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The Wild Rose Rebellion, also referred to as the Rebel Army, is a resistance organization fighting the Empire of Palamecia in Final Fantasy II. Its name comes from the symbol of the Kingdom of Fynn, the wild rose. Scott's strongest weapon in the Dawn of Souls and succeeding releases is also named after the rebellion.


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The party joins the rebellion in Altair.

Formed out of the remnants of the Kingdom of Fynn after it was conquered by Palamecia, the Wild Rose Rebellion was forced to move to Altair following the empire's capture of the city and castle. Princess Hilda of Fynn leads the resistance along with her right-hand and Royal Mage of Fynn, the White Wizard Minwu.

Firion and his friends ask to join the resistance, but Hilda is initially reluctant due to their youth and inexperience. After they bravely infiltrate the occupied Fynn in search of Leon and return Scott's ring to Hilda, she accepts them into the rebellion and sends them on a series of missions.

The group uses its name as a key term which can unlock important information and serve to identify those who are members of the group. The Wild Rose is the crest of Fynn.

When Firion's group travels to Kashuan in search of the Sunfire, Princess Hilda hires Cid to take her to Kashuan to meet them. They are captured by the empire's Dreadnought, forcing Firion, Maria, Guy, and Prince Gordon of Kashuan to mount a rescue attempt.

When the group and Princess Hilda return to Altair, they learn that the King of Fynn is dying. As per the king's last requests, Gordon joins Hilda in leading the rebellion, Minwu is sent to seek out the Ultima magic, and Firion's group is sent to Deist to look for any surviving Dragoons.

Upon returning to Deist, it is revealed that the Princess Hilda rescued from the Dreadnought was, in fact, a Lamia Queen disguised as the princess, and the princess is being held as a prize in the Emperor's Coliseum. Gordon rejoins Firion's party, with Leila taking the reins of the rebellion's forces.

Once Gordon and Hilda escape the empire's clutches, they assemble the rebellion's forces near Fynn, with Firion's group serving as the head of their assault upon the castle. The Liberation of Fynn is successful, allowing Hilda and Gordon to command the Wild Rose Rebellion from Fynn Castle.

Firion and his companions are tasked with seeking out Minwu. After tracking him down, allying with Ricard Highwind, and receiving the Ultima magic, they return to Fynn to discover that the Emperor has created a massive Cyclone and has destroyed several rebel-allied towns.

Firion's group assaults the Emperor within the Cyclone, killing him. Though the rebellion initially celebrates, the festivities are cut short by a messenger reporting that the Dark Knight, Leon, has taken the Emperor's throne. Firion infiltrates Castle Palamecia to confront Leon, but the Emperor rises from Hell as a demon. Firion, Maria, and Guy escape with Leon, entering into Pandaemonium and slaying the Emperor again. With the Emperor's evil ended, the kingdoms of Fynn and Kashuan unite under Hilda and Gordon, bringing peace back to the land.

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Musical themes[]

The "Rebel Army Theme" is the motif of the Wild Rose Rebellion and it is a counterpart to the "Imperial Army Theme", the motif of the antagonistic Palamecian Empire.

The theme is an iconic theme from Final Fantasy II, despite only playing at the Altair headquarters of the Wild Rose Rebellion. Despite its short appearance, it has been posteriorly rearranged outside its original appearance so as to be representative of the game.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Wild rose is used as the password for the member of the "Scions of the Seventh Dawn". Players are given this password once they have completed the appropriate quest during the main Story.

Players who have subscribed to the game for 240 days will receive for their Veteran Reward the "Wild Rose" armor set, modeled after Firion's outfit. Wind-up Firion minion and a Wild Rose chocobo available for purchase for Achievements Certificates.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

Firion's wild rose

The legacy of the Wild Rose Rebellion lives on in Dissidia Final Fantasy through a literal wild rose carried by Firion and the dream it inspires in him, to fight to end war and create a peaceful and free world where the flowers can bloom openly.

During the conflict between Cosmos and Chaos, Sephiroth steals Firion's rose after defeating him in battle, but it is later recovered by Cloud, who shows it to Terra, and is finally returned to Firion when Cloud and Tidus help him confront The Emperor. Cloud tells Firion that through its journey among their group, his hope for a free and peaceful world is now shared by all of them.

Futhermore, Firion's ultimate weapon is named "Wild Rose" and provides 69 ATK; -1 DEF; grants a weaker version of the Counterattack ability, and converts extra HP to Bravery when Firion regenerates HP at full health. The Wild Rose also appears as a trade accessory required to trade for the Bone Mail.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

In the prequel it is revealed the wild rose was originally found by Laguna, Squall and Firion during a patrol, and when Laguna mentions its name, Firion feels his memory is sparked and takes the flower to carry around with him.

Firion loses the rose, which is later found by Lightning. Upon meeting each other, Lightning shows and returns him the rose, commenting on how she, too, feels a connection to the flower, and Firion promises to return it to her once he regains his memory so it can help her as it has him.

As with most equipment from the original game, Firion's ultimate weapon, the Wild Rose, returns with some changes, now providing 70 ATK instead of 69; and decreasing HP by 328. The Wild Rose trade accessory also returns, and has the same use as in the original game. Another exclusive weapon for Firion is named Rebellion Army, and it provides 44 ATK; -2 DEF; -337 HP; and the HP to Bravery effect. It is a level 30 weapon. The Rebel Army Flag appears as another trade accessory, required to trade for the level 100 armor pieces Dueling Mask; Rainbow Robe and Brave Suit.

Other media[]

The organization is referred to in Final Fantasy VI when Locke must give a boy a password to open a hidden passage in South Figaro during occupation by the Gestahlian Empire. One of the password options is "Wild Rose" ("Rosebud" in the SNES/GBA versions).

The organization is referred to in the quiz game Brain Blast from Final Fantasy XIII-2 with the question: What is the famous line spoken by the famous actor who made it big on the show 'Wild Rose'? The answer is 'You're from the rebel army!'


The rose has long been used as a symbol. It has always been an important symbol with anti-authoritarian associations.

White Rose was a resistance group that, similarly to the Wild Rose Rebellion, also fought against a tyrannical regime (in this case, Nazi Germany). The main difference is that the White Rose was more intellectual-based and non-violent.