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A general of the Zoldaad Empire. Wilhelm wears extremely heavy armor, and once boasted of the title of Imperial Shield for his efforts on the field. Although he was in charge of the empire's Magitek squadron, everything changed when Zoldaad began implementing dictatorial practices into their government. Following this, his superiors saw to his removal from any crucial missions, and expelled him to a remote location.

In-game description

Wilhelm is a supporting character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. He is a respectable general of the Zoldaad Empire serving directly under Emperor Sozhe and his young son, Crown Prince Shera, and has been nicknamed the Shield of the Empire for his efforts. His fate is expanded upon in the story event The Empire of Light and Dark.



Wilhelm is a middle aged man with short brown hair, blue eyes and sports a mustache. He wears a massive red armor plate with golden borders over blue clothing and white armored boots. He wields a long spear and his large, signature Imperial Shield which resembles a Lion's face with a red jewel on the "forehead" and a white-ish border with several spikes, resembling the "mane".


I must be the shield... that guards all the empire.


Wilhelm is a duty-bound soldier with a great sense of honor. He has deep loyalty both to his emperor, the crown prince and his nation, never wavering. Being a long standing officer of the Empire, along with years of experience, has made Wilhelm a keen and perceptive individual, aware of the happenings of the Empire both present and past. He knows when to turn a blind eye when the circumstances need discretion, meaning loyalty doesn't blind him. However he still lives by his code and decides for better or worse to end his life as a warrior.


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Born in the Zoldaad continent, Wilhelm made a career for himself in the nation's military forces, and his efforts on the battlefield earned him the title of "Shield of the Empire". Serving under Emperor Sozhe for many years, Wilhelm shared countless battles by his side as his comrade in arms, and is well acquainted with the emperor's past, including the existence of Sozhe's illegitimate child. Futhermore, Wilhelm came to think of Sozhe's son, Crown Prince Shera, as his own son. He was the commanding officer of the empire's Magitek squadron.

At some point, the well-decorated general discovered Ludmille's talents as a Red Mage, and allowed her entry into the back-then exclusively male army and attempted to reward her in accordance with her military deeds. In fact, when he found himself without a successor, Wilhelm decided to adopt Ludmille as his daughter and, thus, enabled her to be heiress to his position. Ludmille, who admired him,[1] immediately accepted. Wilhelm also mentored the young imperial knight, Ozetta, whose choice of bulky armor is actually due to her deep admiration for Wilhelm.

However, Dr. Lazarov began manipulating Sozhe's ambitions and the nation began to decay as its militaristic agenda became more and more accentuated. Being sworn to protect the emperor, Wilhelm was reluctant to act on his accord, but Lazarov used his influence on Sozhe to have Wilhelm transferred to the nation's border. He also had Wilhelm's command of the Magitek unit stripped and given to Grace, Lazarov's puppet. Wilhelm accepted the discharge, but in doing so he was unable to back Ludmille any longer.

In "The Empire of Light and Dark", Wilhelm is seen talking to Shera while boarding a train. Shera voices his suspicions on Lazarov and how everything changed radically since his arrival, and questions whether the prosperity achieved as a result of Lazarov's technology that allowed them to harness the Fire Crystal's power was worth sacrificing their humanity, while believing Wilhelm's new orders to be strange. The general shares his concerns trusting the Emperor's judgment and letting Shera know that he is aware of his backing of the rebels. Wilhelm leaves after asking Shera to become a good emperor, keeping his knowledge a secret.

At some later point Jake and his rebel companions, Abel and Jean, sneak into the laboratory used by the Empire to brainwash people and find traces of energy from the Fire Crystal, leading them to conclude Lazarov is responsible. Wilhelm intercepts them and "threatens" the rebel group boasting about his large army awaiting them outside, but Jake notices that Wilhelm is being awfully passive. The general makes it clear that he knows who Jake truly is and also what his goal is, and decides to assist them by letting Shera's personal maid Amelia to open up a secret path for the rebels to escape. Wilhelm feels relieved that Jake turned out to be such a reliable ally for Shera.

As the rebels attempt to leave the premises, Wilhelm "intercepts" them and puts on a play by standing on their path and allowing them to pass only if they can overcome him. Jake, knowing that Wilhelm is offering his life to allow them to escape, plays along and a fight ensues. Eventually Wilhelm allows himself to be defeated and Jake, Abel and Jean escape. Wilhelm succumbs to his wounds asking Jake as a prince to save their country, his dying wishes passed onto Jake.

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Playable character[]

Wilhelm appears as a 5-7★ summonable unit, whose job is listed as General. As for his role, he is a Physical Tank, and is primarily meant to protect the party for physical attacks, by provoking individual attacks at 5-6★ or by covering his allies at 7★. He can also provide support in the form of stat breaks and buffs. Regarding equipment, Wilhelm can wield daggers, swords, spears as weapons. As for armor, he can equip light shields, heavy shields, hats, helms, heavy armor, as well as accessories.


Wilhelm is fought as a boss in the event The Empire of Light and Dark in its ELT difficulty, as is faced along a Special Forces Axeman and a Special Forces Swordsman. Wilhelm has a high HP pool and an innate 10% resistance to physical attacks which cannot be dispelled. His repertory includes Guard Signal (increases the enemy party's DEF and SPR) and Attack Signal (increases their ATK and MAG); Sweep targets the whole party, while Weapon Break and Magic Break will reduce an ally's ATK and MAG respectively. Below 50% HP, he uses Shield Bash which can inflict Stop. When at 20% HP or lower, he will use Invincible Heart, healing himself and boostis his DEF and SPR by 100%. He is susceptible to blind at a low chance, which will force him to use Remedy which ends his turn, but becomes immune afterwards.



Wilhelm is a German given name, and comes from the Germanic name Willahelm, which was composed of the elements wil "will, desire" and helm "helmet, protection".