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Willelda is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV. She is the receptionist for the Lancers' Guild in Gridania.


The Wood Wailers investigate the recent problems at the Hedge and suspect the adventurer. They leave a message with Miounne asking the adventurer to report to the Wailing Barracks. Arriving at headquarters, Willelda tells the adventurer to come in and talk to Commanders Burchard and Nuala. Willelda says that just because the adventurer has come to Wailing Barracks, she already believes he is innocent.[1]

Once the adventurer joins the Wood Wailers, Willelda has imparted to the adventurer words of who the Wood Wailers are and what their charge is. She explains that the lancers carry out tasks at the behest of Gridania's commonfolk, and patrol the Twelveswood to maintain the peace and expel intruders. Willelda asks the adventurer to speak to J'moldva to receive his first orders.[2]

When the word reaches the guild of a caravan of merchants from Ul'dah in distress in the wood, Willelda passes on the information to J'moldva who orders the adventurer to travel to the location and protect the caravan. After the rescue, Willelda observes that there is something wrong with the merchants because even though they were rescued, they seemed to be disappointed.[3] Willelda lets the adventurer know that he has received another order from J'moldva, this time to escort the caravan on its way out of the forest. After the mission it is revealed that the caravan was trying to capture a moogle. Willelda says that the Woods Wailers are needed now more than ever. She thanks the adventurer for his contributions and hands him his reward.[4]




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