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Window on the Past was a continuous quick-play Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


The player journeyed back into Spira's recent past. Ten years before the events of the source title, Jecht, a drunkard wanderer claiming to be from Zanarkand, is locked up in a holding cell in Bevelle for being disorderly according to the Yevon faith. As he pleads for a way out, a young warrior, Auron, and a summoner, Braska, enter the prison chamber. Both men also having been disgraced for violating unwritten precepts of Yevon, they are inclined to hear Jecht's story. Braska must leave on a pilgrimage to the temples of Yevon in hopes of defeating the entity called Sin. Despite his demeanor, Jecht is a skilled swordsman, and so the three agree to travel together. This event is a record of their adventure.



  • While not uncommon for East and West releases of events to have different titles, this particular event's choices imply looking at the same scenario from different angles. In the Western release, the reference to movie spheres is more direct, where in Japan the focus is on the events themselves.