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Wilred Glasse is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV. He is a troubled youth in Little Ala Mihgo that is encountered during the Main Scenario. He later joins the Crystal Braves.

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Wilred is one of the residents of Little Ala Mihgo. While investigating the activities of the Ascians, the Adventurer learns that several Ala Mhigan youths were being persuaded by one to summon Rhalgr as a primal. Since a large volume of crystals is needed for the summoning, the Adventurer and Gundobald intervene before they recklessly try to raid the Amalj'aa's supply.

He later is seen in the Patch 2.3 quest "Recruiting the Realm", in Ul'dah when Alphinaud began recruiting for his new company, the Crystal Braves. He takes an interest in joining, as he realizes from his past mistakes that he needs to become a more worldly man.

During the events of Patch 2.5 Before the Fall, Riol reveals that Wilred mysteriously went missing after checking the Crystal Braves ledgers. He is later found dead at Urth's Gift by the Adventurer, Hoary Boulder, and Coultenet under suspicious circumstances. Riol concludes he must've been silenced after discovering the bribes from Teledji Adeledji.

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