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The Wight, also known as the Specter in the NES version, is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy. Wights are undead, with the weaknesses and resistances that are normal for undead enemies, which is Fire and the Dia spell. In addition, a Wight's attack can cause Paralysis, which can prove irritating if it affects a physical attacker, so it is advised that the player should take into consideration the possibility of Paralysis. It is fought in the Cavern of Earth and the Cavern of Ice, the latter being only in a small room, forcing the player to fight them automatically. It is not very difficult to defeat them, but they sometimes come in large groups. Simply use Dia, or Fira if Dia is not available.


Etymology Edit

Wight refers to "a person of a specified kind, especially one regarded as unfortunate." In literary terms, it refers to "a spirit, ghost, or other supernatural being."

Specter or spectre usually refers to a ghost or other apparition.

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