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Use recovery/support magic.


Wht Mag is a skillset in Final Fantasy IX for Dagger and Eiko ((聖白魔法, Seishiro Mahō?, lit. Holy White Magic) in Beatrix's case). The spells focus on healing and support with a single damaging spell, Holy, and some offensive status-inflicting spells. Of the two permanent party members, Eiko is more geared toward White Magic than Dagger, who is more focused on summon magic.

Using White Magic 200 times yields the A Healing Touch achievement in the mobile and Steam versions.


For Dagger and Eiko the spells are learned from equipment by amassing Ability Points during battle. Beatrix has a fixed skillset.

Cure, Cura, and Curaga ignore target's Magic Defense when determining heal amount, which is determined by the caster's Level and Magic stat, and if the caster has Concentrate is equipped. Shell, multi-targeting the spell, and being under Mini halve the Bonus.

For revival spells, the revived ally's Spirit stat affects how much HP they wake up with, and if the spellcaster has Concentrate equipped.

The only damaging White Magic spell is Holy, whose damage is calculated the same way as Vivi's Black Magic: the higher Level and the more Magic Eiko has, the more damage she can do, and some equipment pieces can also empower Holy damage, making the spell even more potent.

Might, meanwhile, cumulatively increases the target's Strength till 99, upon when it will not increase further. The effect lasts for the entire battle, even if the character is KO'd and revived.

During Trance Eiko's Wht Mag turns into Dbl Wht (W白魔法, W Shiro Mahō?, lit. Double White Magic) where she can cast two spells in succession, each expending MP and the Trance gauge independently, although sometimes enemies can get a turn in-between the castings.

Wht Mag spells can be reflected and countered with Return Magic. With Reflect-Null, Dagger and Eiko can bypass targets' Reflect status with their White Magic.

Wht Mag command is sealed in Oeilvert. During the time Dagger is going through emotional turmoil, her Wht Mag command can fail. Beatrix uses Cure as a boss, but when she is temporarily playable she no longer has it.

List of spells[]

Name Equipment MP AP User Effect
Cure Magic Racket, Rod, Silk Shirt 6 30 Dagger, Eiko Restores minor HP. Spell Power is 16.
Restores HP of single/multiple targets.
Cura Healing Rod, Golem's Flute, Barette 10 50 Dagger, Eiko, Beatrix Restores moderate HP. Spell Power is 38.
Restores a lot of HP of single/multiple targets.
Curaga Wizard Rod, Whale Whisker, Hamelin, Angel Flute 22 155 Dagger, Eiko Restores major HP. Spell Power is 107.
Restores big-time HP of single/multiple targets.
Regen Fairy Flute, Fairy Earrings 14 25 Eiko Restores HP constantly over a set time.
Gradually restores HP.
Life Mythril Rod, Healing Rod, Whale Whisker, Golem’s Flute, Rebirth Ring, Cachusha 8 30 Dagger, Eiko, Beatrix Revives a KO'd ally with minimal health, or instantly defeats an undead target.
Recover from KO.
Full-Life Siren's Flute, Light Robe 24 90 Eiko, Beatrix Fully revives and restores all HP to a KO'd ally, or instantly defeats an undead target.
Recover from KO with full HP.
Scan Air Racket, Desert Boots 4 25 Dagger See target's vital statistics. Does not work on bosses.
Scan enemy to determine HP, MP, and weaknesses.
Panacea Air Racket, Rod 4 15 Dagger, Eiko Cures Poison and Venom.
Removes Venom and Poison.
Stona Multina Racket, Lamia's Flute 8 25 Dagger, Eiko Cures Petrify and Gradual Petrify.
Removes Petrify and Gradual Petrify.
Esuna Fairy Flute, Siren's Flute, Angel Flute, Rubber Suit 20 80 Eiko, Beatrix Removes SleepSilenceMiniPoisonHeatGradual PetrifyFreezeDarkness, and Confuse.
Removes various abnormal status effects.
Shell Multina Racket, Mythril Racket, Mythril Rod, Wizard Rod, Cotton Robe, Gold Choker, Moonstone 6 35 Dagger, Eiko Applies Shell status to one target, halving damage from magical attacks.
Reduces damage from magic attacks.
Protect Mythril Racket, Rod, Wizard Rod, Steepled Hat, Desert Boots 6 30 Dagger, Eiko Applies Protect to one target, halving damage from physical attacks.
Reduces damage from physical attacks.
Haste Fairy Flute, Running Shoes, Emerald 8 30 Eiko Applies Haste status to one target, doubling target's speed.
Speeds up ATB Gauge.
Silence Priest's Racket, Mythril Rod, Asura's Rod, Lamia's Flute, Magic Armlet 8 30 Dagger, Eiko, Beatrix Inflicts Silence status preventing target from using magic attacks. Has a 50% base accuracy.
Causes Silence, which disables magic in single/multiple targets.
Mini Magic Racket, Asura's Rod, Feather Boots 8 40 Dagger, Eiko Inflicts Mini to a target, decreasing its attack and defense drastically. Has a 50% base accuracy. Also heals Minied targets from the status with perfect accuracy.
Makes single/multiple targets smaller.
Reflect Mythril Racket, Stardust Rod, Reflect Ring, Ruby 6 20 Dagger, Eiko, Beatrix Applies Reflect to a target, bouncing spells onto the opposing party. Group-cast spells onto multiple targets with Reflect can bounce multiple times, though the spell animation does not repeat.
Reflects magic attacks back onto caster.
Confuse Asura's Rod, Lamia's Tiara 8 35 Dagger Inflicts target with Confusion, making them target friends and foes alike. Has a 50% base accuracy.
Causes Confuse, which makes single/multiple targets erratic.
Berserk Magic Racket 6 30 Dagger Inflicts target with Berserk, making them constantly attack with boosted Attack and Speed. Has a 75% base accuracy rate.
Causes single/multiple targets to attack uncontrollably.
Blind Multina Racket, Magician Shoes 6 40 Dagger, Beatrix Inflicts single/multiple targets with Darkness halving their Accuracy. Has a 75% base accuracy.
Causes Darkness, which hinders accuracy of physical attacks.
Float Stardust Rod, Lamia's Flute, Feather Boots 6 20 Dagger, Eiko Applies Float status to a target, allowing them avoid Earth damage, but take extra damage from Wind attacks.
Allows single/multiple targets to float in the air.
Dispel Tiger Racket, Siren's Flute 16 35 Eiko Removes Shell, Protect, Reflect, Haste, Regen, Float, Auto-Life, Vanish, Slow and Stop from target.
Removes abnormal status caused by magic attacks.
Might Priest's Racket, Hamelin 14 25 Eiko Increases target's Strength for the duration of the battle, even if the target is KO'd.
Raises physical attack power.
Jewel Hamelin 4 50 Eiko Extract an Ore from an enemy. Has a 50% base accuracy and can be used repeatedly.
Extracts Ore from a target.
Holy Angel Flute, White Robe 36 110 Eiko, Beatrix Major Holy-elemental damage to one enemy. Spell Power is 113.
Causes Holy damage.

Other appearances[]

White magic from Final Fantast IX has since appeared in spin-off games to the series as abilities for Eiko and Dagger. In Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, some of the Wht Mag spells appear, although not necessarily used by the same character as in Final Fantasy IX, e.g. Dagger can use Holy. White magic from Final Fantasy IX also appears in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.



White magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for good and selfless purposes. With respect to the philosophy of left-hand path and right-hand path, white magic is the benevolent counterpart of malicious black magic. Because of its ties to traditional pagan nature worship, white magic is often also referred to as "natural magic".