

(Selphie runs off)

  • Lightning: I can't take any more of this...
  • Serah: Boo...yaka?
  • Lightning: Serah! Not you, too!
  • Serah: Sis...I kinda like it! It's catchy!
  • Serah: Booyaka! Hahaha, I gotta share this with Snow.

(Serah runs off)

  • Lightning: W-wait! Serah!
  • Lightning: Serah... Why does it look like you're enjoying this...?
  • Lightning: Or are you just trying to enjoy your time in this world...? Maybe I ought to follow her example...
Spoilers end here.

With Trabia in Mind Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

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