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The Windswept Mire is a dungeon located in the Desert Region of Grymoire in World of Final Fantasy.


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WoFF The Windswept Mire Map


Name Loaction Image
Chimeric Wing x4 Fen 2 WoFF Windswept Mire Chimeric Wing
Aero Seed Fen 2 WoFF Windswept Mire Aero Seed
Remedy Fen 2 WoFF Windswept Mire Remedy
Remedy x2 Fen 3 WoFF Windswept Mire Remedy2
Key Items


Fen 1
Fen 2
  • Mandragora (x3), Malboro
  • Water Toad (x2), Flan (x2)
  • Mini Flan (x2), Flan (x2)
  • Water Toad (x3)
  • Flan Stack (Flan, Mandragora) (x2)
  • Flan (x4) (field encounter, ambush)
  • Flan (x4) (field encounter, ambush)
  • Flan Stack (Flan, Mini Flan) (x2) (field encounter, ambush)
  • Flan Stack (Flan, Mini Flan) (x2) (field encounter, ambush)
  • Flan Stack (Flan, Mini Flan) (x2) (field encounter, ambush)
  • Golden Flan (boss)
Fen 3
  • Flan Stack (Flan, Mandragora) (x2)
  • Nut Eater (x4)
  • Malboro (x2)
  • Mandragora (x2), Flan (x3)
Secret Fen

The Secret Fen is accessible by activating a puzzle switch. The switch requires mirages with a combined weight of 14 or more and 25 or more Water resistance.

Musical themes Edit

Prismelody: Snow -F-
WoFF Snow

"Prismelody: Snow -F-" is the background theme that plays in the Windswept Mire. It is an arrangement of the song "Snow's Theme" from Final Fantasy XIII.



  • If defeated instead of imprisimed, the Flan Princess will respawn. This battle rewards 80k EXP and is a good way to farm levels.


A mire is a stretch of swampy or boggy ground.

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