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"Why" from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

"Why" is the theme song of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. It is performed by J-Pop star Ayaka Iida and featured in the game's final FMV. An instrumental version of "Why" titled "Why (CCFFVII Mix)" plays when Angeal Hewley, Zack Fair's friend and mentor, perishes in Modeoheim. The song's country feel alludes to Zack's "country boy" origins.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Japanese Rōmaji[edit | edit source]

Hitomi no oku ga boyake te mie nai
Kokoro no soko no kimochi wa aru no?
Sekai no subete wo te ni shi ta toshite mo
Sore ga anata no shiawase na no?
Why kodoku na sora wo miageru no?
Why waratte mise te yo
Kotoba ni suru no ga heta na
Anata no seikaku wakaru kara
Tooi mukashi ni nani ga atta no?
Shisen wo sorasu anata no hitomi ni
Hitori de samishii yoru ni dakishime rareru
Sonna atataka sa shitteru?
Why doushite katachi ni kodawaru no?
Why kokoro wo hirai te
Ookina nimotsu wo seotta
Anata wo ukeire rareru chikara
Aru wa shinji te mi te?
Ohh... Yeaahh
Jiyuu na hito wa bukiyou de?
Jiyuu na hito wa fuan de?
Why kodoku na sora wo miageru no?
Why waratte mise te yo
Kotoba ni suru no ga heta na
Anata no seikaku wakaru kara
Shinji te mi te

English translation[edit | edit source]

Your inner eye has clouded over so much that it's impossible for you to see
Does any emotion still reside within the depths of your heart?
Having the entire world at your fingertips,
Is that what you consider happiness?
Why do you look up into the lonely heavens?
Why can't you laugh a little?
I understand this character of yours
This disposition that is incapable of putting anything into words
What was it that came to be in your sequestered past?
These eyes of yours, they refuse to meet the world
All alone with only the lonely night to cradle you,
Is this the warmth that you have come to know?
Why are you so concerned with the way you look?
Why can you not open up your heart a little?
You've been taxed by this heavy burden for so long,
It's time that you learn to accept yourself
Have more faith in yourself...
Ohh... Yeaahh
It is those who are free that are stumbling...
It is those who are free that are insecure...
Why? Why do you look up at the lonely sky?
Why? Can you not laugh, even slightly?
I can appreciate
This reticent character of yours
You only have to try to believe...

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