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The Will of Oblivion (虚無の意思, Kyomu no Ishi?, lit. Void Will) is a significant entity in the Final Fantasy Exvius Universe. A being that represents and governs over destruction, the Will of Oblivion stands in opposition to the Will of Light, which symbolizes creation, with the two forces maintaining a balance between life and death. Although it is seen as having masculine traits, and being treated as male, the Will of Oblivion seemingly does not present any discernible gender.

The Will of Oblivion is the central antagonist of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Season Three, as it uses the power of The Hollow (虚無, Kyomu?, lit. Nihility), a power of nothingness capable of consuming both material and immaterial things from the worlds of the Farplane to return everything to null. The Hollow and its proxies are protected by the Hollow Keepers.

The Hollow is analogous to the Final Fantasy series's The Void, a space that is both consuming matter and worlds into nothingness, and also exists as a realm of formation and connective tissue between different worlds.


The Hollow is a force of nothingness the Will of Oblivion controls, standing in opposition to the Will of Light. While the Hollow causes destruction, the light brings forth life, and were the light left unchecked, the world would collapse due to the excess of life. If the Hollow were left on its own, everything would be consumed by eternal nothingness. To further preserve this balance and keep one another restrained, the two Wills created two beings, the sisters Fina and Dark Fina, to maintain stability.

Due to the events in Paladia and the battle against Vlad, Dark Fina disappeared as a result of using her powers to travel through time to give Rain, Lasswell, and the Sworn Six of Paladia the means to defeat Vlad. This disrupted the balance and the Hollow went out of control and ravaged the worlds connected to the Farplane, stripping them of things both material and immaterial. A silver fog spread through wormholes, which is the conduit used to steal from the worlds.

In the Fortified City of Berga, a playful Rinora found himself lost in the ruins of a forest where he stumbled upon the Will of Oblivion, awakening it and bonding with it. Under the Will of Oblivion's influence, Rinora sought recruits for an organization known as the Hollow Keepers to defend the Hollow and allow it to cause havoc and spread. The first recruited for this endeavor was Chorale who was tasked with finding other members. All of them joined for largely personal reasons, but most joined believing that worlds are better off without whatever the Hollow absorbs.

The Hollow and the Hollow Keepers are opposed by a group dubbed by the latter as Hollow Breakers, individuals chosen as the champions of each world tasked with defending them from the Hollow's influence. They travel in the Farplane Express to reach the worlds connected to the Farplane and restore what the worlds lost.

The Hollow attacked Berga by stripping its inhabitants of the ability to move. Bruce and his wife, Ella, met the now possessed Rinora trying to kill them. Ella died in an accidental blast, while Bruce was forced to fight his brainwashed son. Summoning the Esper Doomtrain, he knocked Rinora off a cliff. Bruce tried to finish Rinora off, but the latter suffered from amnesia due to the fall. The Will of the Light appeared before Bruce, explaining that Rinora was bonded with the Will of Oblivion and how the Hollow was a threat. Bruce wondered if closing the wormholes would restore Rinora, to which the Will responded it might restore his memories, but not purge him of the Hollow's influence. Not seeking to murder his amnesiac son, Bruce accepted the Will of Light's request to travel the worlds and close the wormholes.

One day Fina, now living in Grandshelt, was cooking for Physalis, now a member of the Knights of Grandshelt, and wondered about her future. Her powers were weakening, Fina believing it a result of her missing counterpart. The Will of the Light appeared before her and a voice pleaded her for help to save the world. Following Rain and Lasswell's example, Fina decided to help, touching the Crystal and transforming into a Blue Mage.

Fina was transported to the Farplane where a station appeared before her along with the Farplane Express. The conductor, Rinora, took her with him as her name appeared on the passenger list. As Fina boarded, Rinora explained the train's passengers are meant to restore that which the worlds lost. Fina was joined by fellow passenger Bruce and the two traveled to Wohlstok. Bruce had cast away his past, whereas Fina has no memory of her own. As the two traveled to Silent Village Corte, they found its passive citizens under attack by monsters, forcing Fina and Bruce to defend them. Bruce explained the Hollow had taken people's emotions away, depriving them of fear. The Hollow manifested through a wormhole, and if it was closed, the Hollow would be repelled, restoring the world to normalcy.

Fina and Bruce heard a scream and rushed to meet a young woman called Daisy who had retained her emotions and fought to protect a pair of children from monsters, but who refused to escape. Fina and Bruce helped Daisy repel the monsters and during their encounters, met Mazurka, a Hollow Keeper who tried to convince them of the futility of restoring emotions. Daisy requested their aid in setting up a theater, which failed. As they tried to close a wormhole, Mazurka stood in their way, but was defeated, and they ledt to deal with the wormhole's true guardian, the Voa Wohlstok a Hollow Dragon. As they defeated the monster, Fina acquired new powers due to her ability to learn as a Blue Mage. A floating baby named Roca appeared before them, full of magic power, whom they were tasked to bring to the Will of Light.

Fina and her party encountered Milieta, a friend of Daisy's who has lost her emotions and whom the latter tried to convince to perform together. Mazurka returned and revealed her past as a bullied girl, which is why she wanted people to remain emotionless. Daisy and Milieta performed "Of Sword and Shield", restoring Milieta's emotions. Now chasing after a second wormhole, the party defeated Mazurka who was left despairing, but whom Fina offered a hand of friendship. Mazurka was distraught and left wishing Fina to not die. The party closed the second wormhole, returning Wohlstok to normalcy.

As the party was bound to leave for the next world, Daisy decided to go with them as a power was unlocked inside her, so she was allowed to accompany them.

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The Will of Oblivion appears as a darkened adult-sized crystal, irradiating starkly blank light with no sign of life in distorted swirling rays of gray, similar to the wormholes it summons through the Hollow. Its character render is taken from the dark crystal from the Dark Visions storyline, which itself seems partially inspired on the 1★ base rarity unit crystal, but darkened, as opposed to the Will of Light whose model is based on the 5★ base rarity unit crystal.


The Will of Oblivion is nihility incarnate, seeking only to destroy and consume everything into nothingness. The Will of Oblivion is manipulative, promising salvation to Chorale's crew to convince them of serving the Hollow to follow a bigger picture, but ultimately using them as pawns and cruelly disposing them once the Hollow's true servants awakened.

Despite being a force of nothingness meant to preserve balance through a mutual harmony of life and destruction, the Will of Oblivion is malignant. Those who come under its influence have a drastic change of personality, exhibiting extreme nihilism, sadistic tendencies, and mania. However, most of these traits could be considered a twisted version of him, as he was rendered insane by the imbalance between the forces.


The Will of Oblivion is a recurring boss in Season Three. An enemy of the Fairy race, it battles using an array of abilities that symbolize its power over nothingness, being capable of dispelling buffs, draining MP, buffing himself, and even causing instant death to the whole party. He is immune to non-elemental damage.

Later on, it possesses Keeper Moneta, and uses his skillset, inflicting status ailments, and alternating between Physical or Magical damage immunity.