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The Will of Equilibrium (均衡の意思, Kinkō no ishi?) is the final antagonist and boss of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Season Three. It is the combined form of the Will of Light with the remnants of the Will of Oblivion.



On its first form, the Will of Equilibrium resembles the two halves that compose it: a floating human-sized crystal shining iridescent but tainted with a dark bright. It is surrounded by a distorted mix of radiant light with blank swirls of nothingness.

On its second form, the Will of Equilibrium as a twisted angelic mostly female being in white robes, and a masculine, black-skinned figure emerging from the chest, symbolizing the Will of Light taking over the power of the Will of Oblivion. Two large black wings emerge from its back, culminating in golden light irradiating feathers, surrounded by an oddly shaped golden metallic adornment. A golden balance scale floats between its hands, a representation of the Will's obsession with Equilibrium. During the ensuing battles this form begins to crumble.

Its final form is a large floating blue-skinned head with feathered gold hair in wild, messy strands. Its forehead has several blue markings centered around a cross-esque figure. A strange pink element in its head almost resembles a bandana, but branching in an odd shape and an irregular composition that looks both flowing and solid. Both the Will's mouth and eyes irradiate light, with the same golden adornment from the previous form behind its "back", but now seemingly enlarged.


The Will of Equilibrium can be described as a twisted version of the Will of Light, distressed and turned insane after the demise of the Will of Oblivion following its rampage started by its own free will. It is obsessed with the idea of maintaining perfect balance, and uses the erasure of free will as a means to create "peace". However this is purely an excuse to hide her true motivations; hurt and despairing over the loss of the Will of Oblivion, the Will of Equilibrium desires revenge, taking her anger on humanity whom she believes to be too dangerous and trying to erase their will out of spite and a depraved sense of balance defined on "an eye for an eye" terms, convincing herself that she is carrying out what the Will of Oblivion's volition. She feels particular scorn towards Fina, and tries to coerce her into hating her and proving that her idea of balance can surpass the Will of Equilibrium's.


As a composition of the two Wills, the Will of Equilibrium is an unfathomably powerful being. Governing over both creation and destruction, the Will of Equilibrium could be seen as nigh omnipotent with little to no available means to counter it. Like the Will of Oblivion, it wields The Hollow to summon wormholes, Hollow Dragons, and erase things from the world. Because it also composes the Will of Light, methods that would otherwise neuter the Will of Oblivion using light are useless. It can survive within the Lightspring, a world of light so pure it can destroy bodies not protected or partially turned into light itself, that would otherwise even prove hazardous to the Will of Oblivion.

Combining both powers it is capable of erasing free will from humans through the exposure of light instead of the Hollow's signature silver fog, making it catastrophically more devastating as no living being can fully escape light. Should it reach the peak of its power, it could, by its own accord, eradicate free will on the entire Farplane.

The Will of Equilibrium is, contrary to its name, highly unstable. Because it composes the halves of the two dying wills, it requires a significant amount of time and power to restore itself to a desired level, so much that it requires a proper vessel to live, build and utilize its power. It picks the dead body of Keeper Moneta, but the vessel is disintegrated once the Will of Equilibrium's power is restored to an acceptable level.


When Fina confronted the Will of Oblivion in a climatic battle in which the former could prove the strength of her ideals despite the latter tried to psychologically torture her and guilt trip her. As he was about to be destroyed by Fina who turned into light to defeat him, the Will of Oblivion regained the last of his sanity, and acknowledging her daughter's growth, had a change of heart using the last of his powers to revive the destroyed Will of Light and granting her the last of her powers before being terminated.

As she learned of the Will of Oblivion's demise, the Will of Light grew resentful and sought revenge on humanity, but needed time to restore her power. Using the dead corpse of Keeper Moneta as a vessel the Will of Equilibrium summoned the two last and most powerful Hollow Keepers, Buffon and Calice and have them confront Fina's group while spreading wormholes in different worlds. Paus eventually appears before her and confronts the Will of Equilibrium believing her to be the Will of Oblivion using special powers to try to stall her recovery. Much to Paus surprise the attack had no effect and the Will of Equilibrium was able to force the truth out of Paus regarding Fina's group. Knowing they sought to revive Fina, the Will of Equilibrium decided to interfere. Paus escaped shocked that the "Will of Oblivion" had evolved.

Using Keeper Moneta she appears before the party in Symphonia where the party planned to use the academy's powerful barrier to allow the Farplane Express to have the ability to travel to the Lightspring a world of pure light. The Will of Equilibrium nearly decimates Roca, Boomer, Akstar, Cleome and Rinora but were saved by the timely arrival of Diverti who could summon the Doomtrain, greatly debilitating the Will of Equilibrium and forcing her to retreat. The group was later joined by Rain and Lasswell whom Paus had recruited. With the group now learning how to turn themselves into light to survive the Lightspring's influence, the party was ready to travel but were attacked by a horder of Mini Hollow Dragons whom Diverti and Conche were forced to deal with. Diverti passed away after battling the foes.

As the group arrived in the Lightspring the Will of Oblivion appeared along Buffon and Calice. The Will of Equilibrium attacks the party and takes the light out of Fina's crystal, therefore claiming Fina's revival would be impossible. The party disperses as a means to gain breathing room while clinging to Fina's salvation. Meanwhile Daisy, Kalmia, Nerine, and Poppy are able to keep Fina's light alive by interacting with Fina's younger alter ego and preventing her from disappearing. Joining the rest of Fina's group the next course of action is to place 7 crystal in towers of light so that they can create a giant orb of light with which to revive Fina. The Will of Equilibrium subsequently uses her influence over Paus to force her to attack Rinora, although this control is disabled after Rinora is able to defeat her, giving Paus the sufficient evidence to realize the truth behind the "Will of Oblivion".

The Will of Equilibrium chases after Daisy and corners her in what appears to be a nigh impossible battle. However, she's aided by the timely arrival of the Hollow Breakers whom together are able to overcome the Will of Equilibrium and force her to retreat. Once the 7 lights are activated, Rain carries Fina's crystal by himself and faces the Will of Equilibrium alone who discards Moneta's body as it can no longer contain her. Rain overcomes the Will and advances summoning the essence of Fina from the crystal, but exhausted from his battle he is unable to resist the light. However, Daisy appears and sacrifices herself to allow Fina to be revived.

The Will of Equilibrium appears and reveals that the orb of light was her true goal all along as she will use it to wipe the will out of all humans in the Farplane. When confronted, the Will of Equilibrium reveals she is the Will of Light holding the power of the Hollow, much to the horror of the party as she presents her new identity to them. Fina questions her motives but the Will crypitcally says that Fina betrayed her.

As they try to chase the Will, Fina is left to wonder the meaning behind the "betrayal" trying to remember the words the Will told her at the start of her journey. The Will is able to summon a Hollow Dragon in the top of Aldore Tower allowing the beast to syphon the wills of all the people of Paladia, allowing the Will of Equilibrium to grow stronger and blast the party as she provokes them into not killing them so they can bear witness to the end of humanity while they watch. During one of the Will's attacks, Fina is able to realize the truth behind the Will's words and the reason behind the accusation. Fina reveals to the party that the Will had tasked her with saving "both of them" to which Fina believed the Will and Roca, but ultimately meant both the Will of Light and Oblivion.

Trying to appeal to her as the party understood she was hurt by the Will of Oblivion's demise, the Will cuts them short saying she has no intention to back down and that her meaning of equilibrium is rooted in vengeance, and take humanity's will as punishment for the Will of Oblivion's demise. As the Sworn Six of Paladia are helped by the timely arrival of Nichol and Sakura, they overcome the Hollow Dragon, weakening the Will of Equilibrium. Fina's party battles the Will of Equilibrium who reveals to Fina that Daisy died to revive her in order to taunt her into giving into hatred. But Fina reveals she knew all along and that while she was deeply saddened she nonetheless held her ground. During the battle the Will of Equilibrium changes to her true form, that of a twisted angelical figure of both Light and Hollow, while provoking Fina that her sense of equilibrium was not in balance and thus could not defeat her.