The Winter Wolf, also known as the FrWOLF in the Nintendo Entertainment System version, is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy. Winter Wolves are the toughest of the wolf family, but are weak due to having zero Defense and an elemental weakness to Fire. Given that they appear with other Ice-type monsters, a single Fira can easily defeat an entire group. They can still be dangerous for the unprepared. Winter Wolves have a special attack called Icestorm, which deals Ice damage to all the party members. Despite its low damage, Winter Wolves tend to appear in large packs. NulFrost—and taking the wolves out quickly—can cut down the damage they deal.

They appear as random encounters in the Cavern of Ice, attacking in large packs or along with a lone (or pair of) Ice Gigas. They also appear in the second floor of the Chaos Shrine, and around the cities of Lufenia, Pravoka, and Onrac, even of these are not snowy regions.

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The winter wolf is a magic beast from Dungeons & Dragons. They are pale wolves that live in cold climates.

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