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The Wildsnake is a beast/serpent-type enemy from Final Fantasy XII found in Giza Plains. Wildsnake is the easiest source of Snake Skins, an ingredient needed for making the Tournesol.

In all of Ivalice, there is only one Wildsnake, hidden in Toam Hills of Giza Plains during the Dry. From the south of the map, the player must head to an enclave to the east of Toam Hills, where a lone Slaven sleeps. Just before the Slaven's lair, there is tall dry grass at the right where the Wildsnake shall ambush the party.

Since the player can obtain Snake Skins from killing, poaching and stealing from the Wildsnake with high rates of success, the player can use a Nihopalaoa + Prince's Kiss/Gold Needle to steal, petrify and respawn it repeatedly. Using this method, the player will not need to zone in and out. The Leather Breastplate is a rare steal from them, better than what Vaan starts with, however, it is not worth trying to procure one by grinding on the lone snake, as better gear will soon be available, anyway.

Bestiary entry[]

Page 1: Observations[]

Being a curious creature having a serpentine body wherefrom grow six blades. They are known to dig holes in the ground and to lie in wait for prey therein. In antiquity, these were said to possess large mouths decked with prominent fangs, these having since receded in concert with the gradual flattening of the creature's form, and after splaying sideward to form the aforementioned blades. Indurate scales cover the snake's body, which are so shaped to permit rapid movement over all manner of terrain.

Page 2: Sage Knowledge[]


AI script[]

GnawAny time (25%).
TargetingAttacks enemy with highest enmity.


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