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FFMQ Wintry Temple

Wintry Temple on the world map.

The Wintry Temple (こおりのほこら, Kōri no Hokora?) is a location from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. It is located just north and slightly east of the Focus Tower. Little of significance happens here, but Benjamin must pass by here to reach a portion of the Focus Tower where there is a pillar that needs to be put into place for him to reach Fireburg. It contains a warp panel from the Sealed Temple.

Warp Panel Edit

Warp Panel Image Located Warp To
Gemini FFMQ Gemini Warp Panel Center of the temple Sealed Temple

Treasure Edit

FFMQ Hidden Chest

Hidden chest.

  • 3x Cure Potions (via Sealed Temple)
  • 3x Heal Potions (via Sealed Temple)
  • 3x Refreshers (hidden in the wall)
  • 10x Explosives (hidden in the wall)

Gallery Edit

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