LR wiki icon This is a list of quests that take place in the Wildlands. Unlike the other areas, Wildlands has two main quests: to locate the Angel of Valhalla and nurse him to full health and ride him to the Temple of the Goddess to solve the mystery of the Great Chaos; and to collect Dajh Katzroy's soul fragments, a quest that takes Lightning all around Nova Chrysalia. The area's sidequests include reuniting a family of vegetable farmers, saving Moogle Village from monster attack and locating wayward moogles, and collecting various items from all around the Wildlands—some of which only appear during certain times of day—as ingredients for various meals and medicines.

Main questsEdit

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3-1 The Angel of ValhallaEdit

Entry 1
The Wildlands is nature's last refuge in a dying world. When Lightning first arrives here, she hears a strange voice, whispering on the wind. It speaks of an Angel of Valhalla, and an encounter ordained. An Angel of Valhalla? Lightning has no idea whose voice it is, but given her own past in Valhalla, it might be a lead worth following. She resolves to ask the locals if any of them have heard of this angel.
Entry 2
The Angel of Valhalla is a white chocobo said to herald the end of the world. It is part of an old legend told throughout the Wildlands. In a village called Canopus Farms, there lives a famed veterinarian by the name of Dr. Gysahl. Apparently, he is the best man to ask about legendary chocobos.
Entry 3
At first, Dr. Gysahl wants nothing to do with Lightning. But when she tells him about the voice she heard, his attitude changes immediately. The doctor reveals he has heard the same voice, and goes on to explain more about the legend of the angel. He then suggests that Lightning talk to his assistant, Seven, who is an expert of tracking chocobos.
Entry 4
Dr. Gysahl's assistant, known only as Seven, is fascinated by chocobos. He explains that the white chocobo is an aggressive animal that deliberately seeks out his mortal foe, the ferocious Chocobo Eater. One such monster has been spotted in the City of Ruins. If Lightning wants to find the angel, she could do worse than to start her search there.
Entry 5
Lightning finds the Angel of Valhalla locked in a deadly struggle with the Chocobo Eater. She defeats the monster, and then the angel is whisked away by Dr. Gysahl of Canopus Farms for urgent treatment of his wounds. Lightning felt a strange connection to the angel. Puzzled as to what it might mean, she resolves to return to Canopus Farms and see the chocobo again.
Entry 6
The life of the white chocobo, the so-called Angel of Valhalla, is saved, thanks to the heroic efforts of Dr. Gysahl. When Lightning gazes at the white chocobo, the seed of a conviction is planted in her mind. She does not know the chocobo, but once, in a distant past, they were comrades in battle—or so Lightning is starting to believe.

Lightning saves Angel of Valhalla from the Chocobo Eater.

Lightning arrives on the train platform and hears a voice telling her about the Angel of Valhalla. Talking to the man outside the gates lets Lightning know the "angel" is a legendary white chocobo and the Canopus Farm is marked onto the map as the next destination. Making her way to the village amid the grasslands, Lightning can pick up an Imp's Crest accessory from the woods next to the village.

In the village Lightning can recuperate and restock. After talking to Dr Gysahl and his assistant, Seven, Lightning is told to head for the ruins in the northeast (the next location gets marked on the map) to battle the Chocobo Eater. If the player ventures here after 6 PM, the way over will be teeming with Reavers. After defeating the Chocobo Eater, Lightning must return to the farms to complete the quest.

3-2 Healing an AngelEdit

Entry 1
Dr. Gysahl's emergency surgery, the Angel of Valhalla is out of immediate danger. Lightning is strangely concerned for the animal—she still cannot shake the feeling that they know each other. She decides to find out more from Dr. Gysahl about the chocobo's prognosis.
Entry 2
The Angel of Valhalla refuses to accept food from the hand of anyone but Lightning. Following Dr. Gysahl's advice, Lightning collects gysahl greens, Fuzzy Sheep milk, and medicine to give to the chocobo. Is the chocobo too proud, or has he simply taken a shine to Lightning? It doesn't matter. Either way, Lightning is the one who has to nurse him back to health.
Entry 3

The Angel of Valhalla cured.

The Angel of Valhalla has undergone a near-miraculous recovery, and is now strong enough to carry a rider on his back. Gysahl admires the animal with satisfaction. He had pursued the legend of the angel for half a lifetime, and now his quest is at an end. He is so moved that he tells the story of his daughter, and her death a century ago. The angel is still not fully recovered. If Lightning continues to nurse the creature, it may grow strong enough to take her to the temple of the goddess.

Talking to Dr. Gysahl in Canopus Farms starts the miniquest "Saving an Angel", where Lightning must save the bird by feeding it, as it accepts aid from no one else. Feeding the bird so it can recover completes the quest and Angel of Valhalla becomes a permanent party member on the Wildlands.

3-3 Where the Chaos SleepsEdit

Once the Angel of Valhalla has consumed enough nutritious food to recuperate enough to gain the ability to glide, main quest 3-3 begins.

5-1 Father and SonEdit

Entry 1
Fan in the north, Lightning encounters her old ally Sazh living in a wrecked airship with his son, Dajh. Except that living is hardly the right word for the coma in which the unresponsive Dajh lies. His soul has left his body, and no pleas, no cries, seem to reach him. Sazh is a shadow of the man that Lightning used to know. He clings to a coffer of souls given to him by Lumina, his face harrowed and taut with despair. Someone has told him that if he can collect enough soul fragments, his son will wake again...
Entry 2
This is the latest information Lightning has about the soul fragments:
Fragment 1: Found at Sazh's airship.
Fragment 2: Chocolina knows where it is.
Fragment 3: With the soul seed traders.
Fragment 4: Held by a 'Cactair' in the Dead Dunes.
Fragment 5: Offered as a prize in the Slaughterhouse.
Entry 3
Lightning has recovered the scattered soul fragments from around the world. If they bring Dajh out of his coma, perhaps the old Sazh that she remembers will return as well. In any case, Sazh will be waiting in the wrecked airship he calls home. It is time Lightning delivered the fragments to him.
Entry 4
All the soul fragments are placed in the coffer, but still Dajh does not respond. As Sazh rages in despair, Lumina tells him that it's because of his "scary face." It sounds like mere mockery, but she is speaking the truth. Sazh has allowed his anguish to overcome him, and this is why Dajh remains in the grip of the coma. In a very literal sense, his son is afraid to wake up. Sazh understands at last. Together with the chocobo chick—who turns out to be none other than Chocolina—he begins to fill his airship home with laughter. Then, like a miracle, Dajh's eyes flutter open.

After the Angel of Valhalla can glide, Lightning can visit the airship wreck up north of the Wildlands and talk to Sazh, who tells Lightning of Dajh's condition before heading out. A chocobo chick appears at the doorway. Following it, Lightning is tasked with locating Dajh's soul fragments. After collecting each fragment, returning to Sazh completes the main quest. Completing the quest earns the A Father, a Son, and a Chocobo achievement.

First Time Rewards: 5000 gil, Afro & Yellow Chick, Dajh's Patch, EP +1, Recovery Item Slot +1
Second Time Rewards: 7500 gil, Strength +14, Magic +14, Recovery Item Slot +1
Subsequent Rewards: 7500 gil, Strength +14, Magic +14

5-2 Follow the Chocobo ChickEdit

Entry 1

A chocobo chick beckons Lightning to follow it.

As soon as Sazh walks out of his house, a chocobo chick appears in the same doorway. The chick beats its wings frantically, for all the world as if it is trying to communicate something to Lightning. Sazh refused to talk to Lightning, but perhaps the chocobo chick can tell her what she needs to know...
Entry 2
Lightning follows the chocobo chick outside, and there, next to the wrecked airship, she finds the Fragment of Mischief. This must be one of the soul fragments that Sazh was talking about. If she could find the rest, would she be able to revive Dajh?

Following the chocobo chick leads to a treasure sphere with a Fragment of Mischief. Lumina appears and tells Lightning she can save Sazh and Dajh if she restores Dajh's splintered soul by finding its fragments scattered about Nova Chrysalia.

The first fragment, Fragment of Mischief, was found near Sazh's house. Chocolina knows about the second fragment. One of the soul seed traders has the third one. A 'Cactair' in the Dead Dunes has the fourth one. And the fifth one is offered up as a prize in Yusnaan's Slaughterhouse.

5-3 Wishes on a CanvasEdit

Entry 1
Chocolina is a strange woman who looks after the Canvas of Prayers, into which is woven the hopes and dreams of people all across the world. Sazh refused to talk to Lightning, but perhaps with the help of Chocolina and her Canvas of Prayers, Lightning can still find out what is in his heart.
Entry 2
Chocolina seems to have some connection with Sazh and his son, and knows a surprising amount about their situation. She is worried about both of them, but before Chocolina can give up the fragment she has, Lightning must check the Canvas of Prayers and answer Chocolina's own plea for help.
Entry 3
Chocolina produces the Fragment of Smiles from her own heart. When she first met Lightning, she claimed she was not human, and it seems she was telling the truth. perhaps, by collecting all of Dajh's soul fragments, Lightning will not just help Sazh and his son—she will also uncover the mystery behind Chocolina.

Talking to Chocolina, she asks Lightning to check the board for her request, "Key to Her Heart", which tasks Lightning with finding the Beloved Gift item from the southwest of the Wildlands on the road connecting the Wildlands to the Dead Dunes. Completing the Canvas of Prayers quest earns the soul fragment, Fragment of Smiles.

5-4 What Soul Seed Traders WantEdit

Entry 1
The traders who have Dajh's soul fragment have representatives in all four regions of the world. Easily recognized by their unusual headwear, these merchants offer bounties for a certain material. To start doing business with them, Lightning should talk to their leader, who can usually be found in Luxerion, in the Arcade.
Entry 2
To get Dajh's soul fragment from the soul seed traders, Lightning has to give them soul seeds and a moogle fragment in exchange. The former shouldn't be too much of a problem—for the latter, she probably needs to help the moogles. There are rumors that there are moogles living deep in a forest somewhere in the Wildlands. Lightning should pay them a visit.
Entry 3
Lightning has the moogle fragment that she needs to trade for Dajh's soul fragment, and it's time to make the trade. There are soul seed traders in all four regions of the world. Lightning can talk to Baird in the Arcade in Luxerion, or one of his fellow traders in any of the other regions. Either way, the deal will be the same.
Entry 4
Lightning has obtained the Fragment of Radiance in a deal with one of the soul seed traders. The traders are collecting soul seeds on behalf of a certain organization. Could the fragment have come from that same organization?

Though the quest description advises talking to Baird in Luxerion, Lightning can talk to any of the soul seed traders. To get the soul fragment Lightning needs a Moogle Fragment obtained for doing the quest "Peace and Quiet, Kupo" in the Moogle Village amid the Jagd Woods, and soul seeds, which can be found in Chaos infusions. Giving the items to a soul seed trader earns Lightning the Fragment of Radiance. Any soul seeds sold to the traders previously count toward this quest as well. Handing a seed trader the required items, wins the fragment and completes the quest.

5-5 Battle's BountyEdit

Entry 1
It appears that one of the soul fragments is in Yusnaan's battle arena, the Slaughterhouse. Rumors are flying that a "special match" is being held with a most unusual prize being offered to the winner. Could that prize be the soul fragment? There's only one way to find out...
Entry 2
Lightning emerges victorious in the battle arena special match and claims the Fragment of Courage as her prize. One question lingers, though. How did Zoe of the Slaughterhouse get the fragment in the first place? Could she have looted it from the body of a losing contestant?

Traveling to Yusnaan, Lightning must visit the Slaughterhouse during its opening hours of 19:00-03:00 (7 PM - 3 AM) and take part in a special battle against a Zaltys. Winning the match yields the Fragment of Courage.

5-6 Beyond the SandstormEdit

Entry 1
A unique creature called Cactair roams the Dead Dunes, and it appears it might hold the key to finding one of Dajh's soul fragments. It looks like a regular Cactuar, reports say, but for one unusual feature. What could that be? Whatever this "Cactair" looks like, the best place to search for it is the area near the Oasis Lighthouse.
Entry 2
Lightning has recovered the Fragment of Kindness. But what in the world was that Cactair? Where did it come from? And what was it doing with Dajh's soul fragment?

In Dead Dunes, the Oasis Lighthouse is blocked by a sandstorm and caught in the storm is a cactuar with an afro. Lightning is unable to engage the creature while the sandstorm rages and must quell the storm by using a Pilgrim's Crux on the nearby monument. Pilgrim's Cruxes are found in various locations in the Dead Dunes, and also bought from a man in Ruffian. After killing the Cactair, Lightning receives Fragment of Kindness.

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Side questsEdit

Canvas of PrayersEdit

The Wildlands has a total of twenty-five Canvas of Prayers quests, which can be accessed by speaking with Chocolina, located in the Monorail Station. These quests do not earn Eradia, but completing them will award gil, stat boosts, and adornments.

A Father's RequestEdit

Quest Begins
In the farming village of Canopus Farms, Lightning encounters a young woman called Sarala tending her field. Sarala grows gysahl greens, a favorite of chocobos, but at the moment her field lies barren for want of fertilizer. Her father was supposed to bring some back, but he is prone to wandering off for days at a time, and thus time, too, he has failed to return. Lightning should head to Jagd Woods and find a wayward farmer by the name of Cole.
Entry 2
The man Lightning meets wandering in the Jagd Woods claims to know Cole's whereabouts—but he will not divulge them until Lightning helps him with a task. She must collect the fertilizer in the woods that has been marked by shovels, and bring it back to the wandering man.
Entry 3
The wandering man has shocking news. Salara's father, Cole, has died in the woods. He had been trying to make up his mind what to tell Sarala when Lightning showed up. Lightning does not entirely trust him, but his intentions seem good. In any case, she agrees to take the fertilizer to Sarala in Canopus Farms and hand over her father's last testament.
Quest Complete
The flower that never bloomed and that Cole spent so much time tending is actually a legendary plant said to blossom once every 500 years. He cared for the flower—after which his father was named--for centuries in anticipation of the day when it would finally unfurl its petals. Sarala wanted to be with her father always. Such is not to be, but she resolves to honor his last wish and continue to look after the farm alone.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after starting Saving An Angel, between 7 AM and 9 PM.
First Time Rewards: 800 gil, Girlish Glasses, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +8
Subsequent Rewards: 1200 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

Sarala tends to the vegetable garden in Canopus Farms and asks Lightning to locate her father who has gone to Jagd Woods to gather fertilizer. On the path leading to Jagd Village Lightning will find the Wandering Man with lathe purple glasses who wants her to find fertilizer. East from his position there is a hole with a shovel that has some Forest Fertilizer. Lightning should speak with the Wandering Man again and give him a fertilizer, then return to Sarala, and giving her one fertilizer completes the quest.

Talking to her again yields five Vegetable Seeds and Lightning will be able to grow gysahl greens. The more fertilizers Lightning provides the number of patches she can grow greens in expands to a maximum of four. After planting the seeds it takes six hours to grow a Gyshal Greens.

The Hunter's ChallengeEdit

Quest Begins
The first challenge is a warm-up of sorts. Lightning must battle wild Valis and Hanumans, collect three clumps of monster mince, and ;report back to the chief.
Entry 1
The fight against Valis and Hanumans went well—but now, it is time for a real challenge. The hunter chief tells Lightning that her next target is the Aster Protoflorian, a fearsome metal foe that prowls Rocky Crag to the north.
Entry 2
Lightning must prove her mettle to the hunters by defeating the ancient military weapon and collecting an AMP Chip. Once she has succeeded, she must return to the chief in Jagd Village and report her triumph.
Quest Complete
Impressed by Lightning#s valor and skill, the chief of the hunters tells Lightning that the young hunters have been inspired by her exploits—and indeed, she has rekindled the hunting spirit in his own heart, too. Lightning leaves the hunters' village knowing that she has won new friends among that hardy band.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after completing main quest 3-1 The Angel of Valhalla, between 8 PM and 8 AM
First Time Rewards: 1200 gil, Soldier of Peace, Golden Insignia, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4
Subsequent Rewards: 1800 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +2

Hunter chief is a man near the outfitters in Jagd village who asks Lightning to serve as an example for aspiring hunters. He asks her to bring three Monster Minces from Valis and Hanumans. After doing that, he tasks Lightning with felling Aster Protoflorian in the Rocky Crag area and obtain an AMP chip. Handing the item to the chief completes the quest.

A Final CureEdit

Quest Begins
Lightning meets Cardesia, the apothecary of Jagd Village. She is suffering from a mystery ailment, but worse than the illness itself is the fact that she is unable to brew a cure for a certain patient. Lightning can help, though. She just has to find a red Crimm mushroom and deliver it to Cardesia.
Entry 2
These are the ingredients that Cardesia the apothecary needs for her tincture:
  • Four chocoborels
  • Four luminous mushrooms
  • A single Crimm mushroom
Once Lightning has rounded all of them, she should take them to Cardesia, who is waiting back in Jagd Village.
Quest Complete
Lightning has found the legendary Crimm mushroom. Together with the other ingredients that she delivered, a grateful Cardesia can at last carry out her final task. However, she puts off brewing the concoction for now. It is too previous, she explains, to make any mistakes. Clearly, her patient is someone very important to her...
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after completing main quest 3-1 The Angel of Valhalla, and after having her make a Chocobull. Available between 8 AM and 10 PM
First Time Reward: 1600 gil, Suspicious Mushroom, Toxic Mushroom, Max HP +80, Magic +12
Subsequent Rewards: 2400 gil, Max HP +40, Magic +8

After completing main quest 3-1, Cardesia in Jagd Village can make a Chocobull for eight Chocoborels (grow in Jagd Woods between 6 AM and 6 PM) and six Slug Sweets (obtained from Rafflesias. After receiving the Chocobull Lightning can ask Cardesia about Crimm Mushrooms to start the quest A Final Cure.

To make the concoction, Cardesia needs four Chocoborels, mushroom growing in Jagd Woods between 6 AM and 6 PM; four Luminous Mushrooms, mushrooms growing in Jagd Woods between 6 PM and 6 AM; and a Crimm Mushroom found in Moogle Village, or in northernmost area of Rocky Crag.

After gathering the items, returning to Cardesia and picking second option completes the quest.

Fuzzy SearchEdit


Lightning herds sheep.

Quest Begins
Disaster has struck in the village of Aryas--three of Dr, Sheep's prize specimens have broken out of their pen! Can Lightning round up the strays?
Entry 1
Three of Dr. Sheep's fuzzy specimens have fled their pen and escapes into the wild. They are much larger than regular sheep, so they should be easy to spot. Lightning needs to herd the sheep back into the pen, and it seems that waving her weapon around will do the trick. Hopefully, the creamy sheep's milk reward will make it all worthwhile.
Quest Complete
In gratitude for Lightning's help, Dr. Sheep presents Lightning with an urn of sheep's milk. He devotes his days to learning about Fuzzy Sheep and trying to develop the best milk in the world. If Dr. Sheep's milk proves useful to Lightning, then his dream will have come true. Now his beloved sheep are safe and sound, and he can continue his research.
Requirements: Available after Day 1, between 6 AM and 6 PM.
First Time Reward: 400 gil, Fuzzy Sheep Figurine, Canned Sheep Logo, Max HP +40, Strength +6 and Fuzzy Sheep Milk.
Subsequent Rewards: 600 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +4 and Fuzzy Sheep Milk

Lightning steps into the sheep pen and scares away three sheep, which Dr. Sheep, the guy with glasses who was in the pen, asks her to bring back. The sheep are found nearby, and are easily recognizable by their size, and unlike other sheep, they have names: Shaken Sheep, Fearful Sheep and Scared Sheep. The person in the other sheep pen will also locate a sheep if spoken to. Lightning must draw her weapon wave it at the sheep and herd them back into the pen, then talk to the client to conclude the quest.

Round 'Em UpEdit

Quest Begins
Over in Aryas Village, Dr. Sheep is having more trouble with his charges. This time, three whole flocks have managed to escape their pen and are at large in the Wildlands. To round them up, Lightning will need to ride some kind of a large animal. A chocobo, for example. Once she has the wayward sheep safely corralled, she should report back to Dr. Sheep.
Entry 1
Lightning has managed to round up the wayward flocks and shepherd them back to their pen. When Lightning delivers the happy report to Dr. Sheep, Millie isn't in her usual spot--and this concerns Dr. Sheep. Lightning should look for Millie and find out what exactly is going on.
Quest Complete
It was Millie who spooked the sheep and caused them to flee as part of an elaborate plan to get the doctor to talk to Lightning. Unfortunately, she had not considered the effect it would have on his sheep. Urged on by Lightning, Millie resolves to confess what she did to Dr. Sheep and hopefully win his forgiveness.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after completing main quest 3-1 The Angel of Valhalla and side quest Fuzzy Search, and then allow at least three hours to pass. Available between 6 AM and 6 PM.
First Time Rewards: 1200 gil, Cowboy Hat, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +6
Subsequent Rewards: 1800 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +2

While it's possible to start the quest after main quest 3-1, one can't complete it until the Angel of Valhalla becomes Lightning's steed. After entering the sheep pen in Aryas Village the sheep escape and wander farther then on their first excursion. Approaching the sheep while riding the chocobo shepherds them back to the pen. Once all three flocks are inside the pen talking to Dr. Sheep earns Creamy Sheep Milk. Talking to Millie near the other sheep pen concludes the quest.

Chocobo CheerEdit

Quest Begins
Nadia of Jagd Village tells Lightning about a rare medicinal herb that works well on chocobos. It is called Yeul's flower, and she has heard that some specimens are blooming near the ruined city to the east. The flower starts to lose its potency almost from the moment it is picked. The Angel of Valhalla should be taken to the flower, rather than the other way around.
Entry 1
It appears the Yeul's flower does have the power to cure chocobos. Nadia, the girl who told Lightning about the flower, said she wanted to check something. It is time to bring the Angel of Valhalla to Jagd Village and thank Nadia in person for her advice.
Quest Complete
Nadia was trying to find out if her chocobo really could talk. It seemed like her little stratagem had failed—until suddenly, the chocobo actually spoke! The encouraging words of the chocobo inspire Nadia, and her soul is saved. ...Perhaps it is lucky only Lightning glimpses the figure of Lyla hiding behind the chocobo.
Entry 2
In the days that follow...
It was not the chocobo that spoke to Nadia in the woods. No, it was the meddling young girl Lyla, who used ventriloquism to trick Nadia. However, Lightning heard much more than what Lyla claims to have said. Maybe chocobos really can talk. In which case, wouldn't it be better that Nadia not know about Lyla's little trick?
Entry 3
Lightning checks in on young Nadia. Can chocobos really talk? Nadia thought so once, but now she thinks, maybe it doesn't matter. The words she heard were kind and encouraging, and gave her strength when she needed it. That is what counts in the end. Does it really matter if it was the chocobo or a human who spoke them?
Requirements: Available after completing main quest 3-1 The Angel of Valhalla, between 6 AM and 10 PM.
First Time Reward: 300 gil, Golden Flower, Chocobo Chick, Max HP +80, Magic +6
Subsequent Rewards: 450 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

While the quest can be started after main quest 3-1, Lightning cannot do the quest until she can ride the Angel of Valhalla. Nadia, a woman in the chocobo pen of Jagd Village, wants to help the Angel of Valhalla by finding a flower in City of Ruins on the eastern side of the Wildlands (near to the spot where Angel of Valhalla was originally discovered), but it doesn't matter which Yeul's Flower the chocobo eats. There is one in the easternmost end of City of Ruins, one in Jagd Woods, and one west of Aryas Village.

Angel of Valhalla should eat the flower, and Lightning must be riding on chocobo when she returns to the client. Talking to her completes the quest.

Peace and Quiet, KupoEdit

Quest Begins
Lightning finds a moogle village deep in Jagd Woods—and just in the nick of time, as it turns out, as their peaceful existence is under attack by menacing Dryads. Monster slaying? Sounds like the perfect job for Lightning.
Entry 1
Their village saved from the menace, the delighted moogles begin to celebrate. Drawn by the festivities, the village chief appears—and makes Lightning start in surprise. The chief is none other than Serah's old faithful companion, of whom neither hide nor hair has been seen for 500 years! It should be a happy reunion, but for some reason, Mog turns and flees from Lightning. What has gotten into him?
Quest Complete
On that day 500 years ago, Mog was unable to save Serah, and he became ashamed to show his face to her sister. But Lightning tells Mog that one day Serah will return, and when she does, she will need someone familiar to welcome her back. Someone like Mog, for example. Mog is filled with joy fit to burst his bobble when he hears her say that.
Requirements: Available between 7 PM and 6 AM
First Time Rewards: 555 gil, Moogle Fragment, Mog Figurine, Max HP +60, Strength +7, Magic +7, Recovery Item Capacity +1
Second Time Rewards: 999 gil, Moogle Fragment, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +2, Recovery Item Capacity +1
Subsequent Rewards: 999 gil, Moogle Fragment, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +2

Moogle Village is situated within Jagd Woods and the blue vines barring the path there part after 7 PM. After talking to the moogles in the middle the village is invaded by Dryads. After felling the monsters, Lightning talks to the moogles again and Mog appears. He flies off to the southeastern corner of the village, and catching up with him and talking to him concludes the quest.

Saving an AngelEdit


The quest begins.

Quest Begins
Thanks to the desperate efforts of Dr. Gysahl and his staff, the Angel of Valhalla is out of immediate danger. But now he needs food to regain his strength. It is time to see if Lightning really is the chosen one. She must take the gysahl green from the doctor and try feeding it to the proud chocobo.
Entry 1
The angel recognizes Lightning as his true master, and refuses to accept food from any other hand. Lightning must take charge of his recovery, for when he regains his strength, he will be able to take her to the temple where the great Chaos lies. The Angel of Valhalla needs milk, food, and medicine. Perhaps Lightning should start by talking to the villagers of Canopus Farms.
Quest Complete
The Angel of Valhalla has undergone a miraculous recovery, and he is strong enough to carry Lightning across the Wildlands. It is a vision that Dr. Gysahl has been chasing since his daughter died, and to see it—why, it is enough to save his soul. But the Angel of Valhalla is still not fully recovered. Lightning needs to keep nursing him and find more food and medicine.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Complete main quest 3-1 The Angel of Valhalla
First Time Rewards: 1200 gil, White Chocobo Chick, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +8.
Subsequent Rewards: 1500 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

After talking to Dr. Gysahl after saving the Angel of Valhalla from the Chocobo Eater, Lightning is tasked with feeding it to nurse it back to health. Dr. Gysahl gives Lightning Gysahl Greens to feed to the bird, and afterward explains Lightning must find foodstuffs and medicine for the chocobo.

Feeding Angel of Valhalla just the items from obtainable from the Canopus Farms won't be enough for him to recover; Lightning must find at least one other item from one of the possible options.

Healing the chocobo completes the quest and the bird becomes Lightning's steed.

Omega PointEdit

Quest Begins
In the Wildlands is the Omega Point, the location where the Chaos first burst into the world 500 years ago. At a nearby camp, scientists conduct a research mission that most of the world has forgotten. In the difficult, inhospitable terrain, there are many areas beyond the reach of the scientists—but not for Lightning and her healthy chocobo. Lightning should help the dogged scientists solve the many mysteries that surround the Omega Point.
Entry 1
Lightning should use the data recorder given to her by the research leader to extract data from the downed airship. Checking out four pieces of airship wreckage should give the researcher enough to work on.
Entry 2
The data indicator blinks on—which means Lightning has extracted enough data from the wreckage. It is time to return to the Research Camp and hand over the data to the research leader.
Quest Complete
The data that Lightning collected contains a recording of the doomed airship pilot, describing the figure of a mysterious girl in the Chaos. What exactly did the pilot see, in those final moments? More mysteries—but for the first time in years, the research leader has new data to work with.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after completing main quest 3-2 Healing an Angel, and Angel of Valhalla must be able to glide
First Time Rewards: 1600 gil, Aerial Guard's Badge, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +6
Subsequent Rewards: 2400 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

After Angel of Valhalla can glide, talking to the research leader in the Research Camp while riding the chocobo triggers a quest where he asks Lightning to find scattered pieces of an airship wreckage. She receives the Data Recorder.

There are five machines to use recorder on, but Lightning only needs four:

  • Northwest from Research Camp atop a pillar.
  • The northeast corner of Eremite Plains.
  • The northwest corner of Eremite Plains, behind the crashed airship.
  • Southern Eremite Plains on an elevated ground.
  • Western Eremite Plains on an of elevated ground.

After using the recorder on four pieces of the wreckage, returning it to the research leader completes the quest.

The Old Man and the FieldEdit

Quest Begins
An old man's tantal greens or the gysahl greens of Canopus Farms—which are better? Lightning should collect some gysahl greens from Sarala in Canopus Farms and help the old man settle this burning question. If she does, he promises, he will let Lightning use his field as she pleases.
Quest Complete
Lightning hands over the gysahl greens to the old man, who needs but a single bite to pass judgment. He declares that Sarala's produce is superior to his own, and therefore the best in all Wildlands. The old man seems strangely happy to have lost the contest. Could he have some connection to Sarala and her father, Cole?
Requirements: Available after completing A Father's Request, planting and harvesting Gysahl Greens from Canopus Farms and planting and harvesting Tantal Greens from the Research Camp field
First Time Rewards: 500 gil, Yellow-rimmed Glasses, Max HP +40, Strength +6
Subsequent Rewards: 750 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +4

After completing A Father's Request and harvesting Gysahl Greens at the Canopus Farms, talking to the old man in the Research Camp lets Lightning plant some Vegetable Seeds to the patches in the camp. After twelve hours the Tantal Greens are ripe for plucking and the client wants to taste a Gysahl Green from Canopus Farms. Giving him one completes the quest.

Land of Our ForebearsEdit

Quest Begins
The wandering man was in fact Cole, Sarala's father, who faked his own death to force Sarala to become more independent. Hearing the story, Lightning is reminded of another man she has met—the grumpy old farmer over at the Research Camp. Didn't he seem to have a special interest in Sarala and her father?
Entry 1
The grumpy old man growing gysahl greens at the research camp turns out to be Cole's father. Though both father and grandfather are still alive, Sarala has been left all alone. The grandfather regrets causing Sarala pain, and decides that the three generations should come together again. Lightning should head back to Canopus Farms and invite Sarala to the reunion.
Entry 2
Lightning tells Sarala that someone is waiting to meet her at Aryas. Sarala does not yet know that that 'someone' is her father and grandfather, both of whom she believes are dead. It will be an emotional reunion—Lightning should head to Chef Aryas's place in Aryas Village and see the tale through to its conclusion.
Quest Complete
Cole wanted to go on a journey to find his lost wife. He faked his death so that Sarala could finally become independent of him. But now both he and his own father acknowledge that their way was too cruel, and apologize to Sarala. The three generations of the family, reunited after many years, celebrate with a feast served by Chef Aryas. But Lightning cannot linger--her own search for family is not yet over.
Difficulty: ★★★
Requirements: Available after completing The Old man and The Field, between 9 AM and 10 PM
First Time Rewards: 3500 gil, Pink-rimmed Glasses, Max HP +150, Strength +12, Magic +10
Subsequent Rewards: 5200 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +10, Magic +4

Approaching the Aryas Chef in Aryas Village triggers the quest. Lightning must head for the Research Camp and talk to Stubborn Old Man, then head for Canopus Farms and speak with Sarala. Returning to Aryas village and approaching the chef finishes the quest.

A Taste of the PastEdit

Quest Begins
In Aryas Village, a master chef is anxious to work his culinary magic, but cannot until he has the right ingredients. For his special recipe, the chef needs three drops of vibrant ooze and six moonsoul blooms. Both are fairly easy to find—vibrant ooze, for example, can be harvested from Miniflan. On the other hand, the chef's legendary recipe is a greater challenge, which requires two rocky crag moles and two Aryas apples.
Entry 1
Lightning has received Chef Aryas's mystical meal, served up especially for ailing chocobos. It will be sure to give the Angel of Valhalla a boost of energy. To complete the quest, Lightning must also deliver to Chef Aryas the ingredients he needs to make his "legendary recipe."
Quest Complete
Chef Aryas's dish is known as the legendary NORA Special—the name of the daily special that was served at Serah's favorite hangout back on the original Cocoon. Somehow, one of the recipes has survived a thousand years out here in the Wildlands. For Lightning, the aroma brings back a flood of memories of her sister and their old life together.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after completing main quest 3-1 The Angel of Valhalla, between 9 AM and 10 PM.
First Time Rewards: 1200 gil, Ripe Apple, Crystal Apple, Max HP +80, Strength +2, Magic +6
Subsequent Rewards: 1800 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

While the quest can be started after the main quest 3-1 is complete, Lightning cannot complete it until her chocobo can glide.

The chef can prepare two dishes:

  • The special recipe with Vibrant Ooze x3 and Moonsoul Bloom x6 to make Mystical Meal. Vibrant Oozes are dropped by Miniflan. Moonsoul Blooms are glowing blue flowers that grow on the Wildlands between 6 PM and 6 AM.
  • The legendary recipe with Rocky Crag Mole x2 and Aryas Apple x2 makes "a NORA Special". Rocky Crag Moles are found in six spots in Rocky Crag area of the Wildlands, and Aryas Apple is found on two elevated grounds west and east from Aryas Village.

Both recipes yield one unit of Mystical Meal, but doing the second recipe completes the quest. Afterwards, the player can continue to cook more Mystical Meals with Vibrant Ooze and Moonsoul Blooms.

Dog, Doctor and AssistantEdit

Quest Begins
Dr. Gysahl's assistant Thirteen has prescribed medicine for a sickly dog. A doctor called Tilda is looking after the dog over in the Research Camp, but she's missing key ingredients to make the cure. Specifically, she needs four dayring blossoms, two moonsoul blooms, and five clumps of goopy goo. Goopy goo can be harvested from Triffids.
Entry 1
Tilda brews a batch of animal potion according to Thirteen's instructions, and the dog makes a complete recovery. Lightning should head to Canopus Farms and tell Thirteen that the medicine she prescribed worked like a charm.
Quest Complete
Thirteen and Seven have served Dr. Gysahl faithfully for many years, but during all this time, he has steadfastly refused to remember their names. Thirteen could not help but think it was because she was so poor at her job, and deserved no better. However, the real reason was that the doctor feared getting too close to anyone as he had lost so many friends and loved ones over the centuries. When the doctor suddenly calls his assistant by her real name, Claudia is thrilled. Finally, she has the confidence to be the veterinarian that she dreams of becoming.
Requirements: Available after completing main quest 3-2 Healing an Angel
First Time Rewards: 500 gil, Orange Newsboy Cap, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +4
Subsequent Rewards: 750 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

At the Research Camp Lightning meets Thirteen, Dr. Gysahl's assistant with a white-and-orange hat. Thirteen and Tilda are tending to an injured dog and need Lightning to gather ingredients for a medicine. To get the four Dayring Blossoms, Lightning must find them growing around the plains between 6 AM and 6 PM. To get the two Moonsoul Blooms, Lightning must look for glowing flowers growing around the plains between 6 PM and 6 AM. The five Goopy Goos can be obtained from Triffids.

After gathering the ingredients and giving them to Tilda, the woman with yellow bow in her hair, Lightning receives an Animal Potion. Tilda now becomes the client for the quest "Matchmaker". Tilda can continue making Animal Potions if Lightning brings her the required ingredients. Talking to Thirteen back at Canopus Farms between 7 AM and 8 PM completes the quest.

The Right StuffEdit


Hunter Hopeful.

Quest Begins
At the entrance to the Jagd Woods, Lightning is waylaid by a young hunter hopeful. He offers a deal—if she can defeat certain monsters, he will give her chocobo feed. Lightning simply has to hunt down some Miniflan, collect six samples of vibrant ooze, and deliver them to the hunter.
Quest Complete
It turns out that the rookie hunter had to fight the monsters as part of his trial to join the band of Jagd hunters, But Lightning has gone and done the work for him. Lightning is annoyed that she helped him cheat, but annoyance turns to admiration when she learns that this was his 102nd attempt. That, she concedes, is a sign of serious dedication.
Requirements: Complete 3-1 The Angel of Valhalla main quest.
First Time Rewards: 300 gil, Chocobo Feather Pin, Max HP +40, Strength +4, Magic +2 (+ a Mystical Meal, although it doesn't say it in the rewards screen)
Subsequent Rewards: 450 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +4

The Hopeful Hunter is found southwest of the Grasslands area, at the entrance to the Jagd Woods. Lightning needs to give him six Vibrant Oozes, obtained from the Miniflan, to complete the quest.

The Secret Lives of SheepEdit

Quest Begins
Outside of Aryas Village, biologist Cornelia is risking her life to investigate the mating habits of wild Fuzzy Sheep. If Lightning were to shadow the sheep in her stead, she would have a better chance of fighting off the monsters and solving the mystery of the Fuzzy Sheep nesting grounds.
Entry 1
According to Cornelia, each night the sheep head to the massive ruin atop Aryas Hill. First, Lightning needs to protect the sheep from monsters during their journey. Once they are safe, she should investigate their nesting grounds.
Quest Complete
When Cornelia lays eyes on the object Lightning found, she makes the stunning declaration that it is a Fuzzy Sheep's egg! Apparently, the sheep were returning to their nesting grounds to incubate their eggs. Cornelia will look after the egg from now on. The savior has already contributed enough to the scientific discovery of the century.
Difficulty: ★★★
Requirements: Available after completing the "Round 'Em Up" quest, between 6 PM and 6 AM
First Time Rewards: 3200 gil, Cool Glasses, Max HP +120, Strength +10, Magic +12
Subsequent Rewards: 4800 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +10

Cornelia found south from Aryas Village wants to find out where the Fuzzy Sheep go at night and enlists Lightning's help. She needs to escort the sheep and kill any approaching enemies. The Sheep will stop inside the dome on Aryas Hill Ruins where the "Talk" prompt appears over the sheep, giving Lightning the Mystery Egg. This completes the quest.

As an added bonus, if Lightning catches up with Cornelia later, she is shown beside the sheep hatched from the egg. She goes on to say that she will keep the information about the sheep coming from eggs to herself, so that researchers and other people will not disrupt the breeding of the sheep.

Where Are You, Moogle?Edit

Quest Begins
Deep in the Jagd Woods lies a village inhabited by moogles. There, Moggel has realized that three of his fellow moogles left ten days ago and failed to return. They must not be allowed to die out there in the forest alone—it's up to Lightning to find the lost moogles!
Entry 1
The moogles of the village sleep during the day, so Lightning needs to search at night if she is to find the lost moogles. Into the thick of Jagd Woods she must go, and bring Moglin, Moglen and Mogtha safely back home.
Entry 2
Lightning finds the lost moogles wandering in the woods. She has sent them flying back to the moogle village, and she has a string arm—so they should be safe. But it might be a good idea to drop by the village and check, just in case.
Quest Complete
Thanks to Lightning, the three lost moogles are back safe and sound in the village. It turns out that it was Moggel himself who left them out in the woods, after he went ahead to chase the scent of honey and then completely forgot about them. Lightning gives Moggel a scolding, and the message appears to sink in. Moggel vows to protect his moogle friends more carefully in the future.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after completing "Peace and Quiet, Kupo", between 7 PM and 7 AM
First Time Rewards: 1300 gil, Mog Mask, Retro Mog Mask, Max HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +8
Subsequent Rewards: 2000 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

Moggel is a moogle with red bandanna in Moogle Village amid Jagd Woods, who wants Lightning to find his three lost friends. The moogles appear between 6 PM 6 AM and are marked on the minimap with orange dots. One moogle is in the northern edge of Jagd Village. Another is on the first forest clearing of the woods. Another one is on the pathway connecting the fourth and fifth clearings right before the closed-off blue vines. After having found them all talking to Moggel back at the Moogle Village completes the quest.

Mercy of a GoddessEdit

Quest Begins
In the village of Poltae, a man suffers under the heavy burden of a curse. Taleb is his name, and he believes death is the only way to escape the pain. But will Cardesia's potion really give him what he wants?
Entry 2
The Angel of Valhalla appears strong enough to take Lightning by the shortcut from Jagd to Poltae. The potion that can cute Taleb will lose all its potency in only 45 minutes. Can Lightning beat the clock and reach Taleb in time?
Quest Complete
Taleb is the man who killed Cardesia's lover. Laid low by his debilitating illness, he could only wait for Cardesia to extract her revenge with a brew of poison. However, Cardesia's cure heals him completely. He believed that death would bring him peace and atonement. But instead of the goddess's mercy, he receives forgiveness—a much harder gift to bear.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after completing "A Final Cure"
First Time Rewards: 1600 gil, Delicious Mushroom, Max HP +80, Strength +8
Subsequent Rewards: 2400 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +8

While the quest can be started after doing main quest "3-1 The Angel of Valhalla", and doing and completing "A Final Cure", Lightning requires Angel of Valhalla to glide to complete this one. In Poltae, there is a man lying on the ground, who mumbles on about Cardesia. In Jagd village, Cardesia is the one manning the chocobo apothecary and picking second choice when talking to her obtains Cardesia's Cure. There is a of 45-minute time limit on in-game clock to return to Taleb in Poltae. If Lightning is too late, the elixir evaporates and she must return to Cardesia for another one. The best way to Poltae is to glide over the ravine on the north and rush to Poltae to give the medicine to complete the quest.

The Grail of ValhallaEdit

Quest Begins
In the village of Poltae, Lightning encounters Professor Lathom, a scholar who is searching for something called the grail of Valhalla. If Lightning truly is the chosen one, then she and the angel may be the only ones who can find it for him. Hint: Lightning must find the two sets of glyphs inside the temple to decode the legend of the grail.
Entry 1
Lightning brings the ancient glyphs to Professor Lathom and he deciphers them: "Borne by wings of white, the chosen one flies, "cross heaven's path to where the sacred vessel lies." It appears that the monument on the way to the temple points the way to this Heaven's Path. Lightning should head toward the temple with the Angel of Valhalla and search for traces of the grail.
Entry 2
Taken by the Angel of Valhalla down Heaven's Path, Lightning finds a rusted shard of metal. Perhaps it is a clue to finding the grail of Valhalla. She should show the artifact to Professor Lathom, back in the village of Poltae. He might know what it means.
Quest Complete
Professor Lathom restores the grail of Valhalla and entrusts it to Lightning. He has found the answer that he spent his entire career as a historian searching for. He tells Lightning that his real goal was not the grail. Rather, it was the holy servant, Lightning herself, who he truly wanted to find.
Difficulty: ★★★
Requirements: None
First Time Rewards: 3800 gil, Sacred Knight, Crest of Etro, Max HP +150, Strength +10, Magic +16
Subsequent Rewards: 5700 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +10

Although the quest can be started anytime the Angel of Valhalla must be able to glide to retrieve Goddess Glyphs and Chaos Glyphs from the Temple of the Goddess by examining two lithographs inside: on in Hall of Avarice area, and one in War's Cage: Highest Level. After collecting these, Lightning must hand them over to Professor Lathom near the inn in Poltae, and then examine four lithographs located in the village.

  • Lightning must climb the path to south end of Poltae and examine the first lithograph.
  • Lightning must jump north over the gap to the next platform and examine the second lithograph and receive a Plate Metal Fragment.
  • Lightning must jump west over the gap to the next platform and examine the third lithograph and receive a Silvered Metal Fragment.
  • Lightning must jump north over the gap to the next platform, dismount the chocobo, climb the ladder, turn right and examine the fourth lithograph and receive Gold Metal Fragment.

Returning to the professor concludes the quest.

To Live in ChaosEdit

Quest Begins
The entire village of Canopus Farms has been swallowed by a Chaos infusion. The villagers are forced to abandon their home, leaving behind the chocobos that were under Dr. Gysahl's care. Odin, in his incarnation as the Angel of Valhalla, cries out as he leaps into the Chaos to help his trapped friends. Inside awaits his mortal foe—the dreaded Chocobo Eater.
Quest Complete
Together, Lightning and Odin defeat the Chocobo Eater. However, it is too late for the chocobos who were slain by their mortal foe. Odin cries out to the heavens, as if calling out to his dead comrades. That is when Lightning sees a vision of the chocobo's past self—the faithful companion who stood by her side in countless battles.
Difficulty: ★★★
Requirements: Available after completing main quest "3-3 Where the Chaos Sleeps"
First Time Rewards: 4200 gil, Gagnrad, Odin's Horn, Max HP +150, Strength +16, Magic +12
Subsequent Rewards: 6300 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +12, Magic +4

At the Wildlands train station two men discuss Canopus Farms being under attack. As Lightning approaches Canopus Farms she sees it is trapped in a Chaos infusion and talking to Dr. Gysahl outside the farm triggers the quest. While the Chaos infusion is there Anubyses spawn on the plains. The Canopus Farms shops are unavailable during this time, so if Lightning needs restorative items, she can buy them from Poltae or from the traveling merchants (Mom and Pop's Store) around the Grasslands; they sometimes stop outside the entrance to Jagd Woods.

Within the Chaos infusion Lightning must slay a Chaos Chocobo Eater. Lightning can preempt it to reduce its HP by 25% right off the bat. Defeating the Chocobo Eater completes the quest.

Killing TimeEdit

Quest Begins
In the village of Poltae, a man stands gazing out toward the temple of the goddess, awaiting the end of the world. His only wish before he dies is to see the Angel of Valhalla take wing across the chasm and reach the entrance of the temple.
Quest Complete
The man waiting for the end of the world has seen the Angel of Valhalla fly to the temple's gate. It is the fulfillment of his final wish. The savior has saved another soul.
Requirements: Available after the Angel of Valhalla reaches Lv. 2 (by feeding him) and he gains the ability to glide.
First Time Rewards: 100 gil, White Chocobo Figurine, Max HP +30, Magic +3
Subsequent Rewards: 150 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +2

The Waiting Man in Poltae village wants to see Angel of Valhalla take flight toward the temple of the goddess. He stands on the cliff where the chocobo takes off. Simply jumping to the next platforms and gliding by holding the jump button, completes the quest after reaching the far side. This is the only sidequest that can be fulfilled without talking to the quest-giver first.


Quest Begins
Tilda, the doctor based at the Research Camp, wants to give Dr. Sheep some ingredients as a present—but she cannot find them herself. She needs four moonsoul blooms, two rocky crag moles, and five strips of green leather. Green leather can be collected from Goblins.
Entry 1
Ingredients in hand, Tilda heads straight to Dr. Sheep. Lightning did not really think he was the type to attract such devotion. But then again, it didn't seem that Tilda was looking for love, exactly. Maybe Lightning should go to Aryas and see for herself how the meeting goes.
Quest Complete
It turns out that Dr. Sheep is none other than Tilda's long-lost brother, Deatt. Lightning thought she was serving as matchmaker for a smitten young woman—but in fact, she has helped bring together a brother and sister who have been separated for centuries, ever since the Chaos first poured into the world.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after completing quests "Dog, Doctor and Assistant", and "Round 'Em Up"
First Time Rewards: 1600 gil, Yellow Ribbon, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +6
Subsequent Rewards: 2400 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +3

Tilda at the Research Camp needs Moonsoul Bloom x4 (found all over Wildlands between 6 PM and 6AM), Rocky Crag Mole x2 (found at six spots in Rocky Crag; gliding chocobo needed), and Green Leather x5 from Goblins. After giving her the items, Tilda heads to Aryas Village to talk to Dr. Sheep, and to complete the quest, Lightning must follow and speak with the doctor in the sheep pen.

Mother and DaughterEdit

Quest Begins
As usual, Brella is hanging out on the road near Wildlands Station. But when Lightning approaches her, she seems sadder than usual. She tells Lightning about a dog she once had called Clove. She adored the animal like her own daughter: together they made a family. But then, one terrible day, Clove disappeared. It happened quite recently. Perhaps there is a chance that Lightning can find the dog.
Entry 1
The lost dog that Tilda is caring for at the Research Camp turns out to be female—no one thought to check!—and she seems very comfortable with people. Lightning realizes that she might have been someone's pet. Not only that, Brella back at the Wildlands Station is missing her own dog. Could this be Brella's beloved Clove?
Quest Complete
Thanks to Lightning's quick thinking, Brella is reunited with her beloved dog, Clove. What kind of adventures has Clove been up to, while she was separated from Brella? Where has she been? It matters not. Though they cannot speak to each other, the pair enjoy a bond as deep and strong as any shared by mother and daughter.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after completing main quest "3-1 The Angel of Valhalla", between 6 AM and 10 PM
First Time Rewards: 1200 gil, Leopard Tail, Max HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +4
Subsequent Rewards: 1800 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +3, Magic +6

Brella is a woman outside the train station. While the quest can be started early, it takes a while to complete it. Lightning must complete "Dog, Doctor and Assistant", and talk to Tilda again to get a scene with the dog. Returning to Brella completes the quest.

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