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Brandt and the others in the Witch's Mansion.

The Witch's Mansion (北の魔女の城, Kita no Majo no Shiro?) is a location in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. The mansion is the home of Louhi, the Witch of the North and is located in the mountains north of the Kingdom of Horne.


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Brandt and Jusqua arrive at the witch's manor and discover the soldiers from Horne were defeated by Louhi. After they arrive they meet one of Aire's bodyguards Yunita, who then agrees to join them to save the princess. At the final floor of the manor Brandt and the others find Aire and try to take her back, but Louhi intervenes. Louhi transforms into the monster Greaps and attacks the party. After the party defeats her, she states the contract will never be broken even through death. The party then heads back to Horne.

After being sent fifteen years into the past, the party goes to Louhi's manor in an attempt to stop the deal from happening between her and King Horne. At the final floor, the party finds Louhi and she transforms into Greaps once again, but she is easily defeated by the party. Louhi attempts to fight the heroes again, but she is stopped by Rolan. Rolan and Louhi reveal to the party that King Horne was turned into a parrot by Satan and the demon is assuming his form.

The two instruct the heroes to find the Lamp of Truth to defeat him. The party travels to deeper levels of the mansion and are forced to fight shadow versions of themselves. After the party defeats the doppelgangers, they find the Lamp of Truth and head back to Horne to defeat Satan.

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Item Location
Potion Chest on the northeast corner of the first floor.
Steel Armor Chest on the northeast corner of the first floor.
Cure Tome Chest on the east side of the second floor.
Phoenix Down Chest on the west side of the third floor.
Horne's Bow Chest inside the left back room on the first floor.
Dragon Wing Chest inside the secret room on the second floor.


Musical themes[]

"The Witch's Mansion" (魔女の館, Majou no tachi?) is the location theme for Witch's Mansion. The track can be found in the original soundtrack as Track 10 and is composed by Naoshi Mizuta.