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Whyt, pronounced "whit", is a unique Eidolon in the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy IV. It is the beginning form of Eidolons and the only Eidolon that can be named by the player.

Whyt is Rydia's Eidolon, and appears after Mist is destroyed. Whyt is a Whytkin, a "larval" Eidolon that has yet to mature to gather individual abilities. Like his parents, Whyt stays a Whytkin so that they can create new baby Eidolons. Despite this, Whyt has hidden potential that can increase his power greatly.

The player can design Whyt's face using the stylus. This customized face is saved automatically onto the DS Game Card, so when a New Game is started, that face is the one the player sees. There are also costumes Whyt can obtain from completing minigames, as well as a Goblin costume upon completing a New Game+ playthrough and a Zeromus costume when the player completes the entire Bestiary.

Whyt is exclusive to the DS version. He was removed from the iOS, Android, and PC versions.



When Whyt is summoned, he replaces Rydia in battle and acts automatically, based on the abilities the player assigns it prior to battle. Whyt uses Rydia's HP and equipment, has infinite MP, and will act thrice before dismissing himself. Should he be KO'd, he will be dismissed, leaving Rydia KO'd as well.

Whyt can use the following abilities, so long as they have been learned by a party member: Attack, Black Magic (except Warp and Meteor), White Magic (except Raise, Arise, Libra, Teleport, and Sight), Counter, Bardsong (except Life's Anthem, Hastemarch, and Hero's Rime), Aim, Jump, Darkness, Focus, Recall, Fast Talker, Last Stand, Brace, Pray, Cry, Bluff, Kick, Bless, Limit Break, Curse, Tsunami, Inferno, Piercing Magic, Ninjutsu (except Smoke), Whirlwind, Adrenaline, and ????'s Love. As Whyt cannot use items, the player will be able to set up to five abilities. Whyt also lacks an Auto-Battle command; instead, a comment can be set by the player.


Whyt's stats can be increased by playing a selection of five minigames available from the Fat Chocobo. Whenever a new high score is added to the player's top three, Whyt will gain an increase in stats. The minigames require the use of a stylus to the DS's touchscreen.

If enough points are accrued, the player is rewarded with a certain item:

Points Prizes
0-999 Nothing
1,000-6,999 Potion, Antidote, Eyedrops, Echo Herb, Golden Needle
7,000-9,998 Ether, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down, Unicorn Horn, Cottage
9,999 Remedy, Hi-Ether, X-Potion

There are five minigames total. Each minigame applies to one of the five final characters: Rydia, Cecil, Kain, Rosa, and Edge, and they all boost one of Whyt's five stats. As with Whyt's face, high scores and their stat boosts will carry over to any other game file. If Whyt has received the max stat boost from a score of 9,999, the same stat boost applies when a new game is started. Perfect scores will also yield a special costume for Whyt similar to the that of one of the five characters. All minigames can be ended immediately when the player hits Start.

Rydia's Mathemagic Minute[]

Rydia's Mathemagic Minute.

The player has 60 seconds to take four whole numbers equal to or below ten and add, subtract, multiply, or divide them until only ten remains. The numbers must be dragged into two squares, and the mathematical operation can be changed using the four symbols below. The number created by this operation is added to the list, until only one number remains. Negative numbers can be used and may be required at times. If the final number is ten, points are given.

The player can pass on difficult numbers, and undo mistakes. The more times the player makes ten without passing or getting the wrong number, the more points the player gets for each ten made. A useful trick is the close the DS, thus pausing the game and allowing the player to do the math without losing any time. Whyt's Intelligence stat is boosted by this minigame.

Rosa's Measured Meditations[]

Rosa's Measured Meditations.

While Rosa is praying, the player must place the stylus down on the touch screen and hold it there for as close to the indicated time as possible. The closer the player removes his or her stylus from the screen to the actual time, the more points that will be received.

If they remove the stylus from within two seconds, they will get 100 points, but if they remove it from within 1 second, they will get 300 points. Removing the stylus at exactly the right time will get 4,000 points. Although the game has a metronome, its movements are not equal to full seconds, so using a stopwatch will work better. This minigame increases Whyt's Spirit stat.

Cecil's Goblin Gauntlet[]

Cecil's Goblin Gauntlet.

Cecil is fighting Goblins who are rushing at him from all sides. To kill the Goblins, the player must tap them with the stylus. There are several different types of Goblin each with different colors and can take more hits. Green and Orange take one hit, Purple takes three, and the Giant Green Goblin takes ten. Whenever a Goblin is hit it is stunned allowing the player to hit it again. The more hits a Goblins takes to be defeated, the more points it gives.

Green gives 30 points, Red gives 50, Purple 80, and Giant Green gives 200. Cecil has two hearts that are his health. If he is hit twice, the game is over. The only way to save points is to hit the "Escape?" next to Whyt at the bottom right of the screen. Touching the sword icons will hit every Goblin on the screen. Bombs will instantly kill all the Goblins. As the game goes on the Goblins come in faster and in greater numbers. It is helpful to add a friend to kill more Goblins faster. This minigame increases Whyt's Strength.

Kain's High Jump Hijinks[]

Kain's High Jump Hijinks.

Kain is about to do a Jump into the air. The player must rotate the stylus around him as fast as possible for ten seconds so that his Jump is as high as possible. While flying up, birds attack. Tapping them with the stylus will cause Whyt to incinerate them.

All can be defeated with a single tap of the stylus. As Kain flies up higher and higher, the birds will come in faster. The higher Kain can Jump, the more points rewarded. The game ends as soon as Kain is hit by a bird. This minigame increases Whyt's Stamina.

Edge's Ninja Blade Glade[]

Edge's Ninja Blade Glade.

Edge is at the bottom of the screen throwing shuriken at enemies that appear at the top. Tapping the enemies with the stylus will cause Edge to throw a shuriken at them, though he can only throw a few at a time. If the enemy lives too long, it will fire an attack at Edge. Throwing a shuriken at the attack can cause it to be deflected, but this is based on luck.

Holding the stylus down on Edge will make him use Ninjutsu and hide, thus avoiding the enemy attack. Edge has three hits, and the game lasts sixty seconds. There are three kinds of enemies that appear: Death Flowers that take one hit and give 150 points, Treants that take two hits and give 300 points, and a Giant Malboro that takes twenty hits and gives 3,000 points. The Giant Malboro will only appear once after thirty seconds have passed. This minigame increases Whyt's Speed stat.

Other appearances[]

Whyt Virtual World avatars.

Virtual World[]

Users in Square Enix Members Virtual World community can make their character appear as one of several looks for Whyt.



Whyt's Japanese name is Pōchika. Poch'ka is the Russian word for "flower bud". This could be a reference to Whyt's status as a "base" for all Eidolons. The English name Whyt may be derived from the word "whit" (meaning the smallest part of something) for the same reason, as well as to reflect the creature's color (white).