A location in the Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar is a location in Vagrant Story. It is the first location in the game where the player has full control of Ashley Riot. It is a dark dungeon that used to house Leá Monde's vintage wines before the city was destroyed. Now it is the only safe way into the city. It leads to the Catacombs. Much of the ground is unstable, leading to earthquakes and dangerous shaking.

Storyline Edit

The Order of the Crimson Blades use this path during their hunt for Sydney Losstarot and his Müllenkamp cult which is based in Leá Monde. Ashley Riot follows them, leaving his partner, Callo Merlose, behind. Along the way he runs into two Crimson Blade stragglers and defeats them. Sydney also torments Ashley with visions of his dead family, Tia and Marco.

Sublocations Edit

Sublocation Treasures Enemies
Worker's Breakroom Chest:
  • Tovarisch
-Hand Axe
-Wooden Grip
  • Buckler
  • Leather Glove
Hall of Struggle n/a Bat
Wine Guild Hall n/a Sackheim, Goodwin
Wine Magnate's Chambers n/a Bat, Silver Wolf
Fine Vintage Vault n/a Bat, Silver Wolf, Crimson Blade (X2, First time only)
Chamber of Fear n/a Bat (X2), Silver Wolf
The Reckoning Room Chest:
  • Seventh Heaven
-Gastraph Bow
-Simple Bolt
  • Reinforced Glove
  • Vera Root (X3)
  • Cure Root (X3)
Silver Wolf (X2), Bat
A Laborer's Thirst n/a Silver Wolf, Bat
The Rich Drown in Wine n/a Silver Wolf, Bat
The Room of Rotten Grapes n/a Bat (X2)
The Gallows Chest:
  • Pelta Shield
  • Vera Bulb (X3)
  • Yggdrasil's Tears (X15)

Chest (Chest Key required):

  • Circle Shield
-Titan Malachite Gem
  • Cure Potion (X3)
  • Vera Potion
Minotaur (Boss), Minotaur Zombie (Boss, must use Stock Sigil to find)
Blackmarket of Wines Chest:
  • Cure Potion
  • Cure Bulb (X5)
Human Dummy (Appears after the Minotaur is defeated)
Room of Cheap Red Wine n/a Mandel
Room of Cheap White Wine n/a Ghoul, Zombie, Zombie Fighter
Greedy Ones Den n/a Silver Wolf (X2)
The Hero's Winehall Chest:
  • Rusty Nail
-Spiculum Pole
  • Braveheart Gem
  • Cure Bulb (X3)
Dullahan (Boss)

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