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Winged Boots is an accessory in Final Fantasy XII that gives the user automatic Float status, letting the user safely walk over traps and not alert enemies who detect the player by sound. In the Zodiac versions, they also give +5 stat bonus to the wearer's Speed stat.



In the original PlayStation 2 versions, the Winged Boots can be bought in the Old Archades for 500 gil. They are also a treasure in Salikawood's Sun-dappled Path (45% chance to appear; 40% chance it is gil; 50% chance the treasure is Winged Boots when the treasure is an item; no Diamond Armlet Map 47 The Salikawood) and Cerobi Steppe's Crossfield (50% chance to appear; 40% chance it is gil; 10% chance the treasure is Winged Boots when the treasure is an item with the Diamond Armlet equipped Map 04 Cerobi Steppe). The player can rarely steal the Winged Boots from the Shield Wyrm in the Cerobi Steppe.

The party can also make the Winged Boots at the bazaar as part of the "Feathered Boots" set by selling an Arctic Wind and a Broken Sword. Arctic Wind is a monograph drop from the Yeti and the Broken Sword is a monograph drop from the Baritine Croc, both found in the Paramina Rift.

Finally, the boots are available in the Hunt Club sidequest by giving Stok 10 Rare Game trophies.


In the updated Zodiac versions, the Winged Boots are sold in Rabanastre's Clan Provisioner shop when the player reaches the rank of High Guardian within Clan Centurio. It is also a treasure in the Trial Mode stages 69 and 88 with the Diamond Armlet equipped. It can still be rarely stolen from the Shield Wyrm in the Cerobi Steppe and made in the bazaar at the "Feathered Boots" set, but now it only requires one Arctic Wind to make.


Party with Float.

The accessory could be useful in areas that have numerous traps that are difficult to walk around, like the tunnels in Sochen Cave Palace. However, the player can also simply set up a Ally:Float gambit, and Float is an area of effect spell that will bestow the status to nearby party members as well. The Steel Poleyns can also be used instead, as it makes walking over traps safe. The boots' use in not alerting enemies that detect the player by sound is not so useful, as it is usually easy to enough to just flee to the next area if unwanted enemies start targeting the party.

The boots can be useful in the boss battle against Hashmal to avoid his powerful earth attacks.

The small Speed stat boost can useful on characters who wield weapons whose damage formulae use the Speed stat (ninja swords, bows), but there are better accessories for this, the Germinas Boots being the best one.