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The Winged Helm is a low to mid ranked heavy armor helm in Final Fantasy XII that boosts the wearer's magickal defense by 14 (Zodiac) or 13 (original), Strength by 5 and Speed by 3. The latter makes it potentially good for those who wield weapons that take the Speed stat into account for damage calculation: bows, daggers and ninja swords. However, in the Zodiac versions, the heavy armor jobs don't unlock these weapon types. The Winged Helm is metallic for the purposes of the Magnetize debuff present in the boss battles against Vinuskar and Ultima.



In the original PlayStation 2 version, the Winged Helm is sold for 2500 gil by Dyce outside Tomb of Raithwall after defeating the second Demon Wall, and in Rabanastre after defeating Belias and in Jahara.

It is found as a treasure in Ozmone Plain's Haulo Greens (in the south, before exit to Jahara; 50% chance to appear, 40% chance for gil, 50% chance the item treasure is Winged Helm without the Diamond Armlet equipped Map 29 Ozmone Plain). It very rarely drops from Ragoh and Slime.


In the updated Zodiac versions, the Winged Helm is sold for 2400 gil by Dyce in Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Tomb of Raithwall and Balfonheim Port, Rabanastre after defeating Belias, and in Jahara. It is found as a treasure in Nam-Yensa Sandsea's Withering Shores (70% chance to appear, 55% chance for gil, 50% chance the item treasure is the Winged Helm without the Diamond Armlet equipped), as well as in Trial Mode Stage 45 with the Diamond Armlet equipped. It still very rarely drops from Ragoh and Slime.


Winged Helm is a low to mid level helm giving 14 or 13 Magick Resist depending on version and 4 Strength and 3 Speed. The strength bonuses make heavy armor ideal for frontline fighters, and the Speed boost minimally benefits those who wield bows, daggers or ninja swords; however, in the Zodiac versions, Archer and Shikari can't wear the Winged Helm. The effect of +3 Speed to the wearer's Charge Time is likewise minimal and not worth choosing over another equipment piece that offers more defense and strength.

Winged Helm is a good helm to equip over any inferior equipment the player may have on anyone who attacks physically, although a gun-wielder does not benefit from the strength-boost. If the player can get it before the Tomb of Raithwall it is a good helm to equip for that portion of the game, but the superior Golden Helm is available afterward and so the Winged Helm can be skipped by this point.

In the Zodiac versions, Uhlan, Knight, Time Battlemage, and Foebreaker can equip it, and so it is only useful to buy if the player has chosen these License Boards as a party member's first job. In The Zodiac Age versions, after fighting Belias the player can choose two License Boards per party member and so more characters can benefit from heavy armor, as it is usually a good idea to match jobs that use different types of armor to bolster light armor jobs' strength, and to give more durability to spellcasters.


A winged helmet is a helmet decorated with wings, usually on both sides. Ancient depictions of the god Mercury and of Roma show them wearing winged helmets, however in the 19th century the winged helmet became widely used to depict ancient Celtic, Germanic and Viking warriors. It was also used in romantic illustrations of legendary Norse gods and heroes. The motif, along with the horned helmet, became a clichéd signifier of the "barbarian" Northern warrior.