Allows you to use lightning magic.


Wind materia is a Magic Materia Magic Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake equipped to provide the user Wind Wind-elemental spells, which deal wind damage and drag enemies towards the caster. The materia also has the wind element, meaning it can be linked with the Elemental Materia Elemental Materia to add wind damage to attacks or resist against wind.

Obtained[edit | edit source]

Wind materia must be unlocked by completing the Battle Intel 02 mission and talking to Chadley. Chadley will then sell the first wind materia at a discounted price, though they will later cost 2,000 gil each.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Growth[edit | edit source]

Level AP required Effect
1 0 Aero
2 300 Aerora
3 900 Aeroga

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Magic MP Effect
Aero 4 Deal a small amount of Wind Wind damage and pull target closer.
Aerora 10 Deal a moderate amount of wind damage and pull target closer.
Aeroga 21 Deal a large amount of wind damage and pull target closer.

Use[edit | edit source]

Wind materia grants three tiers of wind-elemental spells, beginning with the base spell Aero Aero. After receiving AP, it unlocks more powerful spells that require greater MP use; 300 AP unlocks Aerora Aerora, and 900 AP unlocks Aeroga Aeroga. Despite the materia's higher cost and added rarity, its spells are comparable in damage to spells from Fire Materia Fire Materia, Ice Materia Ice Materia, and Lightning Materia Lightning Materia. Equipping wind materia increases the user's max MP by +1.

Wind damage is best against flying enemies, as the majority of them are weak to wind. In addition to the damage exploiting a weakness to wind, wind spells will pull a target slightly toward the user, meaning they are ideal on Cloud and Tifa, who use melee attacks, and have more difficulty against flying targets before their aerial attacks improve.

Wind spells do not fire a projectile, bypassing obstacles and appearing on the target. They can inflict hit stun when they first appear, though like ice spells they experience a short delay before detonating, which can allow enemies to dodge out of the area of effect. The main benefit to wind spells as that they drag enemies towards the caster. Pairing wind materia with Magnify Materia Magnify Materia, especially on Cloud and Tifa, can drag all enemies towards them to allow them to be dealt powerful blows.

Because of its rarity, wind materia is hard to equip on all three characters. It is best used on Cloud, Tifa, or Barret while he is using a melee weapon, as Barret when using a gun or Aerith without one can often target flying enemies more easily with ranged attacks. Cloud and Tifa can also pair wind materia with an Elemental Materia Elemental Materia on a weapon to add damage to their physical attacks against enemies weak to wind, taking advantage of their naturally high strength attributes. However, it can also be used effectively for spellcasting. For this purpose, Cloud and Aerith are best due to their naturally high Magic Magic attribute, as well as Aerith's Arcane Ward.

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