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An area of wild and untamed wilderness remains in this dying world.
The fourth continent of Nova Chrysalia. The Wildlands contain remnants of the sprawling natural wilderness that once existed in Gran Pulse. Beasts run free here, and the people live a hardy life of self sufficiency. Behind the lush and bountiful appearance of this region however, the spread of Chaos is unusually aggressive here.

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The Wildlands is a location from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It is the last place with the flora and fauna of Gran Pulse, which remained through the slow decay of Nova Chrysalia after its birth 500 years ago. It is located on the former site of Academia, and thus contains its remains, as well as the remains of Valhalla. The people who dwell on the Wildlands do not follow the teachings of the Order of Salvation, and grow their own food, unwilling to rely on handouts from the fal'Cie Pandaemonium.

Lightning can come to the Wildlands on the monorail either from the Luxerion South Station or from the Dead Dunes. After the Major Route has been opened, Lightning can also cross on foot from Luxerion.


An island of untamed wilderness where the grandeur of nature still survives, and many fierce monsters roam. The people of the wildlands are those who have grown weary of city life, or those seeking to escape the Order's influence. They live independently from the rest of the world, surviving directly off the land.
This area was ground zero when the Chaos first flooded into the world from Valhalla, and it is here that you will find the temple of the goddess of death, transported from that other dimension. Before it stand a village inhabited by those who worship Etro.
Near to the station is the farming village of Canopus Farms, famous for its fresh produce. Aryas Village to the south, raises Fuzzy Sheep, and in the woods of Jagd live chocobo-riding hunters. There is also a small camp of some kind in the northeast.
Jagd Woods
In the lush Jagd Woods stand the village of a hunting band and their faithful chocobo steeds. The forest is thick with monsters who prefer to live in the dark and shadowy places, and so it is the band's main hunting ground.
Rumors also so have it that a village of legendary creature called moogles lies somewhere deep in the forest. Some even claim to have seen the adorable creatures, fluttering through the forest at night like stuffed toys with wings.
The temple of the goddess and the great Chaos
A cursed temple that stands in the north of the Wildlands, beneath which, it is said, lies the great Chaos.
The temple is not a thing of this world. It is an artifact which appeared from Valhalla, the realm of the dead goddess Etro, when the Chaos flooded through the gate. Could it offer some further understanding of the destruction that afflicts the world?
The Angel of Valhalla is meant to carry the chosen one to the temple of the goddess—that is what the legends say. Lightning heard a voice telling her as much when she arrived here. It seems like too great of a coincidence to mean nothing.


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So this is where it began. The beginning of the end.

Lightning commenting on the Wildlands

Wildlands is where the Chaos first erupted into Gran Pulse. The exact location is now known as Omega Point and is being researched by a group of researchers who have set up a camp on the eastern Eremite Plains. Wildlands is the former site of Academia, its ruins still strewn about the area.

As soon as Lightning arrives on the train she hears a mysterious voice emanating from the Chaos itself, telling her to seek the 'Angel of Valhalla'. It turns out to be a legendary white chocobo, and as she searches for it, Hope tells her about a 'great Chaos' hidden beneath the Temple of the Goddess. It is supposedly the source of the world's destruction, Lightning commenting that she met the unseen Chaos once in the past when she was brought to Valhalla. She is led to Canopus Farms where the villagers direct her to the eastern ruins in search of the legendary chocobo.

Lightning is tasked with nursing the white chocobo back to health.

She finds the chocobo under attacked from a Chocobo Eater, and saves the bird. She feels a peculiar connection to the creature she cannot explain, and the injured chocobo is taken to Canopus Farms for medical attention. Since it only reacts to Lightning, she is tasked with nurturing the chocobo back to health. She brings it food and medicine until it recovers. Lightning can then ride the Angel of Valhalla to explore the Wildlands.

Lightning encounters Sazh Katzroy who is taking care of his son, Dajh, who fell asleep after his soul was separated from him when the Chaos merged Gran Pulse with Valhalla. Lumina has given Sazh the coffer of souls to collect Dajh's soul fragments to wake him up, but Sazh has been unable to find single one of the fragments. Lightning is saddened to see her former comrade so downcast and sets out to find Dajh's soul fragments herself. Returning with the pieces, Sazh is overjoyed, but soon finds he cannot open the coffer and Dajh is still asleep. Lumina explains Dajh is afraid of waking because of Sazh's scary expression, and the chocobo chick pecks some sense into him. Sazh picks up a toy airship and races the chocobo chick around the room with it, and Dajh awakes wanting to join in on the fun. The happiness of seeing his son awake saves Sazh's soul.

In Jagd Woods, Lightning comes across a moogle village whose headman is Mog, the same moogle Lightning sent to Serah's side with Noel Kreiss while she was fighting in Valhalla. Mog attempts to run, but Lightning greets him with kindness. She protects the village from the Dryads that threaten the moogles and cheers Mog up by telling him Serah still needs him and asks him to be there when Serah awakes, in case she will be unable to. A rejoiced Mog tries to hug Lightning, but she, not used to overt displays of affection, flicks him away.

The remains of Etro's temple lie on the edge of the Wildlands, where a cultists' encampment, known as Poltae, lies, where the Children of Etro banished from Luxerion live. Paddra Nsu-Yeul has been freed of her power to see the future, but her being has been splintered among her numerous incarnations. Her various selves reside within the temple alongside her Guardian, Caius Ballad, now a being of Chaos. With the Angel of Valhalla healed Lightning flies her steed to the temple where Yeul asks her to save free Caius from his suffering. Caius explains he is beyond Lightning's power to save, however, and though the two do battle and Lightning emerges victorious, Caius cannot be saved, as the Yeuls are not of one mind: some of them want to help him and end his suffering, while others wish for him to always remain by their side.

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Monorail Station[]

Train Station.

The station is carved into the mountainside. The monorail goes to Luxerion South Station and the Dead Dunes. There are some smashable boxes in the station building that may have some medals or Vegetable Seeds. The place is a Warp Point for the Teleport EP ability. It houses the Canvas of Prayers.

The Grasslands[]

Wide open plains stretching in the middle of the Wildlands. The Canopus Farms are in the middle, and the monorail station to the north. The Grasslands connect many of the sub-locations of the Wildlands.

Canopus Farms[]

Canopus Farms.

Small settlement known to produce the best gysahl greens, chocobos' favorite food. In the middle of the grasslands, the village is Lightning's first destination during the Wildlands main quest, easily spotted by its large wind turbine. Dr. Gysahl, a chocobo expert, resides here. The village has many shops for Lightning to recuperate and restock.

The village was founded by Garrett among a band of others, but by the time Lightning visits the village Garrett is the only one left. He is trying his best to ease everyone's burdens, and thus prays for the Angel of Valhalla. After finding fertilizer and doing a quest, Lightning can grow Gysahl Greens here that take six hours to grow.

City of Ruins[]

The City of Ruins.

The remains of the city of Academia. A Yeul's Flower blooms in the northeastern corner.

Aryas Village[]

Aryas Village.

The village in the southern part of the Wildlands best known for its sheep farm. The villagers lodge in tents. The village chef is renowned for his dishes, but often struggles to find the right ingredients. There is a soul seed trader here. The village is a Warp Point for the Teleport EP ability. The Aryas Hill ruin in the south of the Wildlands is the remains of the skylit reception area of Academia HQ.

Jagd Woods[]

A spiraling woods to the west of the Wildlands. Many items can be found within, but the mushrooms only grow on certain times of the day. Home to many monsters. A Yeul's Flower blooms amid a northern clearing. Different mushrooms grow here during night and day, and Lightning can also find fertilizer among specific spots.

Jagd Village[]


A village deep in the Jagd Woods inhabited by hunters and famous for its chocobos. The villagers consider chocobos valuable and as their best friends, and thus will refuse to sell them, although many seek to buy some. The village has a chocobo apothecary, an outfitters and a sorcery shop. Jagd Village is a Warp Point for the Teleport EP ability.

Rocky Crag[]

Crystal Pillar Remains.

The impact site of the crystal pillar that once held Cocoon above Gran Pulse.

Moogle Village[]

Moogle Village.

The last home of the moogles. The entrance to the village is open only between 7 PM and 7 AM. By bringing Vegetable Seeds with her, Lightning can plant them to the middle of the village to grow Sylkis Greens that take a day to grow.


Poltae, with the Temple of the Goddess in the background.

The village in the ruins of Valhalla at the base of the Temple of the Goddess. The Children of Etro live here, having been cast out of the major cities for not following the Order's teachings. The village is situated in the rocky grounds of Rocky Crag.

Research Camp[]

On the northern Wildlands is a research camp where a group of scientists are stationed to investigate the Omega Point: the point where all the Chaos from the unseen realm poured forth from Etro's gate and forever changed the world. There is a small vegetable patch here where Lightning can grow Tantal Greens that take twelve hours to grow after having harvested some Gysahl Greens in the Canopus Farms. This location is a Warp Point for the Teleport EP ability.

Eremite Plains[]

The northern area of the Wildlands. This desolate area is where the Researchers are stationed. This is the origin where the Chaos broke through from Valhalla. Airship wrecks and machinery debris litter the plains. Sazh has taken up residence in the northernmost fallen airship.

Temple of the Goddess[]

Temple of the Goddess.

The temple of the dead goddess Etro, now inhabited by Caius and the Yeuls, and surrounded by a settlement belonging to the Children of Etro.


LRFFXIII Wildlands Map.png


Unlike the other areas, Wildlands has two main quests: to locate the Angel of Valhalla and nurse him to full health and ride him to the Temple of the Goddess to solve the mystery of the Great Chaos; and to collect Dajh Katzroy's soul fragments, a quest that takes Lightning all around Nova Chrysalia. The area's sidequests include reuniting a family of vegetable farmers, saving Moogle Village from monster attack and locating wayward moogles, and collecting various items from all around the Wildlands—some of which only appear during certain times of day—as ingredients for various meals and medicines.


There are many different shops that appear throughout the Wildlands.

Forge (Rare)[]

The possible locations for Forge (Rare) on the Wildlands, is in the Jagd Village, Moogle Village's entrance, Near the southernmost wreckage in Grasslands, Eremite Plains; northwest, near the path that leads west, and on the slope southwest of Aryas Village.


  • Aerora Lv. 2 (end of path when taking ladder near Poltae's entrance)
  • Aryas Apple (elevated areas near Aryas Village; requires gliding)
  • Beggar's Beads (upper levels of Poltae, before ladder leading to temple)
  • Blizzara Lv. 2 (South of Research Camp. Gliding is required)
  • Broken Gyroscope (treasure sphere outside northern crashed airship. Gliding required)
  • Chocoborel (Jagd Woods between 6 AM and 6 PM)
  • Crimm Mushroom (southeastern corner of Moogle Village between 7 PM and 7 AM. Rocky Crag close to Eremite Plains)
  • Dayring Blossom (in following locations between 6 AM to 6 PM: The Grasslands, Ravine Path, Eremite Plains, Canopus Farms, City of Ruins, Aryas Climb)
  • Etro's Forbidden Tome (on porch of a building in Poltae)
  • Fira Lv. 2 (Aryas Hill Ruin, east from major route to Dead Dunes)
  • Flamebane Choker (treasure sphere on elevated area east of Aryas Village. Gliding required)
  • Forest Fertilizer (various locations in Jagd Woods. Marked with shovels)
  • Gold Metal Fragment (examine plaques around Poltae)
  • Healer's Lore (treasure sphere in Moogle Village; gliding required)
  • Imp's Crest (treasure sphere in woods next to Canopus Farms)
  • Key to the Green Gate (treasure sphere south of Aryas Village, in front of large piece of ruin)
  • Luminous Mushroom (Jagd Woods between 6 PM and 6 AM)
  • Moogle Dust (treasure sphere in Moogle Village between 7 PM and 7 AM)
  • Moonsoul Bloom (in following locations between 6 PM and 6 AM: The Grasslands, Ravine Path, Eremite Plains, Canopus Farms, City of Ruins, Aryas Climb)
  • Plate Metal Fragment (examine plaques around Poltae)
  • Rocky Crag Mole (in six locations on Rocky Crag)
  • Silvered Metal Fragment (examine plaques around Poltae)
  • Sparkbane Choker (treasure sphere in Jagd Woods near entrance to Moogle Village. Gliding required)
  • Thorn of Warding (Rocky Crag, on tree branch. Gliding required)
  • Thunderbird Bracelet (treasure sphere at Grasslands east on top of wreckage. Gliding required)
  • Windwalker Bracelet (Rocky Crag area, southwest from Eremite Plains. Gliding required)
  • Witch's Rosary (treasure sphere, Grasslands south atop wreckage for 2 EP. Glide from Aryas Village)


Musical themes[]

The Wildlands' main morning theme is "The Last Surviving Wilderness", the afternoon theme is simply titled "The Wildlands", the evening theme is "Sunset Path", and the night theme is "Prowlers of the Night". The main 6:00 to 18:00 battle theme is "Savior of Souls".

Many of the themes that play on the Wildlands are returning themes from the trilogy's previous installments. "New Bodhum" plays at Canopus Farms. "Eternal War" plays in the City of Ruins. "March of the Dreadnoughts" plays in the Aryas Village. "Gapra Whitewood" plays in Jagd Woods between 6 AM and 6 PM and "Eclipse" plays from 6 PM to 6 AM. In the Rocky Crag "Shadow of Valhalla" plays during the day, and its night there is "The Final Stage". The battle theme is frequently "Etro's Champion".

Behind the scenes[]

The Wildlands was inspired by real-world location Costa Rica.[2]

The Wildlands' logo includes the crest of Etro as seen in Final Fantasy XIII-2 along with the silhouette of her temple. Also, as a chocobo silhouette runs from right to left, the text saying "The Wildlands" appears.



Eremite means "recluse" alluding to where Sazh can be found as well as his current hermetic lifestyle.