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Wild Saurian is a dragon/tyrant-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII. It appears on the Dalmasca Estersand in the Stepping and the areas north of the Nebra River.

The one on the north of the river is always aggressive, whereas the southern version starts out as docile, and thus is easily avoided on the player's first trek into the desert. The docile Wild Saurian is much more dangerous than the other desert enemies, and can eat wolf-type enemies that stray near to it to level up, potentially reaching Lv.99 this way.

Wild Saurian can very rarely drop Bone Helm (The Stepping) or Bone Mail (The Yoma/Broken Sands), depending on which area it is fought.

Bestiary entry Edit

Page 1: Observations Edit

Once lords of the land together with the other wyrmkin; a war with the gods dwindled their numbers to a mere fraction of their former glory. This great creature possesses sharp teeth in its sizable maw by which it catches and rends the flesh of its prey, and grand tail, the latter being used for balance as it strides upon two powerfully appointed hind legs.

Page 2: Mysteries of the Ancients Edit

One of the singular problems in clearing new land is, surprisingly enough, the removal of monstrous bones, the being far more resistant to wear, and far heavier, than those of men. The worst of these by far are the tyrant bones. Though they too will erode over the ages, their weight and strength are most uncommon, and even the hottest flame will leave no mark upon them. To expect anything less from such a bone would be to forget the awesome might of the tyrant from whence it came.


The Stepping

The Yoma/Broken Sands

AI script Edit

ScrewtailB: When HP < 20% (once: 100%).
RamAny time (25%).
Sonic FangsB: Any time (25%).
FangsA: Any time (25%).
CannibalizeA: When docile and a Class: Wolf ally is nearby (on that ally: 5%)
TargetingAttacks closest enemy. However, attacks enemy with highest enmity when HP < 50%.
AttacksA: May use Cannibalize on nearby Class: Wolf allies when docile.

Battle Edit


Wild Saurian engaged in battle.

The Wild Saurian is dangerous at low levels, but the one in The Stepping will not attack unless provoked. The Wild Saurians north of the Nebra are not docile and will attack on sight and are meant to be fought when the party heads to Archades. In the Stepping, it can use Cannibalize on the Wolves to increase its stats.

Wild Saurian is one of the few enemies that can reach a level of 99. It only happens if the player deliberately lures nearby Wolves towards it so it can cannibalize them. Doing this without disturbing the Wild Saurian, the player can then test their mettle against a 9,999 HP damage-inflicting monster with a hide nigh impenetrable unless wielding high tier guns.

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