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The Will of Light (光の意志, Hikari no Ishi?) is a significant entity in the Final Fantasy Exvius Universe. A being that represents and governs over creation, the Will of Light stands in opposition to the Will of Oblivion, which symbolizes destruction, with the two forces maintaining a balance between life and death. Although it is seen as having maternal traits and treated as female, the Will of Light seemingly does not present any discernible gender.

The Will of Light makes her debut in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius season three, and is responsible for starting the season's adventure. She is also involved with the origins of Fina and Dark Fina.


The Will of Light appears as an adult-sized floating rainbow-colored crystal, full of vibrant radiance. Her character model is taken from the 5★ base rarity units crystals. In War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius it uses the model for UR rarity unit crystal.


The Will of Light is described as a motherly entity, nurturing and protecting life as it is her duty to spread creation on the universe. A wise being, she's concerned with maintaining balance, and is deeply aware that either force going unchecked, life or death, would have catastrophic results for the universe.

She maintains a distant, yet concerned approach with Fina and Roca, preferring to watch over both.


The Will of Light created life in the many worlds of the Farplane while her counterpart, the Will of Oblivion, terminated existence. To further preserve the balance of life and death, the two created two beings that would help keep one another in check: Fina and Dark Fina.

In season two Dark Fina disappeared after exerting herself due to traveling through time to ultimately defeat Vlad, causing an imbalance between the two forces. When Rinora, a boy from the city of Berga, was lost in a forest during his birthday, he stumbled upon the ruins where the Will of Oblivion was slumbering. The unstable force of nothingness bonded with Rinora, transforming the boy into the Bringer of the Hollow, a vessel for the now destructive entity dead set on spreading unchecked destruction.

Bruce, Rinora's father and a gun-wielding Summoner, battled the possessed Rinora who killed his mother and Bruce's wife, Ella, in the skirmish. Bruce summoned his signature Esper, Doomtrain, who blasted Rinora from a cliff. Although Rinora survived he lost his memories. The Will of Light appeared and told Bruce of the nature of the broken balance, requesting Bruce to travel the Farplane to close the Hollow's wormholes. The imbalance has driven the Will of Oblivion out of control with its Hollow rampaging through the different worlds. Bruce asked if closing the Hollow's wormholes would save Rinora, to which the Will of Light said that a bond made with the Will of Oblivion is not easily broken and that closing the wormholes would at best restore Rinora's memories. Bruce reluctantly accepted the Will of Light's request as he did not want to kill an amnesiac Rinora, for he was effectively an innocent victim. The Will of Light taught Bruce the means to close wormholes, and he departed on the Farplane Express with Rinora as its conductor, creating a ruse for the boy.

As an additional response to the threat, the Will of Light recruited Fina whose own power was weakening and bestowed her with Blue Mage powers, and sent her on a journey across the Farplane. The Will of Light had contacted Bruce who told him to join forces with Fina, to which he complied. The Will of Light later communicates with Fina and Bruce during their stop in Wohlstok, after they closed one of the wormholes, as Roca, a mysterious baby with great magical power, manifests. The Will of Light tasks them with taking Roca to her as she will be a key in stopping the Hollow.

The Will of Light appears much later in the Fortified City of Berga, Bruce and Rinora's homeworld, when the party defeats the Hollow Keepers and restores Rinora to normalcy after he was again possessed by the Will of Oblivion. This came the cost of Bruce's life and Roca reaching full maturity after she closed the wormholes. The Will tells them to travel to the Evernight Kingdom of Andigo for Roca to reach her.

The party finds themselves in a world that has had its "tomorrow" taken away by the Hollow. As the Will of Light guides the party, she reveals the true nature of Fina and Dark Fina as their creations and how Roca is the reincarnation of Dark Fina, whose powers need to be restored to bring balance back. Following an encounter with the true Hollow Keepers, the envoys of the Hollow create a rift between Poppy and the rest of the party as Keeper Moneta uses the power of the Hollow to make her cheerfulness disappear and exposing her true, more sorrowful side. At the same time the party is periodically bombarded by attacks, making everyone believe Poppy is compromised by the Hollow.

In truth, the attacks were caused by Keeper Garote who had hidden in the shadow of the party and sought to use them as a guide to the Will of Light where he deals a critical blow to the Will. The party is left flabbergasted as Roca can't awaken the power to stop the Hollow, allowing the Will of Oblivion to spread without control in the Farplane and causing cataclysmic destruction.

The Will of Light survives, though greatly weakened, and tells the party to go to Equirelle, the world of light, where they are to meet Paus, a spirit that could bestow them with the Blessing of Light, a power that could allow them to face the Will of Oblivion directly.

Sprouts of Devouring[]

The Will of Light appears in the crossover event. Seeing a breed of Malboro causing destruction, the Will of Light requests aid. Her pleas are answered in the form of visions of Rain, Fina, Mont Leonis and Machérie Hourne. The Will of Light explains the situation at hand and the four decide to help to stop the rampaging Malboros. Since there are two of them, the Cyan and Magenta Malboros, the group splits in pairs to tackle both at once. The party succeeds but the two Malboro thought defeated regain their strength and flee. One Malboro devours the other, the mutation birthing the Malboro Matriarch. The two parties rejoin and fight the menace together.

Once the Malboro is defeated the Will of Light thanks them for their help. She reveals that the Malboros must have consumed a strange substance that changed them and confirms that with the Malboro's defeat the threat has been stopped and the miasma should disappear. The visions disappear looking forward to the next time they can fight together. The Will of Light wonders about the events and whether this is the end before departing. A mysterious Blue Flower grows from withing the Malboro's corpse.