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Windia on the world map.

Windia (ウインディア, Uindia?) is a town from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest located in the Southeast quadrant of the world map. None of the heroes hail from this town. It is located just south of Pazuzu's Tower and is plagued by a violent wind. After Benjamin defeats a monster on Mount Gale, the wind subsides, allowing the Rainbow Road to be created so that Benjamin can enter the tower.


The cure potion sellers is located in the Inn, the explosives seller is located on the left side of Windia near the entrance of the town. The seed sellers is the old woman located in the middle of town right next to a small house right above the Inn.

Name Cost
Cure Potion 25 GP
Seed 50 GP
Explosives 10 GP

A piece of armor can be bought at the house on the left side of Windia right near the entrance of town.

Name Cost
Cupid Locket 300 GP

Warp Panels[]

Warp Panel Image Located Warp To
Mobius FFMQ Mobius Warp Panel.png Small house on the upper left side Fireburg
Mobius FFMQ Mobius Warp Panel.png House right above the Inn Ship Dock


  • 9x Heal Potions
  • 3x Refreshers
  • 10x Arrows