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Who's Who is a character compendium in World of Final Fantasy and World of Final Fantasy Maxima that can be accessed in The Twins' Room at Nine Wood Hills. It allows the player to read biographies that list characters' respective voice actors, their attributes, and other information. Through Who's Who, one can hear characters' voice clips, view their 3D models and change their forms (if any), and change the background on which these are displayed.

The extent to which Who's Who has been completed is listed on the bottom right-hand corner of the player's screen. The character compendium is updated over the course of Lann and Reynn's journey through Grymoire, talking with characters and completing intervention quests; defeating certain bosses; imprisming ★ versions of Mirages; playing minigames; and in the Maxima update/version, defeating Exnine Bahumut a second time.

While Sephiroth, Balthier, and Sora (available only in the PlayStation 4 version when downloaded) appear in the Who's Who gallery, they do not have any written entries.

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CV: Josh Keaton / Soma Saito
Age in Nine Wood Hills: 15
Notes: Markings on his left arm / "Dude!" / Reynn's younger twin brother / Mentally incontinent, but morally regular / Considers proper word usage to be optional
While Lann may seem like a dummy, he has a good heart, a strong sense of responsibility, and he always puts his family first. Note that he steps out in front of his sister when danger approaches, almost automatically, which would imply he holds her life more dear than his own.
Memories from 100 Years Ago
If they had merely forgotten their past, Lann and Reynn might have been able to remember it again, but those memories were literally "lost" and cannot be retrieved. Thus, anything the twins have been "remembering" must not have been lost.
What did Tama mean when she said Lann and Reynn could have "ruled the world"? How did they meet the Pleiad? If there used to be more Mirage Keepers, then just imagine how many Mirages there were. Perhaps brother and sister used to be acquainted with other Champions, from that other time. But we can no longer relive those stories with Lann and Reynn. At least, not from where they are standing now...
Lann's Future
Through their exploits in Grymoire, Lann and Reynn have proven their worth and been elevated to the pantheon of Champions. These heroes serve the A-Worlds, the Realms of Fantasy under Alexander's dominion. And so we may meet the twins again: in one of these worlds, or perhaps more.
Could he be...?
There is a figure known only as "the wanderer" that drifts through countless A-Worlds. Could this really be Lann? How long did he wander before he became like this? What happened to Lann and Reynn after leaving Grymoire? And what of Lann's left arm...and his right? There are no answers here...
First World of Origin:


  • Jiant
  • Lilikin
  • Jiant (Battle stance)
  • Lilikin (Battle stance)

Voice clipsEdit

World of Final Fantasy!
Voice 1

Oh, dude!
Voice 2

"Mirage Keepers"? Me and Reynn?
Voice 3

We have to fix this... As long as we have the power to do it.
Voice 4

Hey. Maybe there's a chance. This arm's gonna bring the world some joy. I know it.
Voice 5


CV: Amanda Leighton / Sora Amamiya
Age in Nine Wood Hills: 15
Notes: Markings on her right arm / Lann's older twin sister / Likes to call the shots and keep Lann in line / Always on the ball / Almost makes up for Lann with her quick judgment and careful planning
Under Enna Kros's Watchful Eye
Enna Kros said that she "checked up" on Reynn and Lann during their slumber in Nine Wood Hills, but why? Did she feel some sort of strong attachment to them?
Despite her significant physical and emotional strength, Reynn is not invincible. She is particularity easy to wound, it seems, as you may have noted after she experienced the loss of her brother. However, Reynn rose above that moment of weakness and pushed forward, no matter how much it hurt—and this is exactly the kind of fortitude Enna Kros was banking on.
Enna Kros hand-picked Lann and Reynn, in fact, from among all the denizens of all the Realms of Final Fantasy. Perhaps she has other favorites we can meet in another tale.
Reynn's Future
The Reynn and Lann that were bestowed upon Hauyn as prismariums are, as it turns out, newly born Champions. But what of the Lann and Reynn who were sucked through the gate? That is a story for another time.
First World of Origin:


  • Jiant
  • Lilikin
  • Jiant (Battle stance)
  • Lilikin (Battle stance)

Voice clipsEdit

World of Final Fantasy.
Voice 1

Hey, don't talk down to me. Listen, last time I checked, little bro, I've been around a few minutes longer than you.
Voice 2

So, um, if we do manage to find all the lost Mirages... does that mean we'll be able to remember the things we forgot?
Voice 3

Ugh... C'mon! Think about it! There's something...funny about Grymoire.
Voice 4

Hey! Get those corners turned up!
Voice 5

Enna KrosEdit

CV: Cassandra Morris / Kana Hanazawa
Supposed Age: 24
(And never a day older, says she)
Notes: Surprisingly casual / Seems kind of hands-off / Old friend of Tama and Serafie / Sincere, and never known to lie / Drops dire truths with a smile, making it hard to tell when to be worried
She's God
No, really, she is. While some regard her as a funny lady with a divinity complex, she is in fact the real actual creator of Grymoire and other "Realms of Fantasy." She calls the shots and makes the rules, although she (usually) prefers not to interfere once they're in place.
Basically gods never make mistakes, and so if humanity is a divine creation, then all possible deeds of humankind must fall within divine parameters and therefore be error-free, right? And since humanity is error-free, why should god have to work? Her nine-to-five shift ended when she created people. Such are the reckless musings of Enna Kros, Lazy God.
The Realms of Fantasy
When building her worlds, Enna Kros took glimpses at many other worlds outside her dominion, cherry-picked the elements she liked, and integrated these "figments" into her creations. Her Champion System derives from this mechanic.
Since before using the power of fantasy to create worlds, Enna Kros has maintained a close friendship with The Girl Who Forgot Her Name, whom she found by chance at the source of that power.
The Champion System
At the core of Enna Kros's fantasy worlds lies a crystal, which The Girl Who Forgot Her Name refers to as the Deus Crystal. Conceived by dreams, the crystal can take flights of fancy to distant worlds that have no logical connection to its own. Enna Kros (better known as Alexander) sifts through the figments the crystal finds in search of souls with the potential to protect her worlds from threats like the Exnine Knights and the Cogna. She then shapes these souls into Crystal Cubes, which become a descendible, self-sufficient system of antibodies that activates when her universe is threatened from the outside.
Alexander as Enna Kros
The woman "Enna Kros" is not the god Alexander's true divine form, but rather that of a soldier named Roksanne who existed prior to the creation of the Realms of Fantasy. Alexander was fond of Roksanne's spirit and chose to merge with her soul rather than absorb it. (Incidentally, Roksanne once summoned Tama and had a pact with her.)
Of course, a god's mind is vast and requires many faces. While life as Roksanne provides much enjoyment, Alexander also frequently appears as a male: a fierce young man named Aris. (This young man was once Serafie's master.) So you see, outside of Grymoire, depending on which A-World you pay a visit to, you might find that god has more forms than one.
First World of Origin:

Voice clipsEdit

World of Final Fantasy.
Voice 1

Oh yes. So then... You going? You going? Will you journey to Grymoire?
Voice 2

Oh no! Did you two die already?
Voice 3

I'm god. *giggle*
Voice 4

Thanks, you two. You can rest now.
Voice 5


CV: Lisa Kay Jennings / Ayana Taketatsu
Age: Immeasurable
(Due to her alternate interpretation of time)
Notes: Navigator / Talks the-funny / Floats / Rides on people's heads / A little girl at heart / Knows how to run with a joke / Pure and innocent
Sphere of Influence
Tama maintains an extremely high number of thresholds, and commands a large repertory of talents. However, depending on the world she visits, she must limit her talents to a smaller subset. For example, in Grymoire, Tama can help Lann and Reynn out by negating their deaths or failures (through microreversals of time) or control space (as with Gate travel). She is required to pay for these actions in lives (or souls), but all the same her powers rival that of a god's. No wonder she's prevented from using them all at once.
Relationship with Enna Kros
Tama has known Enna Kros since before she became a god. She possesses far vaster powers than her small stature suggests.
This is just one wondrous, intense manifestation of the hidden power Tama has accrued during her lengthy existence. Tamamohimé can recover all nine of her lives in less than a day. By borrowing The Girl Who Forgot Her Name's power over time and fantasy, she can produce with ease miracles far beyond her normal capabilities. And because all of her lives are restored to her each day, she can sacrifice them with near impunity. Calling her some kind of super-hacker wouldn't be off base; she's more like a deity than a Mirage. Lann and Reynn could never imprism her against her will.
First World of Origin:


  • Tama
  • Tamamohimé

Voice clipsEdit

World of Final the-Fantasy!
Voice 1

Grymoire's the-waiting for you two.
Voice 2

Wakey the-wakey wakeeeey!
Voice 3

I am the-fragrant. Roses line up just to get the-one whiff of me!
Voice 4

...and give you a chance to continue your tale differently...and weave the threads of time anew.
Voice 5, as Tamamohimé


CV: Nancy Sullivan / Eri Kitamura
Age: Immeasurable
Notes: Undetectably excited / Refuses to enthuse / Supposedly everyone's favorite pixie / Flies / Watering can / "How did that get there?" / Keeps cards close to her chest
Longtime Friends
Beneath that laid-back drawl is...well, a really laid-back pixie. Like Tama, Serafie and Enna Kros go way, way back, to before Enna Kros became a god. Consequently, she and Tama have just as long a history.
Rumor Radar
Using her special powers, Serafie can gather up gossip of all kinds: near and far, old and new, silly and serious. Don't let your definition of "rumor" cloud you, though. If someone has said it, even whispered it at some point, Serafie can reach through time to yoink (as she might say) that nugget of hearsay into the present. That's power to get excited about, even if she doesn't show it.
Nothing to Sniff At
Serafie has an eidetic memory, and her wealth of knowledge comprises things she has heard in myriad worlds throughout the ages. One could argue there is nothing she doesn't know. While she has been known to work incredible miracles with this knowledge, she seems to have largely ceased using it, perhaps to shield her mind from such abnormal quantities of information. She limits herself to perfunctory cognitive tasks, and dusts off her data banks in only the rarest of situations. If it seems like she's just floating through life, that's why. So the good news is, she can answer any question. The bad news is that you might die waiting.
First World of Origin:


  • Serafie
  • Diva Serafie

Voice clipsEdit

Uh... Oh, right. Wooorld of Fiiinal Faaantasyy!
Voice 1

Oh, hi. I'm just your adorable local wind pixie, aka Serafie.
Voice 2

This pixie right here has got you covered.
Voice 3

O Mighty Mill of Rumors! ...Talk to me.
Voice 4

Zzz... Don't make me fill in for that lazy Tama anymore please... Zzz...
Voice 5


CV: Eden Riegel / Maaya Uchida
Age in Grymoire: 17
Familiar: Siren
Notes: "Wyn" for short / The woman in the cage, who the twins thought was their mom
Bad Blood
Hauyn appears to have some kind of deep-seated grudge against Lann and Reynn. But if they are truly family, then what could have happened?
Hauyn is not a lineal descendant of the Farna bloodline, nor is she Lann and Reynn's sister by blood. However, she was taken in and raised by their mother, Lusse, and became family to them all the same.
Hauyn bears an atavistic resemblance to her siblings because she, too, is descended from the first Farna, and comes from a distant but hereditarily strong branch of the family. Her age, seventeen, does not factor in the years she spent trapped in the cage, outside of time.
Architects and Breakers
You may recall Hauyn speaking to Lann and Reynn about their unique powers. Lann seems to have largely inherited their father's "Architect" powers, while Reynn has inherited their mother's "Breaker" powers. However, that is not to say their powers were evenly split; if so, Lann would be a godlike Architect and Reynn an unparalleled Breaker. Instead, the two seem to share a mixture of abilities which they wield inconsistently when apart from each other, and neither as skillfully as their parents.
A Tragic Figure
Hauyn used to be full of kindness...but that was before Lann locked her in a cage for a hundred years. One can hardly blame her for hating the twins for all the harm they have done. However, the type of cage Hauyn was trapped in is like a prismarium; while it stops time, it also preserves the soul inside it. That means time could not erode Hauyn's feelings beyond the point of reconciliation.
It is worth nothing that for certain reasons, a woman named Hauyn can be found in many A-Worlds. However, sadness always awaits this woman, no matter where she resides. Destiny just isn't on poor Hauyn's side.
Hauyn's Future
After Lann and Reynn left Grymoire in her care, Hauyn took that responsibility seriously, and has stuck her nose into many affairs to preserve the peace (with the help of Tama). However, she sometimes sticks her nose in too far, causing more troubles than solving them. As Hauyn always possessed potential as a summoner, she is able to use the Mirages she inherited with relative ease, save the more powerful Mirages such as the Pleiad. For those, she depends on Tama (Tamamohimé) to issue orders in battle.
Grymoire's Future
Due to the long tyranny of the Bahamutian Federation, and the loss of the stabilizing presence of the Farna line and other Jiants, Grymoire's very existence has slowly begun to unravel. The borders between worlds have grown weaker, leading worlds to coalesce with one another and bring about unnatural phenomena. This had lead to the creation of new Mirages and Champions, but has also attracted dangerous elements such as the Immortal Dark Dragon. With other worlds also being affected, this may signal the beginning of a pivotal and tumultuous era for the A-Worlds.
First World of Origin:

Masked WomanEdit

CV: ?????
Age: Unknown
Notes: Mysterious mask / Mysterious everything / Seems to be female? / Travels with a carbuncle
The woman in the mask was an illusion created by a carbuncle whom Brandelis called "Ywain." In other words, the carbuncle was the one leading around the woman, not the other way around.
Ywain's skill lies in creating such illusions and impressing upon beholders' minds that they are real. By setting a lavish stage—a beautiful lie—he was able to convince Lann and Reynn to restore the Ultima Gate without reminding them of what had happened there before.
Ywain's Role
Ywain was tasked with using the cage's power to seize control of Hauyn's ability as a summoner and increase the number of Mirages in Grymoire—to bring order to the world through disorder. It seems likely he assumed Hauyn's form to use her powers more effectively; the mask and hood, however, reflect his own tastes.
Since filling Grymoire with Cogna and helping Brandelis achieve one of his primary goals, Ywain has had the run of Castle Exnine, smug with the knowledge his job was done and done well.
The Unlucky Carbuncle
Just as Brandelis transferred Pellinore and Segwarides into human vessels, he transferred a third Exnine Knight into the carbuncle that was accompanying Hauyn.
However, any carbuncle would have been a poor choice of vessel, and this one was weak; as a result, the knight could not be wholly reproduced, and was forced to retain the carbuncle's appearance.
The Exnine Knights
Each of the Exnine Knights is a fusion of three things: a human, an esper, and a cyborg.
  • The humans were knights who lived in Roksanne's era.
  • The espers, all powerful ones, were forcibly summoned by the knights from their respective worlds.
  • The cyborgs were used as relics in the summoning.
Combined, they became beings of unfathomable power. Those among them with a common purpose founded the Exnine Knights.
What purpose? Well, the cyborgs' goal is to bring about the end of fully organic life. And both the humans and espers who make up the Exnine Knights have their reasons for hating Alexander and Enna Kros... You can piece the rest together.
First World of Origin:


CV: Tony Amendola / Hidekatsu Shibata
Age: Immeasurable
Notes: Black armor / Horns / Six wings cloaking his body
Soul Beneath the Armor:
Bahamut Brandelis
King of Bahamut
The "king of Bahamut" is not Brandelis’s own styling, nor does he consider himself the ruler of any "federation." These names were adopted by Segwarides to lend an imposing air to their growing army.
Sphere of Influence
Because Brandelis is actually present in Grymoire, he is able to create a threshold of his own, within which he can apply the rules of his own worlds. These rules allow him, for example, to possess human vessels with his allies, and he was able to transform Lann's Ultima Gate so it unleashed hordes of Cogna upon Grymoire.
Furthermore, his threshold has the power to override the most fundamental rules of Grymoire or any other A-World (as he calls worlds created by the god Alexander), rendering him virtually immortal.
A Past Century, A Century's Passing
Perhaps one of our story's greatest mysteries is this: what exactly was Brandelis doing in Grymoire during the hundred years of Reynn and Lann's slumber? The answer, as it turns out, is "nothing." Brandelis did not know Segwarides was building the Bahamutian Army, because he was imprisoned. Lusse and Rorrik used the last of their strength to trap him, locking him between the Ultima Gate and the great door of light. The door's four keys were hidden across Grymoire along with four of the Pleiad, the world's mightiest espers.
However, keys that lock can also unlock, and in time their powerful magic would draw Lann and Reynn through the gauntlet of Mirages guarding them. They found the keys, just as Segwarides "prophesied," and finally removed the one barrier holding Brandelis in place.
The Exnine Knights
Sometimes written as "Ex9." An order of knights with godlike power. They despise everything about Alexander, creator of the Realms of Fantasy, and seek to bring about the destruction of all of Alexander's work. Enna Kros is aware of twenty-seven members, but many of their abilities and identities remain shrouded in mystery.
Each member of the Exnine Knights has a numeric designation; Brandelis's, for example, is Ex9-II-5.
First World of Origin:

Plumed KnightEdit

CV: Jennifer Hale / Keiko Han
Age: Immeasurable
Notes: Winged armor / Claws / Female / Has full command of the skies
Soul Beneath the Armor:
Valigarmanda Pellinore
An Unstable Copy
At Brandelis's behest, Pellinore copied herself into the body of a human in order to enter Grymoire. However, this method of entry allowed her to reproduce only a mere fraction of her powers. What's more, Lusse's tremendously strong will continues to vie for control of her body; for a hundred years now, Pellinore's stay in Grymoire has been a tenuous proposition.
Ultimate Forms
Pellinore and Segwarides have ultimate forms, similar to the final form that Brandelis assumed. However, because of their nebulous existence in Grymoire, they cannot perform these sorts of transformations. Still, their originals remain unscathed and unaffected by the outcome of this story, so perhaps there are more of Pellinore and Segwarides out there, terrorizing other worlds in their true forms.
Pecking Order
Pellinore's numeric designation in the Exnine Knights is Ex9-III-4. While the knights have no defined hierarchy, and no single one of them can technically lord over another, Brandelis rose to a natural position of leadership in Grymoire because he was able to wield the greatest amount of power therein.
First World of Origin:

Knight in the Golden MaskEdit

CV: Richard Tatum / Hideyuki Tanaka
Age: Immeasurable
Notes: Masklike face / No discernable torso / Hints of iambic pentameter / Creepy laugh
Soul Beneath the Armor:
Zona Seeker Segwarides
Brains, Not Brawn
Like Pellinore, Segwarides copied himself into the body of a human in order to join Brandelis in Grymoire. And just like with Pellinore, he was unable to take the full extent of his power along for the ride. However, Segwarides was able to bring his most formidable weapon—his devious mind—and has been able to draw from it without restraint, even in Grymoire.
On Stealing a Body
Despite leaving their powers behind, Segwarides and Pellinore also gained powers upon entering Grymoire: namely, the powers of their human hosts. The so-called Bahamutian Federation's hold on the bulk of Grymoire Mirages can largely be attributed to Lusse and Rorrik's abilities. However, because of Pellinore's continued failure to fully subjugate Lusse, her command of Lusse's powers remains inconsistent. Lann and Reynn have been far more successful at stealing Mirages back from the Bahamutian Army.
Destiny Control
Segwarides' numeric designation in the Exnine Knights is Ex9-I-3. One of his talents is "destiny control," the ability to direct the course of history through prophecies. By scripting the future he seeks and letting others believe they are destined to make it happen, he can guide the world toward a preestablished harmony. However, he cannot simply tell people what to do; the prophecy must contain convincing steps and criteria. Thus, achieving results can be a long and agonizing process.
First World of Origin:

Thane of SaroniaEdit

CV: Joe Ochman / Ryo Horikawa
Age in Grymoire: 45
Notes: Thane of Saronia / Refia's uncle / Bahamutian soldier / Fate, destiny, crumbling cookies, etc. / Obsessed with being a part of something bigger
Soul Beneath the Armor:
Unknown; armor indicates an elite Bahamutian soldier
Sentient Soldier
Refia's uncle Takka was merely the guise for a Bahamutian soldier—but not just any soldier. Unlike the other Bahamutian grunts Lann and Reynn have encountered, this one is capable of thought, speech, and self-determination. No wonder Segwarides entrusted him with an entire nation in the Federation.
Who Is He?
Refie's uncle Takka perished when his body was seized by the Bahamutian soldier. Consider for a moment the similarities to how Reynn and Lann's parents were taken over, and the picture becomes a little clearer.
Segwarides summoned him to Grymoire, but he is not an Exnine Knight. Who, then? What you can take away is this: there may be many entities out there who, while unable to become Exnine Knights themselves, fight alongside them all the same. How fascinating that a manipulator of destiny like Segwarides summoned someone who obsesses over destiny in order to change destiny.
In the end, however, destiny had its own plan: that the thief who stole Takka's body face the consequences, and be undone by Takka's own nemesis.
First World of Origin:
FINAL FANTASY III: As Takka, in the remake


CV: Jennifer Hale / Keiko Han
Age: 44
(In flashbacks)
Notes: Reynn and Lann's mother / Queen of the Keepers / Sigils on both arms / Divine miracles / Kind mother / "Turn those corners up"
Lusse Farna's Past
A Jiant Queen who used to rule over the original Nine Wood Hills. She possessed extraordinary power, even compared to generations of Farnas. The divine sigils on both her arms (of which Lann and Reynn inherited one each) marked her as a worker of divine miracles. Before and after acceding to the throne at a young age, she produced countless wonders, such that history still remembers her as the Sovereign of Miracles.
One of Lusse Farna's greatest achievements was to create, with the help of her future husband, Rorrik, a special crystal knife capable of subduing Mirages. These knives, which came to be known as "widgets," brought Grymoire's Mirages under Farna control and kept them from terrorizing the people.
Lusse was a good queen, full of integrity and dignity, and one who put down her foot when needed. But when it came to her own children, she was the same as many mothers: full of love, and sometimes too lenient. We know now that more discipline was called for, as the twins' abuse of the power they gained had terrible repercussions for the world to come.
The Power of Breakers
One of Lusse's abilities was that of a "Breaker." This godlike power allowed her to subvert the world's rules—literally break them—and perform seemingly impossible feats. One of these feats was containing Lann and Reynn's home, Nine Wood Hills, in its own private world, and splicing that world out of Grymoire.
Breaker power manifests itself most visibly in the arms, transforming them into superhuman shapes. This phenomenon can be traced back to Enna Kros—or more specifically, the royal line of Alexander. It is tricky to hide and control, especially for humans that Alexander has passed it on to. Even the great Enna Kros finds her right arm willfully transforming into Alexander's when she least expects it; in male form, it is the left arm that occasionally gives Alexander away.
First World of Origin:


CV: Richard Tatum / Hideyuki Tanaka
Age: 42
(In flashbacks)
Notes: Lann and Reynn's father / Lusse's public and private pillar of support / Glasses / Kind father who tried to rein his children in / Married into the Farna family
Rorrik's Past
An unsung source of support to Lusse Farna during her life. Rorrik remained out of public view, knowing that the queen was the ruler her people needed to look to. However, many of the miracles she made happen would not have been possible without Rorrik's help. For example, the crystal knives, or "widgets," used to control Mirages were his invention.
Rorrik made it a point to keep his work shrouded in utmost secrecy, even from his children (or perhaps because they were his children). As a result, they arguably had less respect for him than their famous mother. Rorrik loved them too much to resent it, but his attempts to rein them in and discipline them rarely worked. Being a father was something he struggled with greatly.
The Power of Architects
Rorrik was an "Architect." (This is not to be confused with the civic rank system established by Segwarides, a lie inspired by Rorrik's powers.) Under the right set of conditions, Architects have the superhuman ability to create matter from nothing. Their creations make the imaginary real and defy the laws of nature—which puts Rorrik's powers, like Lusse's, on the same level as a god's.
The artificial Nine Wood Hills in which Reynn and Lann slumbered was also of Rorrik's construction. However, Lusse's power was required to establish it as an actual world.
Together, the two of them had the power to create worlds, power history had never before seen. With the Farnas ruling Grymoire form on high, their contemporaries must have been convinced that their golden age of peace had begun.
Rorrik's Eyes
You may have noted that, despite the deific power coursing through him, Rorrik did not manifest that power on his body, as with the sigils on Lusse's arms. The reason for this is because his power came not from the hands, but from the mind. His sigil would have been on his brain, and while we never witnessed it during this story, his eyes transformed into something other than human whenever he used his abilities. Continued use of his skills caused his human eyesight to deteriorate terribly, to the point where he could not see at all without magical intervention.
Rorrik's glasses are something he made with Lusse, and they allowed him to see past any illusion. Is it possible Lann's imagination and abstract way of thinking are actually some sort of fail-safe to keep his abilities as an Architect in check? (Yes, that's a serious question.)
First World of Origin:

The Girl Who Forgot Her NameEdit

CV: Jade Pettyjohn / Aya Hirano
Age: Immeasurable
Notes: Guardian of a large clock / The color white / Butterflies / Tea / Young girl / Seriously does not, in fact, remember her name
She Woke Them Up
Enna Kros had been keeping a close eye on the artificial Nine Wood Hills, but the figure responsible for actually waking the twins from their slumber there was this girl, a friend of Enna Kros's.
In a dream, the Girl foresaw that Segwarides had devised a way to bring about the end of Reynn and Lann's world, and their time was running out. Oh no! the Girl thought. She loves that world, and it's going to be destroyed. Maybe it's time to wake them up...
No doubt you've figured it out, but this is the "girl with the ribbon" that showed up in Tama's dreams.
A Fallen God
The Girl came from outside the Realms of Fantasy created by Alexander (Enna Kros); she's something like a fallen god. Her original world, known as "Sigma Harmonics," was very different indeed.
As for why she decided to share her powers with Lann and Reynn: basically, she's doing it for her BFF. The Girl knew the twins were important to Enna Kros, and gave them the kindest gift she knew how to offer.
(Probably) Safe
Naturally, the Girl was the one to answer Tamamohimé's call and help change Grymoire's history, but the laws she leveraged to do so are alien to Grymoire and thus will not be expounded upon here.
A very small number of you may have been to the Girl's original world before. And so an even smaller number may be curious: can the Sigma act upon Enna Kros's Realms of Fantasy? The answer is no... At least, that's not supposed to happen.
Her True Identity
Originally, her soul belonged to a girl who did have a name. In the world of Sigma Harmonics, this girl brought about a great miracle, but paid the price for it and became a sort of demi-demon: one with the power to meddle with history. After these events, she and the boy who was banished with her to the rift had their fates altered yet again, and became demon gods.
Pocket of the Universe
Before arriving in the strange space adjacent to Grymoire along with her big clock, the Girl had to travel there from the Extraverse. One such pathway was opened after the diabolos-king lost control of his own power over fantasy.
You might say something rather...big...happened in the world of the diabolos (largely due to the actions of Aris, a young man whose form Alexander sometimes takes). The Girl ended up fusing her powers of time with the diabolos' powers of fantasy and creating a pocket in the universe from which she could control both.
It was in that world that Enna Kros (Alexander) gained her power to create the Realms of Fantasy, and ever since she and the Girl have been friends.
Gods Get Around
Enna Kros has her fingers in more than one dimensional pie, but she's certainly not the only god with the power to traverse a multitude of worlds. Gods (like cats) get around. This means some pretty legitimate deities end up passing through the A-Worlds now and then. Thankfully, Enna Kros is laid-back and likeable enough that she (usually? mostly?) gets along with the rest of divine society without too much trouble.
But even if enemies do appear, gods or otherwise, she has built the A-Worlds to be nigh impervious to invaders. (The fact that it took the godlike Exnine Knights as long as it did to get even one foot in the door is testament to that.) A being on a higher plane might change the situation, but that's why Alexander is seeking to become just such a creating infinite Realms of Fantasy. It's about quantity, not just quality.
First World of Origin:

Warrior of LightEdit

CV: Grant George / Toshihiko Seki
Age in Grymoire: 20
Notes: Stalwart soldier / Role model / Brigade captain
From Medium to Champion
This legendary hero fights for truth, justice, and the Cornelian way.
When we first met the Warrior of Light, he was just another brigade captain in Cornelia's royal army. However, after being touched by the twins' mysterious light, he awakened as a Champion.
Where Are the Other Warriors?
In Grymoire, it was a nameless soldier who awakened as the Warrior of Light.
But the Warriors of Light take many forms in many worlds. Perhaps you know of a few yourself. And perhaps those other Warriors may set foot in Grymoire one day, if they have not already.
Soul Searching
Grymoire's creator has marked certain people with unique and powerful souls as Mediums. Each Medium is a candidate with the potential to awaken as one of Grymoire's greatest defenders, the Champions.
These souls are chosen from many worlds and copied over to an "A-World" like Grymoire in order to potentially become its Champion. But for the system to work, their lives must be reconstructed and adapted to the target world without changing the elements of their souls that made them so valuable in the first place.
Interestingly, though, they often go on to lead lives similar to those of their originals. They are not supposed to remember who or what they once were... But over innumerable years and innumerable lives, some of these recreated souls seem to retain hazy memories of lives past. The Warrior of Light is one such special case, but in Grymoire, he is not the only one.
First Worlds of Origin:
FINAL FANTASY: As one of four heroes
DISSIDIA -FINAL FANTASY-: As a distinct character

Princess SarahEdit

CV: Brooke Lyons / Harumi Ichiryusai
Age in Grymoire: 21
Notes: Determined ruler of Cornelia / Elegant, kind, and polite / Disguises herself as a commoner to visit town
Streetwise Sovereign
Princess Sarah isn't one to warm a throne. The princess is convinced the only way to truly know her people is to walk among them.
One moment she's sneaking off into town; the next, she's rushing off to some battlefield. It's so compulsive that even she surprises herself with where she ends up. The brigade captain shadows her on these excursions to ensure her safety, but she has yet to realize it.
As for Princess Sarah's "disguise", well...she isn't fooling anyone. What she considers common clothing is actually quite fine; between that and her refined speech, she sticks out like a sore thumb. Still, the Cornelians do their best to humor her. What a warmhearted and considerate people!
Summoners and Early Cornelia
Legend says that the founder of Cornelia was a summoner, but Princess Sarah has inherited none of those abilities. Not that surprising, since in Grymoire, and especially among the Lilikin, such powers are rarely passed along family lines. In most cases, a summoner is chosen by an esper who recognizes her worth.
Records show that after Cornelia's first age, no summoners have been born in the kingdom. As a result, the guardian and familiar of the kingdom itself, the Lute of Ragnarok, has lain in a deep sleep for generations.
First World of Origin:


CV: Julie Nathanson / Seiko Ueda
Age in Grymoire: Immeasurable
Notes: Wears glasses just for show / Washes from world to world / Chocolatte Mart proprietor / Chocochick / Choco-boco-lina? / Choco-boco-ching!
Hither and Thither
A choco-gal with the habit of appearing in the most choco of places at the most choco of times. Has a whole bevy of different greetings for those who stop by her shop, only some of which make sense. It's all about the attitude, and not the content!
She's also an extremely special case who has managed to retain her identity as she moves from world to world. The real mystery, of course, is deciding who the real Chocolatte is: the woman, or the chocochick on her head. ...What do you mean, it never crossed your mind?
Choco-stential Crisis
Chocolatte used to go by the name Chocolina. But when she found herself in a world without Sazh and Dajh, she began to question her own identity. If the people who named her didn't exist here, then wouldn't she, by extension, be unable to know for certain whether she was, in fact, herself?
The more she considered it, the worse her existential crisis became...until the idea dawned on her to just become a new person. So voilà! New glasses, new name...totally different person, right?! Unfortunately, she has yet to fully convince the person who matters: herself.
First World of Origin:


CV: Hedy Burress / Mayuko Aoki
Age in Grymoire: 17
Familiar: Valefor
Notes: Leader of Grymoire's few summoners / Mature and responsible for her age / Seems kind of tense / The pyreflies seen with her are not the ones you know
Leader Among Summoners
There are few alive today in Grymoire who have the power of the summoners, and even fewer actively practicing the art. Worried that their legacy may soon die out, Yuna resolved to take up the burden of preserving their techniques for future generations. It's stressful, but satisfying work.
Yuna is close with Rydia and Eiko. The two younger summoners admire Yuna's maturity and look up to her as a kind of big sister. She tries to teach by example, but the strain of being "on" all the time was starting to get to her... That's when she met Tidus. Although she still hasn't realized it, he's quickly becoming the person she leans on when things get tough.
I'll Come Running
Anyone familiar with the original Yuna might remember a certain series of events during which she learned how to whistle. Lilikin or not, Grymoire or not, it's hard not to smile when watching these two have a nostalgic little exchange like this.
Developer's Note
We all really do love this gal. More than with any other character, we had people on the team complain fiercely that "Yuna would never do that!" during production. Still, the Grymoirian Yuna is the Grymoirian Yuna, and while we acknowledged everyone's objections, we did our best to create a new Yuna while still paying homage to the old. We hope you like her as much as ever!
First World of Origin:


CV: Megan Goldsmith / Yoko Hikasa
Age in Grymoire: 15
Notes: Wields healing magic / Gentle and kind
Daughter of Saronia
Refia was chased out of house and home by her only living relative, her uncle Takka. Given no reason for her exile, she did her best to keep her spirits up and forget her troubles. However, when she saw the woes the people of Saronia faced as a Federation state, she could remain silent no longer. Ignoring the danger, she left to give her uncle a piece of her mind. But it was already too late...
Sherlotta's Friend and Ward
Sherlotta discovered Refia one day collapsed and freezing in the snow. She took in and cared for the exiled girl, and they've been fast friends ever since.
It may surprise you that the strong-willed, independent Refia could get along so well with the tough, no-nonsense Sherlotta. But Refia is a good-natured and honest girl. So while she might not show it, Refia will never forget that she owes Sherlotta her life.
Why a White Mage?
The original Refia had the ability to freely switch between multiple skillsets known as "jobs." However, she was a white mage when her soul was noticed and brought into Grymoire, and so it was a white mage she became.
Life as a healer and her relationship with Sherlotta have shaped Refia. If she had been another job when her soul was brought over, she might have developed into an entirely different person.
First World of Origin:
FINAL FANTASY III: In the remake


CV: Stephanie Sheh / Marina Inoue
Age in Grymoire: Redacted by the, er, young lady in question
(Apparently, reeeally old)
Notes: Calm and composed due to age and experience / Has a menacing streak / Zero patience for foolishness / Runs an inn (but why?)
She's a Kitty?!
Wait, why can she change into a feline? In her own words: "Cats get around." Not the clearest answer, but it's all you're going to get.
Interesting fact! Sherlotta originally thought of Refia as nothing more than a stray cat she brought in from the cold. It's probably for the best that Refia never caught on...
The Grymoirian Sherlotta
Perhaps it's an unavoidable side effect of living as long as she has, but Sherlotta tends to be distant and uninterested in the world around her. If she hadn't sensed the goodness in Refia's soul, she might have just left the girl out to freeze. Still, once she decides someone is worth saving, that person is in good hands.
Perhaps Sherlotta has come to think of Refia as a daughter, but don't make the mistake of asking her. Can you imagine the thunder and the fury? "You idiot! I'm too young to be a mother!" And an angry Sherlotta is a fearsome Sherlotta indeed.
Inseparable Souls
If you're convinced Sherlotta and the Undead Princess were made to mess with each other, you might just be right. As with many Mediums and Champions who had close ties in their original worlds, some force seems to draw Sherlotta and the Undead Princess together no matter what world they're in.
Sherlotta's Secret
You may also be wondering who Sherlotta really is, and if her histoy here parallels that of the original. At least one thing is different: in Grymoire, she can change her form at will.
Then again, Reynn and Lann can change into Lilikin form. Mirages can transfig themselves. Even Enna Kros changes her appearance depending on the world she's visiting... Maybe the rules governing metamorphosis in the A-Worlds are pretty loose? Actually, let's drop that subject.
Sherlotta seemed hesitant to let Refia go into town. If you've played FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: Echoes of Time, then you might remember her fussing over someone else who wanted to go into town. What has she got against towns, anyway?
First World of Origin:


CV: Emily O'Brien / Rie Tanaka
Age in Grymoire: 20
Notes: Presents as male / Drop-dead gorgeous / Captains a crew of pirate moogles / Thinks of Syldra as family and can converse with her
In League
Even before meeting Lann and Reynn, Faris had her suspicions about the newly federated Saronia. This is why she formed a mutually beneficial relationship with a certain organization.
Her Sworn Enemy
Faris's family has spent generations searching for a Mirage that crossed paths with an ancestor many long years ago...
Fighting Friends
For some of you, it was obvious the moment Quistis showed up, but the "certain organization" Faris teamed up with is SeeD (one part of the League of S).
Quistis had come to Saronia to investigate the new chain binding the city and why the land stayed frozen year-round. However, it didn't take long for her to run afoul of the feisty pirate Faris. Thankfully, beating the stuffing out of each other fostered a sort of mutual respect that developed into a strong friendship.
Since then, Quistis has helped Faris run goods, and Faris has been a valuable asset in the League's covert operations.
Apparently the Mirage who hurt Faris's ancestor was Bismarck, not Leviathan. Still, haughty as she is, Leviathan is not completely without conscience. Even if Reynn and Lann had not intervened on Faris's behalf, you can be certain the Queen of the Sea would have sought Bismarck out and done him in.
The Grymoirian Faris
Faris has not forged relationships with the people she knew in her original world, nor does her sister seem to exist here either. As a result, Faris has had no reason to get in touch with her feminine side. But in that sense, Grymoire has allowed her to be herself.
First World of Origin:


CV: Kristina Pesic / Miyuki Sawashiro
Age in Grymoire: 18
Notes: Lass in glasses / Secret agent / Cautious and calculating / Generous enough to give away a fastcraft / Not generous enough to include a parachute
A Cunning Strategist
Quistis is a wily and worldly woman who knows just what's needed to grease the wheels of the political machine. When it came time to investigate Icicle Ridge, she immediately readied a juicy bribe for the thane—the fastcraft—but quickly shifted strategies in light of new information. While you might think her capricious for this, that is most certainly not the case. Quistis merely reallocated her resources to where they would do the most good. Once she learned Reynn and Lann were the Jiants from the Hills, she considered the prophecies and decided that helping the twins progress was a more productive course of action.
SeeD's Leader
Quistis is SeeD's leader. Her organization controls Balamb Garden and the airships—highly advanced technology that is beyond the ken of even Grymoire's brightest minds. Funny, then, that even with all that at her disposal, one of her greatest passions is said to be a card game.
The Wiser Choice
When Quistis went up against Faris, she had no idea who she was dealing with. Faris's kupirate crew was one thing. But when Syldra appeared, Quistis knew she was done for. Thus she challenged Faris to fisticuffs not because she thought she could win, but because taking a few punches seemed a lot better than, you know, dying.
Squall's Influence?
Quistis is too busy running SeeD to step out onto the front lines. Is that why she wears glasses? Because she doesn't have to worry about breaking them?
Then again, in some A-Worlds, she doesn't wear glasses... Maybe she only does that when Squall is around. Or maybe that's just, uh, spec-ulation.
First World of Origin:


CV: Tara Strong / Marika Matsumoto
Age in Grymoire: 15
Notes: Superhuman swimmer / Can hold her breath seemingly forever / Treasure hunter / Happy-go-lucky / Makes up funny words / Disasterrific (in the good way)
Marine Treasure Hunter
After learning how to breathe underwater (patent pending), Rikku realized her time was best spent scouring the sea for awesome trejjies. She boasts that she can hold her breath for up to an entire day. (Aha! So apparently it's not forever.)
Fashion Savvy
Although she's about the same age as she was in FINAL FANTASY X, her outfit resembles the one she had in FINAL FANTASY X-2.
In Grymoire, she still hasn't met Yuna or Tidus. But if she ever does, they're guaranteed to get along!
Gullwings Wanted!
Rikku is looking to make a career out of treasure hunting, and has started recruiting members for her team, which she's calling "the Gullwings."
Rikku bumped into Yuna on a recent excursion and immediately took a liking to her. Now, if she can just find a way to get Yuna to join up...
Trejjie-Wejjie, La La La La La!
Rikku and Bartz seemed to really hit it off, didn't they? Their combined optimism and contagious spirit of adventure must have created some sort of perpetual energy loop that charged their fun meters to the max. Even Ifrit couldn't help but get bowled over.
(Although, Bartz did seem a little more self-aware than Rikku. Maybe he was just playing along?)
First World of Origin:


CV: Rachael Leigh Cook / Ayumi Ito
Age in Grymoire: 20
Notes: Aspiring martial artist / Seems cheerful and outgoing, but is actually quite shy / "Whoa! It finally worked!" / A cowgirl? Really?
She's There When You Need Her
Even though Tifa had never met Reynn and Lann, she still put herself in danger to rescue them. Call it heroic or call it reckless, Tifa just isn't the kind of woman to leave anyone stuck in a jam.
Tifa's Dream
Tifa makes ends meet as a guide in Babil, but hopes to one day save up enough to open her own restaurant. She'd be in seventh heaven if she ever made it happen.
Ready to Wrangle
Tifa's wearing her CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- outfit. However, she's the same age as she was in FINAL FANTASY VII.
A Childhood Friend
When Tifa ran into Cloud during the Cogna invasion, she was shocked to discover that he was the same Cloud she grew up with. But whether or not Cloud remembers her is anyone's guess.
The Mysterious Master
Tifa was badly hurt during a calamity that befell the village of Mist, which stood where Nibelheim does today. The man who would become her master just happened to be visiting the village and saved her life. Ever since, she's been his loyal student and disciple in the martial arts.
And clearly, he doesn't go easy on her. In fact, she now assumes that every horrible crisis she encounters must be some part of her master's training. Which makes you wonder what he's put her through...
Oh, and in case you're wondering... Sorry! Tifa's master will not be making an appearance this time.
First World of Origin:


CV: Caroline Macey / Noriko Shitaya
Age in Grymoire: 16
Familiar: Mist Dragon
Notes: Summoner / Researching the Crimson Prophecy / Looks up to Yuna as a role model
Bad Memories
Rydia has a paralyzing fear of fire, brought on by the trauma she experienced when a calamity befell her home village of Mist. She lost her family that day, and even now sees the inferno that consumed them in every spark or flicker of flame. And try as she might, she has yet to overcome her phobia.
Growing Up
The original Rydia from FINAL FANTASY IV underwent a rather unique aging process during her time in the Feymarch, but here in Grymoire she has grown up at the same pace as any other girl. As a result, she's a little bit more down-to-earth than you might remember.
Rydia's mother was also a summoner, which makes the two of them a rarity in Grymoire, where Lilikin do not generally pass on such powers to their children.
Fighting Fire
Since meeting Reynn and Lann, Rydia has made great progress in overcoming her fear of flames. She's still got a ways to go, but the healing has already begun.
Her Mother's Familiar
When a familiar loses the summoner that brought them to a world, it also loses the source of magic that allows it to linger there. Once the magic their summoner invested in them finally fades, they must return whence they came.
However, some masterless familiars prove to be powerful, resourceful, and intelligent creatures. They secure sources of magic that allow them to remain in the world long after their summoners have died. The mist dragon Rydia's mother summoned is one such Mirage.
Prismarium Prison Breaks
Among the Mirages that Reynn and Lann capture, some—like the seven known as the Pleiad—are powerful enough to secure their own magical sources, leave the confines of their prismariums, and wander about the world at will, even while their souls remain beholden. (If they are called upon, they are forcibly teleported back.)
However, this is only possible if the prismarium's master is not paying attention. To put it simply, picture a heavy door in every prismarium that leads to the world outside. If the Mirage is strong enough and no one's watching, it can push the door open and head along on its merry way. However, if the door is kept under lock and key, then no matter of pushing can force it open.
Long ago, Lann and Reynn captured a great number of Mirages, but left the doors to virtually all of their prismariums wide open and unguarded. Because of this, many Mirages—the Pleiad in particular—rampaged across Grymoire and made trouble for everyone. And Lann and Reynn, as the cause of this sorry state of affairs, became known as the Demon Dyad.
First World of Origin:


CV: Troy Baker / Daisuke Ono
Age in Grymoire: 21
Notes: Ribbity-rib-ribbit! / Nice bandana, bro / Kind of an airhead / Kind of a hothead / Always ready to fight for someone
Snow couldn't contain his curiosity when he saw a shiny golden toad. But when he tried to pick up the thing, blam! Toad-cursed. The first thing he thought after being toadified wasn't how to turn himself back, but if he could deal with eating flies. Classic Snow.
This isn't the first Snow who's run into trouble with a rogue flan. Maybe it's just his destiny. In any case, no matter how absurd the circumstances this time, he's still dead serious about stopping his wobbly nemesis once and for all.
Is Lightning Snow's Sister?
Snow called Lightning "Sis," but are they related? Well, not by blood. But as you may have guessed, Snow and Lightning's relationship here is essentially the same as it was in their original world.
Unfortunately, Lightning's younger sister doesn't make an appearance this time, but perhaps one day she'll rise as a Champion and you'll have a chance to meet her.
Not a Summoner?
Snow has the ability to summon a special Mirage, Shiva-Ixion. And yet, he insists that he isn't a summoner.
Summoners are individuals who open pathways to other worlds, then use their magic to form pacts with Mirages. However, Snow is different. Unlike a summoner, Snow was given a power—some consider it a curse—that turned his left arm into a sort of magical instrument. Channeling magic through it, he made a pact with Shiva-Ixion.
In Snow's original world, this would brand him as a l'Cie; however, there are no fal'Cie in Grymoire. Still, he must have obtained this power in a fundamentally similar way.
First World of Origin:


CV: Ali Hillis / Maaya Sakamoto
Age in Grymoire: 21
Notes: Virtuous / Looks out for other people / On the stoic side / Genius with a sword / One of this age's greatest warriors
Reading Into the Outfit
Lightning is looking great in her outfit from LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII. But does that mean her soul might actually be over 500 years old? No wonder it only took her 21 years in Grymoire to become something of a living legend—and that was before the twins awakened her.
Lightning's superhuman skills drew the attention of Quistis and Squall, who tracked her down and persuaded her to lend her strength to the League of S.
Between failing to catch the poison in Lann and Reynn's drinks and letting the bad guys get the upper hand, the Grymoirian Lightning seems to be surprisingly careless. Maybe it's because the burdens she bears are relatively light, and she's never been in quite as desperate a situation as her original. Note that she puts a surprising amount of faith in her allies in the League of S. Maybe she knows it's okay to slip up now and then if you have friends to lean on. And that makes her a little more human.
Watch and Learn
You may think, "If only I knew Odin's Zantetsuken. I could defeat any enemy with a single strike!" Sorry to get your hopes up, kiddo, but that's not necessarily true. Just going through the motions isn't enough; the technique requires power and skill. Imagine Odin's surprise, then, when Lightning attempted the move without so much as practicing!
Well, there's more to Lightning than meets the eye. The very first thing that Lightning thought to do with her new technique was destroy the golden flan (aka the Big Jiggle) and save Snow and her younger sister's village.
First World of Origin:


CV: Ray Chase / Shin-ichiro Miki
Age in Grymoire: 27
Notes: King of Figaro / Owns a big sand castle (sort of) / Loves the ladies / "The churl never gets the girl" / Voiced by a true FF fan
An Eye for the Ladies
Day after day, Edgar struggles with an ethical quagmire from which he just can't escape. On the one hand, he must flirt with all the ladies. On the other, he knows that this can be taken as rude, and one should never be rude to a lady. What to do?!
Additionally, Edgar still hasn't quite decided where to draw the line between "girl" and "lady." It seems that Reynn falls into the former category, and not the latter.
The Desert Castle
Edgar's castle rose from the sands with a tremor and a roar. Although its chain-like leash might suggest the Federation had a hand in such a trick, Figaro Castle's ability to submerge is uniquely its own.
Figaro Castle, Midgar, and the Underground Prison
Strap yourselves in, because we're breaking the fourth wall.
Figaro Castle is, without a doubt, the most preposterous facility in all of Grymoire. To be honest, it never made any sense. A castle that can burrow into sand? How does that even work?!
Well, we've ratcheted up the implausible factor to the max by strapping a facility named after FFVII's Midgar to the bottom of it, complete with DIRGE of CERBERUS's Mako Reactor 0. Add to the mix one boss straight out of FFIX—hi, Vivi! To top it all off, if you look at the submerged portion of the castle, it's painfully obvious from the construction that it's an evolved version of the drills on that desert prison in FFVIII...
Honestly, even we think we might have gone too far this time.
Eidolons as Living Structures
Enna Kros hints at this, but in case you didn't catch it: in every A-World, massive eidolons can take the form of buildings or weapons. In Grymoire, there are at least four known examples of this:
  • Big Bridge Alexander
  • Eden of Balamb
  • The Lute of Ragnarok
  • The Midgardian Ormr
(And in fact, there's one more, but we'll save that for another entry.)
Eiko is Big Bridge Alexander's caretaker. The Eden of Balamb is guarded by Quistis, Squall, and SeeD. The Lute of Regnarok, Cornelia's guardian, has been revived and magically charged by Ramuh's Judgment Staff. And the Midgardian Ormr sleeps beneath Figaro Castle, under Edgar's watchful eye.
The Ormr stands out because no one has realized yet that it is an eidolon. And that suits it just fine for now, since it is able to convert Grymoire's geotic energy into mako whenever it requires more magic.
When eidolons and Mirages materialize in a new world, oftentimes they don't quite fully make it. When this happens, their primary characteristics are emphasized and reforged into a new form, such as a specialized facility or a powerful weapon. Long, long ago, some Cogna failed to push their way into Roksanne and Aris's world. The weapons they became were discovered and wielded by great heroes. But this directly led to a Cogna invasion, which in turn invited the creation of a new, terrifying type of being: the amalgamations known as the Exnine Knights.
First World of Origin:

Captain of the GuardEdit

CV: Crispin Freeman / Masaya Onosaka
Notes: The name says it all / Except his actual name / Willing to lay down his life for the kingdom
Master of Disguise
The captain was tasked with providing support to the two key players in the plan to free Figaro: Reynn and Lann. But in order to elude the Federation's agents, he disguised himself as a prisoner in rags.
You can see the captain takes his job seriously—he spent hours writing all his lines. But let's face it: that was one ham-and-cheese-sandwich of a performance. It goes without saying that his acting abilities are a regular topic of jokes in the barracks.
Vivi's Vindication
The captain was convinced Vivi and the Black Mages were just more spies the Federation left lurking beneath Figaro. He tried everything in his power to oust them as traitors, but in the end, the purity of Vivi's heart won even the distrustful captain over.
First World of Origin:


CV: Doug Erholtz / Hideo Ishikawa
Age in Grymoire: 17
Notes: Mercenary / Follows orders / SeeD / Gunblade / Handily saves Lann and Reynn from certain death
SeeD is a group of elite mercenaries whose current primary focus is overthrowing the Bahamutian Federation. Its ranks include such notable figures as Squall and Quistis.
King Edgar of Figaro hired SeeD to help free his castle from the Federation's chain. SeeD's support was invaluable in this operation, and they provided crucial support to the forcibly drafted heroes of the day, Lann and Reynn.
The League of S
Cloud and Shelke work for Shinra, and Squall and Quistis work for SeeD. When these two powerful groups joined forces against the Bahamutian Federation, they became a powerful alliance known as the League of S—which, as you've figured out by now, comes from the first letter of their names.
The League's Troubled History
Shinra and SeeD—their alliance poses a formidable threat to the Bahamutian Federation.
However, their cause saw a major setback when a mysterious incident at Shinra's former HQ in Nibelheim resulted in the disappearance of its researchers and top brass. After the incident, SeeD stepped in and assumed command of Shinra's mercenary group, known as SOLDIER. That is why Cloud and Shelke now report to Quistis.
SeeD's Headquarters
The floating city of Balamb Garden serves as SeeD's airborne base of operations. However, until Eiko took a closer look, no one had ever suspected the Garden was actually a colossal eidolon.
Occasionally, alien technology is discovered in Grymoire: strange artifacts from places and eras unknown. SeeD has worked tirelessly to find this technology and exploit it in their fight against the Federation. The airships they used to discover Balamb Garden are a perfect example.
The Garden itself also proved to be a gold mine of useful tech: drawing, junctioning, and weapons like the gunblade. With the support of Shinra's brilliant researchers, these discoveries were modernized and put into practice.
Leadership Material
Squall has always been a man of few words—a lone wolf. However, with so few fighters of his caliber to choose from, SeeD has had to keep Squall on the front lines, where his comrades expect him to get them through the danger. As a result, he's more of a leader than he knows.
In case you're wondering, Seifer doesn't exist here in Grymoire, so someone else gave Squall that scar on his face. Rumor has it that when he first started training with Cloud and Lightning, he went home every day covered with scrapes and bruises. You don't think that one of them...?
This may surprise you, but Squall is the youngest core member of the League of S. (Yup, even younger than Shelke!) His poise and experience make him seem older than he actually is.
First World of Origin:


CV: Kari Wahlgren / Fumiko Orikasa
Age in Grymoire: 19
Notes: Shinra / SOLDIER / Colorless and expressionless / Careful planner / Uncomfortable with flattery
Shelke is a master of Countertek, an impressive skill that allows her to neutralize other techniques and mechanisms. However, it cannot act on latent forces. This is why she pushed Lann and Reynn as hard as she did; the twins' suppressors had to be working at full power in order for Shelke to target those suppressors.
So why not give a heads-up? Most likely, she just couldn't be bothered. If something needs to get done, she's not one to sit around and talk about it. Maybe Shelke wanted to test the twins' skill and resolve firsthand—but if so, she's not telling.
As you might expect, Shelke is frequently misunderstood, and she rarely seeks or receives the gratitude of others. So when Tama spoke out for her, and Lann told her she was the "bestest," it really caught her off guard.
The Tsviets
Shelke works for Shinra as a member of both SOLDIER and the elite force known as the Tsviets. The Tsviets' members have colors for code names, but Shelke's code name—Shelke the Transparent—sets her apart as special, even among her already extraordinary peers.
Emotionally Detached
The nightmares Diabolos subjected Shelke to were twisted versions of reality—but they were still, to some extent, true.
Shelke's life has not been sugar and rainbows, and she's learned to cut herself off from her emotions in order to cope. Additionally, it's in her nature to put all her energy into the task at hand, so she frequently overlooks details she has determined don't matter. For example, she only realized the strangeness of a Mirage like Tama talking when Vivi pointed it out to her.
All the same, the lack of distractions gives her complete objectivity, so she's surprisingly good at reading other people's feelings. Ironic, isn't it?
First World of Origin:


CV: Kath Soucie / Ikue Otani
Age in Grymoire: Unknown
(In a way, his life has only just begun)
Notes: Black Mage / Purehearted / Grappling with his place and purpose
Finding His Identity
The twins and friends discover Vivi deep in the heart of Mako Reactor 0, the underground facility beneath Figaro Castle. In the heat of the resulting battle, he unexpectedly becomes self-aware.
In Grymoire, Vivi is the only Black Mage from the reactor to gain powers of speech.
The Key's Hidden Purpose
When the four keys were hidden, each also served as a sort of cork to bottle up the power of one of the Pleiad. Such was their magic.
The keys also served as a kind of trap, luring Mirages like flies to their honey. After being discarded, the Black Mages gravitated toward the Key of Earth, and the most powerful among them, Vivi, came to possess the key.
Was that all part of Enna Kros's grand strategy? Whatever the case, it turned out to be extremely fortunate for Lann and Reynn.
The Black Mages
Over the past hundred years, Segwarides has dabbled in a number of experiments only to cast them aside. The Black Mages were his attempt to create a sort of spell-slinging golem (with a fail-safe, of course).
So how is it one of the so-called Herald's creations came to possess the soul of a Medium? (Yes, that's right.) Perhaps Enna Kros had a few more tricks up her sleeve than anyone realized.
Friend of Figaro
Seeing as Vivi gained sentience in Edgar's domain (or under it, if you want to nitpick), the king felt it was only right to give him and his brethren a chance to find their place and purpose in Figaro.
Since then, Vivi in particular has begun to look up to Edgar, both as a leader and as an adult— Wait, is that okay?! Edgar, a role model? Well, don't panic. Vivi's heart is pure enough to guide him along his own path...probably.
Are you worried about his future? Well, all of that works differently here in Grymoire, even if it is still uncertain.
First World of Origin:


CV: Michaela Murphy / Hisako Kanemoto
Age in Grymoire: 6
Familiar: Fenrir
Notes: Summoner with a horn / Precocious / Big Bridge's caretaker / She doesn't sound 6!
Kindergarten Summoner
Despite her tender age of 6, Eiko is already a skilled summoner. Not only that, she's more independent than many people five times her age. She passes her days caring for and watching over Big Bridge, both for the sake of passing travelers and for Alexander himself. To sum it up, this little girl's competence levels are actually kind of frightening.
Sadly, Big Bridge doesn't see much foot traffic, so Eiko sometimes gets lonely. When visitors come a-stopping by, she always strikes up a long conversation.
Fond Friends
By the time Eiko was old enough to walk, she had already gained the knowledge, skill, and poise required to be a first-class summoner. It's a shame her family isn't around to see how far she has come... Oh, but don't worry, it's not what you think. Eiko simply decided to strike out on her own. (Calling her "precocious" would be an understatement.)
Eiko is very fond of Rydia and Lady Yuna, and they see each other quite often. In a way, they have become her new family.
The Fenrir Primes
Eiko used to live alongside moogles and other Mirages. Now that she's a full-fledged summoner, she is accompanied only by her familiar, Fenrir, wth whom she shares her magic.
Eiko's Fenrir may bear a striking similarity to the fenrirs you get by transfigging white nakks, but his soul is actually a little different. Eiko's Fenrir is a special variant called a "prime." The primes govern the power of the moon, and are not to be trifled with.
Still, if Lann and Reynn manage to transfig a white nakk, they can get a glimpse of the fenrir tribe's true glory.
Summoners call the original souls of their familiars from their original worlds, which, as you'll come to learn, makes them very different from Mirage Keepers. One thing is for certain: most familiars are far more powerful than your run-of-the-mill Grymoirian Mirage.
First World of Origin:


CV: Jason Spisak / Soichiro Hoshi
Age in Grymoire: 20
Notes: Travels with a chocobo / Believes helping strangers is just what you do / Tied by fate to someone not-so-great
Road Warrior
Wherever the wind blows, there you will find Bartz and his constant companion, Boko. Sometimes treasure hunter, sometimes monster hunter, sometimes champion of justice—whatever Bartz is up to today, you know it'll be for the good of those in need. No matter how difficult the challenge, he'll solve it with style and aplomb before disappearing into the sunset.
Bartz's quest to explore the world isn't mere fancy, but rather the dying wish of his father.
Nothing can contain Bartz's boundless enthusiasm and thirst for adventure. With a sack over his shoulder and a song in his heart, he travels from place to place, a smile on his lips as he faces even the most hopeless of situations. He can even match the ever-exuberant Rikku's excitement levels, and that's no easy feat.
Perhaps Bartz has doubts and worries like anyone else, and never lets them show. Or...maybe he really is just that carefree. But once Bartz decides to involve himself in something, he'll see it through to the end. "Never give up" is his motto, and he never has.
Gilgamesh and I
Bartz has a stalker he just can't shake, and that stalker's name is Gilgamesh. The Bartz here in Grymoire hasn't the slightest inkling why, but back in their world of origin, they have quite the history.
Although Gilgamesh is extremely irritating, he's not really a villain. In fact, a man who sticks by his creed that doggedly deserves some admiration. Of course, if you asked Bartz if he liked the guy, he'd probably just smile and say, "Absolutely can't stand him!" But here in Grymoire, Bartz and Gilgamesh could end up making a pretty good team.
First World of Origin:


CV: Keith Szarabajka / Kazuya Nakai
Age in Grymoire: Immeasurable
Notes: Big Bridge's classic clasher / Not that weird / Actually...yeah, that weird
Batty for Bartz
Gilgamesh has a very special soul. Although he was born in the same world as Bartz, he spent a long, long time wandering the space between dimensions. As such, his memories and his obsession with Bartz have been imprinted upon his soul itself.
So even though his Grymoirian self is just a copy, Gilgamesh still retains some of the emotions his original had. He's similar to the Warrior of Light in this regard.
Batty for Bartz: Continued
When Gilgamesh has a chance encounter with Snow, he shouts "Bartz!" and ends up picking a fight with what he believes must be his nemesis.
There is a logic to these seemingly random actions:
  1. Gilgamesh is destined to fight Bartz (but he doesn't know why).
  2. Bartz must be destined to fight Gilgamesh. (Obviously.)
  3. Therefore, the only person who would dare fight him is Bartz! (Because...right?)
With this ironclad reasoning behind him, Gilgamesh assumes Snow must be a shape-shifted Bartz, and the rest is history. Or insanity.
Snow and Gilgamesh are both excellent conversationalists—that is, if carrying on simultaneous monologues still counts. You have to feel bad for poor Celes...
First World of Origin:


CV: Steve Burton / Takahiro Sakurai
Age in Grymoire: 21
Notes: Buster sword / Chocobo haircut / Former member of SOLDIER / The quiet, serious type / Keeps his cool / Fights against the Federation with the League of S
Cloud and the League
The Grymoirian Cloud used to work for Shinra as a member of SOLDIER. However, a certain incident caused their paths to diverge.
Quistis asked Cloud to stay on with the League of S as a freelance mercenary, and Cloud agreed...under one condition.
The Condition
Cloud’s condition for staying with the League was this: SeeD must agree to help him track a man down, and if Cloud should decide to pursue the manhunt alone, they must not interfere.
Cloud seeks vengeance. His reasons are unclear, but when it comes to this one man, he goes blind with rage.
Enna Kros created the Champions as a kind of antibody to make her worlds and the people within them stronger; when a menace like the Cogna appears, the Champions awaken and fight it off.
But there are also "Antichampions" who work not to save the word, but to destroy it. The man with silver hair whom Cloud is pursuing is just one of these Antichampions.
Naturally, their presence is not tolerated by a world for long, so the silver-haired man may have only a tenuous existence in Grymoire.
The Man with the Silver Hair
Cloud never explains why he holds such a fierce grudge against the silver-haired man. Still, Grymoire’s Mediums often suffer the same fate as their originals. We never meet Zack and Aerith in Grymoire, so the dots shouldn’t be very hard to connect.
Although Cloud’s past haunts him, that doesn’t mean he’s doomed to dilly-dally, shilly-shally forever. After all, he’s got both Tifa and his allies in the League of S to help him turn things around.
First World of Origin:


CV: Christina Rose / Houko Kuwashima
Age in Grymoire: 18
Notes: Library sentry in Tometown / Gallant and poised / Buddy-buddy with Cid / Part steely soldier, part romantic
Celes and Cid
Celes and Cid go way back, and they're close as a result. He was the one who hired her to protect the Library of the Ancients.
Now that Cid has become prone to rampages, the position has turned into a round-the-clock job. She's a little peeved about not being able to go out, but likes Cid enough to let it slide...most of the time.
Celes's time in the military has made her terse and businesslike when dealing with strangers, but once she gets to know you, she really opens up.
Architects of a Better Tomorrow?
The Federation looks favorably upon citizens who work to become Architects, and rewards their efforts with a place at a cathedral, where they are guaranteed to live a life of luxury, happiness, and peace.
Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, the Federation has been selling this story for a hundred years—more than enough time for the populace to build up a kind of blind faith. And faith is a tough thing to dismantle, even with rational thinking. Once you've made up your mind...
Well, this is where Lann would say something about "confection." But the important thing is, he understood that people are hard to change. Maybe that comes from experience...
Not Some Opera Floozy
Celes can be pretty stubborn but she's more receptive to what Cid says than you might think. So when he proposed that they put on an opera, she eventually found herself warming to the idea.
Cloud, of course, had zero interest. But let's remember, this is a man who has put on a dress and gotten it done. Plus, he's got stage experience, at least at theme parks. If the libretto hadn't gotten inked up, Cloud might have given Celes a run for her money.
Celes's Birthplace
Grymoire is a world of interconnected floating continents: Cornelia, Saronia, Nibelheim, Figaro, Tometown, and Besaid each lie on one of these.
There used to be another continent—Cid and Celes's home—but several years ago, it was destroyed in a horrible calamity. In the land's final moments, the Bahamutian Federation swooped in and rescued much of its population in a massive humanitarian effort. It gave the displaced populace homes to live in and land to call their own, and helped them find some measure of peace and prosperity. Or so the story goes...
In truth, the Federation's own Segwarides was using and abusing the continent as his own personal laboratory; he and Pellinore were directly responsible for the catastrophe that finally did it in. Celes, who was enlisted as a Bahamutian soldier at the time, felt partly responsible for those horrors. Gravely affected, she swore to never fight under any banner again but her own.
Maria and Draco
Celes glimpses, for a moment, the possibility of a new career in opera. Then again, maybe it's not so new after all. Some of you might have recognized the lyrics and melody she was practicing.
Good thing there weren't any 4t anvils in the library rafters...
First World of Origin:


CV: William Salyers / Showtaro Morikubo
Age in Grymoire: Unknown
(40, when he was human)
Notes: Robot? / Claims to be human / Talks fast / BZEEEK! / Hopeless bibliophile / Local library menace
Man or Mech?
No matter how you slice it, Cid is a robot through and through. Nonetheless, he insists that he's human. Might as well humor him.
Cid and Celes grew up in the same town and have known each other for years. He's lucky to have a good friend to step in and quiet him down whenever he occasionally enters robo-rampage mode.
Soul Switcheroo
Celes made it sound as though Cid's soul found its way into his new metallic body by accident. If so, he was lucky. The truth is, Cid was mortally wounded while fleeing from the Federation and would have died if he hadn't switched bodies.
That said, he is pretty happy that he no longer needs to sleep. More time for books! Other benefits of mechanization include limited rocket boosters (great for accessing those hard to reach bookshelves) and never having to worry about getting a paper cut. Cid always did have a talent for finding the shiny silver lining on any cloud.
Part of the Tradition
He's taken a number of roles and personalities over the years, but one's thing for certain: it's not FINAL FANTASY unless there's a Cid! He's even found his way into the spinoffs.
Interestingly enough, Cid's soul wasn't brought to Grymoire like the other classic characters. However, the powers that be must have understood that conceptually, someone named Cid has to be born for the whole Champion System thing to even work. And that's how Grymoire got its own unique Cid.
Cid and Celes
The first town that the nascent Federation seized was Cid and Celes's hometown. If you're curious as to what happened, talk to them and they might drop a few revealing hints.
Each of them has saved and been saved by the other countless times; at this point, they're close enough to be called family.
First World of Origin:


CV: Candi Milo / Megumi Hayashibara
Age in Grymoire: Late 40s, according to Besaid's older folk
(Pressing Shantotto for details is not advised)
Notes: Doctor / Pantologist / Curse professional / Black magic expert / Speaks in rhyme / "Ahhh, ha ha ha ha!" / Overbearing, but a certifiable genius / Do not make her angry
Always There to Assist?
When someone tells you that they're a specialist in curses, you immediately think bad thoughts. Still, a tool isn't good or bad in and of itself. It's all about how you use it, and Shantotto uses her knowledge of the hexing arts to solve problems for those in need. So curse or not, it can be a good thing! Now that that's settled, who wants one?
Shantotto's original soul was Tarutaru, a race known for their diminutive stature (not that it stopped her from towering above others in spirit, mind you). Luckily, here on Grymoire, everyone is already pretty tiny. When Shantotto's soul was born into a Lilikin body, her vertical challenges vanished.
Just Getting Started
Shantotto is the oldest Medium you'll meet in Grymoire (if you exclude Sherlotta and people removed from time's normal flow). That said, she still hasn't reached the age the original Shantotto was during the Crystal War. In other words, Shantotto's still got plenty of time to do great things in Grymoire.
She's on Your Side, Honest
Shantotto's pursuits are so lofty that she frequently forgets to connect with mere layfolk. And let's face it: her mastery of black magic and curses doesn't help public relations much, either. But as evil as her hobbies make her sound, one thing should be infinitely clear: no matter what schemes she's got bubbling around in that mysterious head of hers, you can bet it's always for the greater good.
Shantotto has a proven track record in Besaid, and knows exactly how to keep the locals safe and happy. So if you thought she'd completely lost her mind when she tried to do the Quacho Queen in—never fear! Everything she does has a purpose.
First World of Origin:


CV: James Arnold Taylor / Masakazu Morita
Age in Grymoire: 17
Notes: Super swimmer / Breathes underwater?! / Believes in doing the right thing / Always upbeat / Blitzball
Tidus lives in Besaid, and as you might have guessed, he's the best blitzball player around. Sadly, Besaid doesn't seem to have one of those impressive spherical stadiums.
Athletic Abilities Off the Chart
Tidus was born to swim and play sports, and he uses his boundless stamina and agility to deal with rogue Mirages and other troubles in the waters off Besaid.
He's also gotten pretty handy with a sword. The fact that he almost measures up to the League of S's more seasoned fighters like Squall, Cloud, and Lightning should tell you a lot about what he's physically capable of.
Tidus and Shantotto
Shantotto calls Tidus the "jock with the gills of a flounder," so it may seem as if she doesn't think much of him. On the contrary, they often work together to help the people of Besaid, and she values his talents quite highly. So don't let the unidirectional harsh wording fool you; they're actually good friends who share a healthy dose of mutual respect.
Just a Really Nice Guy
Nothing can stop Tidus once he sets his mind on something. If you ask him for help, this brave and good-natured youth will never let you down.
When Yuna was kidnapped, Tidus chased her kidnapper all the way up the Crystal Tower. Some might call that idiotic, especially since he'd barely had any battle training. But he was thinking with his heart, and that's nothing to sniff at.
Since the battle with Bismarck, Tidus and Yuna seem much closer. Perhaps their real journey is just about to begin.
First World of Origin:


CV: Natalie Lander / Yukari Fukui
Age in Grymoire: 18
Esper Protector: Maduin
Notes: Magitek armor / Slave crown / Maduin / More powerful than she can begin to know
Terra grew up on the same continent as Celes, although they were not acquainted. She was another victim of Segwarides' many experiments.
She may seem quiet and frail, but her courage and strength of will are superhuman. Terra fought hard to break free of Segwarides' slave crown and warn Reynn and Lann of the Heralds' plans. (She failed to get her message across, but considering the state she was in, that's understandable.)
Not a Summoner
This may be a bit confusing, but Terra is not a summoner, even in Grymoire. While it may have appeared that her role in Segwarides' grand plan was the same as the captured summoners—Yuna, Eiko, and Rydia—she actually functioned as more of a catalyst to the other three in his sinister ritual.
Terra's Birthright
Terra was the fruit of an unlikely love between a Mirage (an esper) and a human. Her heritage enables her to interact with espers in a fundamentally different way from summoners, granting her the ability to call upon and control them—even against their will.
Terra's unique talents caught the eye of Segwarides. Even knowing she was a Medium, he decided to take the risk, enslave her, and use her powers. However, Segwarides underestimated Terra's strength and the tenacity of her esper guardian, Maduin, and soon discovered she was a difficult pawn to put into play. In the end, his clumsy efforts caused her to lose control completely—and there, his scheme should have fallen apart.
It was Lann and Reynn who defeated Terra, her armor, and Maduin in one fell swoop. Segwarides could barely contain his glee as he scooped up Terra's unconscious body and linked her to the Ultima Gate. Once again, the twins had unwittingly furthered his plot.
Terra has yet to learn of her origins or her potential. For now, she spends her time with Yuna and the other summoners, hoping to one day become a summoner herself.
Cogna Vs. Machine
The main difference between the Cogna already in Grymoire (those beneath Figaro, or Terra's Magitek armor) and the ones Brandelis summoned through the Ultima Gate is the nature of their souls.
The Cogna can be divided into two main categories: sentient Cogna that possess wills and souls of their own, and empty Cogna that do not. Sentient Cogna seek to propagate and destroy worlds. The empty ones, however, cannot reacquire a soul or propagate, and are therefore unlikely to pose a threat to the world.
Terra's Magitek armor falls into the latter category, although it is largely a customized model created by Segwarides.
In case you were wondering, when Lann and Reynn capture Cogna in eldboxes, the eldbox copies merely the physical form, and not the Cogna's soul.
The Magitek Armor and Maduin
The black Magitek armor that Terra controls is unique—an artificial Cogna Segwarides created just for her. Terra never suspected this; in fact, she had assumed the amor was a Mirage she herself had conjured up.
However, the Magitek armor was designed to bind her powers and disrupt her link to Maduin. Only after being separated from her armor was she able to reconnect with him.
Therefore, when Maduin came to Terra's rescue earlier on the steps of the Crystal Tower, it wasn't because she remembered him and called for help; it was because she and the armor had both gone berserk. This allowed her to subconsciously reestablish a link to Maduin, even though it meant he, too, lost control of his faculties and ran wild.
First World of Origin:

Cactuar ConductorEdit

CV: Andrew Morris / Shigeru Chiba
Notes: Train conductor / Excellent conversationalist / Is somehow everywhere at once / "Your tickets, please!"
A Series Regular
Putting the conductor aside for a moment, cactuars in general first appeared in FINAL FANTASY VI and have made their prickly mark on every numbered title since. They're known for their lightning quick reflexes and their 1,000 Needles attack.
So which cactuar have we got here? Well, if you look at the jerky animation and assume the conductor's soul was brought to Grymoire from the FFVIII era, then you might be onto something.
Lord of Locomotion
The Cactuar Conductor single-handedly runs and mans a network of trains found in every corner of Grymoire. He's also a master of dodging. After all, who else can say he's made it through fifty years of cactuaring without getting clocked even once?
So he may be green, but he's definitely not green.
Peachy Keen
Maybe you've heard the expression the conductor used—"peachy keen"—once or twice before. Did you know where it comes from, though? About fifty years ago, "keen" was another word for "cool". And fifty years before that, folks called cool things "peachy."
Makes you wonder if people a century from now will be saying things like "phat diggity" or "totes bodacious" or "carpe YOLO." (Cringe.) Let's just hope we're not around to see the worst of the fallout.
First World of Origin:
FINAL FANTASY VI: As the cactuar monster

Master TonberryEdit

CV: Steven Barr / Jouji Nakata
Notes: Coliseum manager / Gentleman / Calm and collected / Everybody's grudge...or is it just karma?
A Series Regular
Ah, the tonberry. Ever since their first FINAL FANTASY appearance, these disturbing yet lovable creatures have appeared in nearly every installment.
In the English-speaking world, they went through a bit of an identity crisis at first. For some reason tonberries were initially called "pugs," despite looking nothing like dogs. Then again, they don't look like berries either...
The Coliseum
The fog surrounding the Coliseum connects it to other worlds: specifically, a set of divergent possible histories that have manifested as parallel worlds. Those other worlds have other Coliseums run by other tonberries, who all work together to arrange contests of sport across what we'll just call the interspace for now.
Parallel Worlds
The Coliseum's true name is "Battle Arena Alexander." That's right—the Coliseum is actually a massive esper like Big Bridge.
If we can get metaphysical for a moment, Enna Kros (aka the god Alexander) has created each of her worlds, including Grymoire, as an "array" of possibilities. The world's history diverges at random (but dimensionally feasible) points to create multiple possible outcomes, and each of these potential courses exists as its own parallel world within the array. While Enna Kros only maintains enough instances of each world as needed for an outside group of intermediaries or "players," the array still acts as ample insurance to prevent the world from being doomed by a single catastrophic turn of events.
Battle Arena Alexander, who was summoned to Grymoire by Enna Kros, is able to generate a special mist that allows it to connect to other parallel worlds in the array (in a limited capacity that poses no threat to the other worlds' stability).
However, like all espers that have manifested as structures, the Coliseum does very little in the way of thinking, and so it requires a manager to ensure fights are run properly. Ever since winning the first WOFF Battle Championship, the Master Tonberry and his descendants have assumed this responsibility. The current Coliseum manager is the 42nd Master Tonberry in his line.
That Voice!
Surprised that the tonberry has such a, uh, manly voice? He sounds like he could cause unicorns to faint; like he could put out fires just by whispering to them; like the low rumble of every sentence must cause hordes of Grymoirians to throw gil at him and beg for just a few more words.
Seriously, this guy should do commercials.
First World of Origin:
FINAL FANTASY V: As the tonberry monster


CV: Bailey Gambertoglio / Sumire Morohashi ([sic] Morohoshi)
Notes: Plundering pirate / Avid reader / Told the twins about the keys in the prophecy
A Series Regular
Since their first appearance in a FINAL FANTASY game, the moogles and their trademark "kupo" have gone on to appear in a number of stories inside and outside the FF universe. They're something of a mascot.
In FINAL FANTASY VI, moogles popped up on a black screen to provide players with hints. That seems to have cemented their role in FF history as guides and purveyors of various player-friendly services.
In our tale, Mog conveniently shows up to tell the twins about the keys they need. Does that make him a "deus ex mogina"?
Transfig Fashion
So, you may be wondering if a kupirate is just a regular moogle in fancy clothes. Not so! Just like with any other Mirage, Mog here is able to transfig in and out of kupirate form. It certainly helps him save on closet space.
Moogle Mischief
Most moogles you'll meet are unrepentant pranksters, and this one's no different. Playfulness appears to be built right into their pom-poms.
Old Friends
Mog, the Cactuar Conductor, and the Master Tonberry go way back. In another time and another place (okay, actually another game), they were originally going to team up as the "Cranberry Knights." Sadly, due to unavoidable circumstances, that particular tale had to go untold. Their personalities, however, live on in their adventures in Grymoire.
First World of Origin:


Notes: Faris's closest friend / Pirate ship power source
Syldra's Clan
While seemingly a unique Mirage, Syldra used to have a larger family. Her clan is gone now, but at least one extant relative, the sea dragon elasmos, appears to live on somewhere in Grymoire.
Exceptionally Talented
Syldra can single-handedly pull a ship through the ocean, drive off a band of Bahamutian soldiers in one blow, and even cross to the Low Seas. She's certainly impressive.
However, Syldra wasn't summoned to Grymoire, nor is she merely some pet. Faris found Syldra struggling in the river shallows; after going through a whole mess of trouble together, they became fast friends.
First World of Origin:


CV: Melissa Fahn / Misaki Kuno
Age in Grymoire: Unknown
Notes: A slightly undersized, but otherwise ordinary chocochick / Or is she?
You Guessed It
Despite its new look, this little chocochick appears to have the same soul as the one who lived in that guy's afro. You know which one.
But Why "Master"?
Although Chocolatte's soul has split into two, and this more birdlike half seems like it's merely on translation duty, you're looking at her true form. So while this may appear to be an ordinary chocochick, she's the one calling the shots. She's the master.
That said, you can more or less consider human and bird to be one in body and spirit.
First World of Origin:

Mecha ChocoboEdit

CV: Melissa Fahn / Misaki Kuno
Notes: Cogna / Transforming robot / But also a chocobo
Hyperion's Enslaver
With the powerful black chocobo Hyperion under its control, the Mecha Chocobo was plotting to create a new chocobo world order. Thankfully, Bartz and his friends were able to put a stop to its mecha machinations before they got off the ground.
When the Mecha Chocobo saw the strength of Boko's mind, body, and spirit—honed as they were through years of travel with Bartz—it abducted Boko and attempted to transform him into a loyal Cogna. Luckily, Bartz and Chocolatte came to the rescue and thwarted the Mecha Chocobo's plans.
However, don't count this villain out for good. It will not rest until it has all of Grymoire in its feathery grasp.
Chocobo Interpreter
Cogna, robot, or otherwise, a chocobo can only "kweh." Thankfully, Chocolatte's chocochick partner was able to "translate" the Mecha Chocobo's very thoughts into human speech. Even Bartz, able to converse with Boko as he is, was bowled over by this unprecedented miracle of linguistics.
First World of Origin:


CV: Kana Hanazawa
Notes: Chocobo / Bartz's best friend and traveling companion / Manages to converse with Bartz using only "kweh"
Travel Buddies
When Boko was separated from his flock and nearly done in by a certain Mirage, things looked bleak. That was when Bartz appeared on the scene, and ever since, they've been the closest of friends.
Mirages and humans bond easily on Grymoire, and this goes doubly so for those whose original souls were linked in incarnations past. The summoners and their familiars, Faris and Syldra, Terra and Maduin, Bartz and Boko, even Gilgamesh and Enkidu—the examples are too numerous to count.
In the case of Boko and Bartz, their souls pulled the two of them together like a set of powerful magnets.
First World of Origin:


CV: Matthew Waterson / Keiji Fujiwara
Notes: One of the Pleiad / Nether Nebula guardian / Lord of fire / Spends time at the gym? / Sometimes goofs around
A Series Regular
Ifrit has been around since the FF summoning system made its debut. Refer to them as espers, GFs, eidolons, aeons, avatars, primals, whatever you want—but if there's a supernatural superforce to call on, you can bet Ifrit is somewhere in the lineup. Along with Shiva and Ramuh, he's one of the most familiar faces in the summon community.
Extremely Dangerous?
The Grymoirian Ifrit has a reputation for being ill-tempered and violent. But contrary to public opinion, he is actually a very decent Mirage who cares deeply for the people of Grymoire. He's even taken it upon himself to make sure no one accidentally stumbles into the Nether Nebula and gets hurt. To this purpose, he takes full advantage of the rumors about him, and leaps out to frighten any who wander in.
His fondness for humans puts him at clear odds with another, less savory Mirage in his tribe...
The Nether Nebula: Part 1
Some Mirages, especially those known as "espers," have been summoned to Grymoire from their various homeworlds.
Espers cannot travel between worlds on their own and, as a rule of thumb, only appear outside their homeworlds when called there by summoners. However, there are some places, like the Nether Nebula, where the barrier between worlds is thin enough to make the crossing.
First World of Origin:


CV: Tania Gunadi / Yukari Tamura
Notes: Puts the "heat" in "ifrit" / Likes soul food (literally)
Extremely Dangerous!
In their homeworld, the ifrits come in all shapes and sizes. The sheer variety of espers out there explains why an esper summoned in one world might be completely different from an esper of the same tribe summoned in another.
Females like Ifreeta are a rarity among her tribe. It's not just gender that sets her apart, though. She also has the ability to devour human souls to increase her own strength. She's got a bad habit of strolling from world to world, munching on any soul that catches her eye... She's actually quite terrifying, isn't she? You can see why the kind and caring Ifrit dislikes her so much.
But there's more to Ifreeta's soul-eating powers than just a hungry tummy. Her inner fire is similar to a phoenix's flames; any soul she devours isn't just burned away, but sublimated and reborn in the A-Worlds as a more powerful soul. Just how much Ifreeta herself understands this process is uncertain...
Pinch Hitters
You may be wondering why Ifreeta called Rydia and Yuna "pinch hitters" after they took her down. Well, Ifreeta had been to her share of A-Worlds, and while battling in one of them she learned how the Champion System works: by replicating souls from other worlds. So you see, to her, Rydia and Yuna were no better than a pair of puppets who had stepped in to do someone else's dirty work.
First World of Origin:


CV: Adrienne Wilkinson / Takako Honda
Notes: One of the Pleiad / Nether Nebula guardian / Queen of ice / One eye not like the other / Doesn't keep her cool as well as you'd think
A Series Regular
Shiva has been diamond-dusting ever since the summoning system made its debut. And like Ifrit and Ramuh, she's a core member of the FF lineup who has shown up in almost every FINAL FANTASY since.
Shiva's gone through a lot of changes over the years. She's turned up as a motorcycle and a kind of super ice skater, had a family and not had a family... Icy as she is, she's never let her image freeze up.
Not on Bridge Duty
As you may have figured out, the shiva that specializes in making bridges is the one that hangs with Snow. That's not to say this Shiva is incapable of making a bridge—and, in fact, Sherlotta managed to taunt her into it—but she certainly isn't about to go out of her way to do any extra work.
Shiva tried to march right on home once she saw that Sherlotta and Refia weren't accompanied by a cadre of hunky guys—but what exactly would she have done if there were men present? Freeze 'em up and use 'em to decorate her room? If you think about it, Shiva's been cooling her heels in the Nether Nebula for a while now... Does she have an icebox somewhere filled with frozen beefcake?
Not anymore. Ramuh made her clean up her man-freezer years ago; Shiva had to watch as Ifrit thawed her entire collection. Still, if given the chance, she'd love to start again...
The Nether Nebula: Part 2
In places where the barrier between worlds is thin, an esper with the right knowledge doesn't need a summoner, because they can use the magic within any suitable human being as a conduit. In a word, they can summon themselves.
However, a number of unlikely conditions need to first be met: the barrier must be thin enough, the esper must be clever enough, and a powerful enough human conduit must wander within reach. Naturally, this makes such crossings a very rare occurrence.
First World of Origin:


CV: JP Karliak / Mamoru Miyano
Notes: Self-proclaimed "cool face of justice" / Hopelessly cheesy / Only hears what he wants to
Shiva's Biggest Headache
Shivalry believes, without an iota of doubt, that he is the very epitome of righteousness, and that it is his burden—nay, his duty!—to instill the proper values in all who stray off the ethical path.
There are few things more irritating than having Shivalry get on your case. He's as stubborn as an unfed chocobo and simply refuses to be reasoned with. At least, that's what Shiva will tell you.
Also, in case you're wondering: just as there are relatively few ifrit females, there are relatively few shiva males.
Not Technically a Villain
Why did Shivalry declare with such certainty that Shiva-Ixion was evil? Chalk it up to experience. While traveling from world to world and righting wrongs (whether wrong or right), Shivalry has come up against the Exnine Knights and the Cogna enough times to know they're bad news.
So when he saw that Shiva-Ixion had a little machine in her, he decided it was his sacred duty as Chief of the Shiva Justice Police to stop her before she could shame their tribe. Of course, this was all a big misunderstanding.
So is he a villain? No. Is he a good guy? Also probably no. Let's not forget that to get into Grymoire in the first place, he had to bust his way through an innocent human. Whatever you want to call that kind of stunt, justice it just isn't.
First World of Origin:


CV: William H. Bassett / Tamio Oki
Notes: One of the Pleiad / Nether Nebula guardian / Master of lightning / Calm, dignified, and strict / No-nonsense grandpa who keeps his nitwit companions in line
A Series Regular
Ramuh has been on the FINAL FANTASY summoning roster as long as Ifrit and Shiva. He doesn't have quite as many titles under his belt as his hot and cold friends, but it's not because he's any less revered. If anything, he tends to play a more important role those times that he does show up.
Bald, or Bold?
Ramuh may look like he's seen a lot of winters, but that's just how he presents himself in Grymoire. Don't assume that he's actually ancient; after all, you can whip up a ramuh of your own in short order with a little fancy transfigging. Perhaps he's just choosing to appear this way to complement his wisdom, dignity, and power.
The Nether Nebula: Part 3
As rare as it is for espers to force their way across worlds, Lusse's predecessor's predecessor knew that even one such crossing could be disastrous. And so, the then-Queen of the Keeprs tasked three of the Pleiad—Ifrit, Shiva, and Ramuh—to erect a special tri-elemence barrier in the Nether Nebula to prevent this from ever coming to pass.
For many years, the barrier worked. But unbeknownst to Ramuh, Ifrit and Shiva had been sneaking away from the Nebula to goof around. And this time, they allowed two really bad apples to slip into Grymoire...
First World of Origin:


CV: Alexandra Meyer / Fuka Sudo
Notes: Ramuh's granddaughter / Appears to run on four magic AA batteries / Electrifiable hairdo
Darling Dynamo
Wait, Ramuh has a granddaughter? When did that happen?! Where are her parents? Their family tree must be ziggier and zaggier than a bolt of lightning...
Anyway, once Reynn and Lann stuff Ramewl into a prismarium, she joins the team as a new type of transfigged ramuh.
Not Exactly Eloquent
This little spark still has some growing up to do, but the well from which she draws her thunder magic is a lot deeper than her vocabulary.
Ramewl's power was so abundant and powerful from birth that she needed a way to control it. A run-in with a Cogna provided just the ticket; she stole its body and modded it into a powerful "magipak" that allows her to store up magical energy while sleeping and release it in controlled bursts. The magipak also has booster capabilities that help her conserve electricity. It's not just her hair that likes to go green.
First World of Origin:


CV: Claudia Black / Masako Ikeda
Notes: One of the Pleiad / Queen of the deep / Maligned as a sea-demon / "Currently" on holiday in the Low Seas
A Series Regular
While Leviathan doesn't grace quite as many FF titles as some of her peers, she's notable for her range. She's given crucial roles in some stories, and is relegated to the deep in others, but you'll never forget her once you see her.
Capricious Queen
After spending a century under lock and...well, key, Leviathan was ready to cut loose. A well-deserved cruise was in order—a chance to see how her ocean kingdom had changed. No wonder she was so annoyed by Addy's interruption. As ancient as he is, she called him "little adamantoise," which seems to suggest she's been alive for unfathomable generations.
Leviathan has always done what suits her in the moment, and she can quickly swing from friendly ally to terrifying foe. However, she has no less than a brilliant mind. Presented with Faris and Syldra's misguided grudge, she could have crushed them where they stood, or else tried to clear things up. But instead, she made the wiser decision to humor the grudge and pretend to lose. Whimsical? Yes, but also generous at times.
Then again, if Faris (and Reynn and Lann) weren't strong enough, Leviathan probably would have let that same whimsy of hers smash them to pieces. Take nothing for granted with the Queen of the Deep.
Not Fond of Bismarck
Few Mirages get on Leviathan's nerves quite like Bismarck. He's just a puny little weakling and yet he dares to oppose her... Unforgivable!
It's no wonder, then, that Leviathan chose to side with Faris's great-grandfather when Bismarck attacked him. But then it's also no wonder that she left Tycoon to fend for himself in perilous waters once the battle was over. After all, she does as she pleases and owed Tycoon nothing.
First Worlds of Origin:
FINAL FANTASY II: As an unseen menace
FINAL FANTASY III: As the eidolon


CV: Fred Tatasciore / Masahiro Kobayashi
Notes: One of the Pleiad / Anger management issues / Visits Nine Wood Hills to find Lann and Reynn
A Series Regular
The classic of classics, Bahamut has had a place in the FINAL FANTASY universe since the very beginning. "King of Dragons," "The First Sire," "Hallowed Father to all Eidolons"—let's just say he's managed to collect a lot of imposing names over the years.
And it's no wonder players keep welcoming him back with open arms. He's a dragon. With wings. And he breathes fire—fire so hot that it's mega fire. Plus people keep giving him cool prefixes and suffixes like "Neo" and "Zero." No eidolon has ever had it so good.
Naturally, with a flashy history like that, the Grymoirian Bahamut also had to be dialed up to eleven.
You might think the name comes from "Tiamat" and "Babylon" or something like that, but we can assure you, it's utter nonsense. Probably. Anyway...
Bahamut hails from the world of dragon kings, a fearsome place inhabited only by those with near-divine power. Most of these dragon kings have rather short tempers, so you can imagine what happens when you put them together in the same room. It's a constant free-for-all where the weak are meat and only the strong survive.
Sixteen of them proved themselves to possess power far greater than the rest. Among these sixteen were Tiababylo, one of Grymoire's Pleiad, and Brandelis, the future Exnine Knight.
Tiababylo was enraged to learn Brandelis had begun calling himself "king of Bahamut" even though the struggle for dominance in their homeworld was nowhere near finished. Tiababylo did not know that in another world, his rival had bound himself to man and cyborg and become an Exnine Knight. Their petty struggle was no longer Brandelis's concern.
Brandelis's Name
"Brandelis" comes from the Exnine Knight's esper name; his human name was "Efrawg." Pellinore and Segwarides also took their esper names, and not their human names "Pwyll" and "Epona." Thus, it would seem that all three associate more with their eidolon sides than their human sides.
Perhaps this is why Pellinore, before attacking Eiko, asked Fenrir if they were truly enemies. Shouldn't he side with a powerful esper like her instead of a human? This goes to show Pellinore has abandoned her humanity altogether.
First Worlds of Origin:
FINAL FANTASY: As the Dragon King
FINAL FANTASY III: As the eidolon


CV: Bob Joles / Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Notes: One of the Pleiad / Zantetsuken / Rides Sleipnir / Wanders in search of worthy swordsmen
A Series Regular
Odin is another classic character who has turned up in virtually every FINAL FANTASY with a summoning system. His trademark Zantetsuken can slice through anything, and he always appears with his beloved horse, Sleipnir. A mounted swordsman who can demolish any enemy with a single blow—awesome, right? No wonder he's popular. And he gets the celebrity treatment, too, playing a vital story role in more than one title.
Battle Addict
Odin is always on the lookout for powerful warriors to test his blade on. His obsession is definitely not normal. Let's be honest here: the guy's a battle junkie. But he does have his standards; if you want to challenge him, get a sword or get out. You can see now why he was so put out to be forced to fight Lann and Reynn.
During his service to the Demon Dyad, he reputedly wandered the land, calling out, "Any swordsmen around here? Anyone? Swordsmen?" (That may or may not be a direct quote.) And a hundred years of slumber didn't do much to change his hobbies. Until he ran into Lightning, not a single fighter he found could last more than a second against him. No wonder people called him a butcher.
Although sword quality was a big factor, even the incredibly talented Lightning barely survived her encounter with Odin. To her credit (and perhaps due to her soul's vast experience), Lightning sought outside help with her strategy. If Cloud had been the one fighting Odin, he would have just charged the guy, screaming.
As invincible as Odin may seem, the guy's got one serious Achilles' heel. Thunder and lightning have always been his downfall, and as Reynn pointed out, Ramuh is the only one of the Pleiad that Odin has never been able to stand up to.
Why does Odin fear lightning so much? Maybe one day, when he's transfigged, we'll learn the whole story.
First World of Origin:


CV: Robin Atkin Downes / Kazuhiro Yamaji
Notes: One of the Pleiad / Devilish good looks? / Master of dreams and fantasy / Decidedly icky personality
A Series Regular
Among the members of the Pleiad, Diabolos is the most recent newcomer to FINAL FANTASY. Still, that genie-in-a-bottle trick was memorable enough to land him a spot beside the legends. Don't be surprised if he pops up in more games.
A Wily Adversary
Diabolos slips between the cracks of fantasy and reality to invade your dreams—seeing your greatest fears and your darkest desires, altering your memories, and destroying you from the inside out. His methods are sly, cunning...hard to spot until it's too late. He's one adversary that no one wants to face.
The towns targeted by Diabolos during the Pleiad's reign of terror were the most chilling to behold in the aftermath; their buildings remained intact with hardly a scratch, but the mental suffering he inflicted reduced them to ghost towns all the same.
Night Hungers
What motivates this terror of terrors to cause so much hurt? Well, the diabolos in Grymoire strengthen their own dreamworlds by dominating the dreams of others, feeding off of their victims in order to grow and thrive. Some of the diabolos nurture happy thoughts and quiet dreams, simply sampling them and leaving the dreamers intact. Others, however, delight in the taste of nightmares—they're apparently delicious—and work to fill their victims' thoughts with horrors before robbing them of their dreams and their sanity.
When Diabolos was still one of the Dyad's Servants, Reynn and Lann did their best to cure him of his malevolent tastes. With a little encouragement (okay, mostly hard discipline), Diabolos managed to become slightly less nasty than he once was. Still, he reverted to his original dark tactics with Shelke, and it fell on the twins to once again step forward and give him a stern slap on the wrist.
First World of Origin:

Addy the AdamantoiseEdit

CV: William Knight / Hiroshi Iwasaki
Notes: Laid-back and grandfatherly / Cares for his friends / Fearsome when angry / Commands respect
A Series Regular
Having first floated onto the scene in FINAL FANTASY's early days and stayed in fans' hearts since, the adamantoise is the very meaning of longevity. He's huge and he's tough, and it's hard to forget a monster like that.
Hard Workers
Most Grymoirian adamantoises are quite meek and mellow when compared to those found in other worlds. This makes them a regular target of bullying, and the situation that Lann and Reynn found the minimantoise in was unfortunately not an isolated incident.
When a little minimantoise finally transfigs into the massive adamantoise, they gain significant strength. But big and strong though they are, their gentle nature gives them an inherent disadvantage in the dangerous waters of the Low Seas. Sadly, not many survive for very long.
Addy, the adamantoise the twins met, has managed to fend off these dangers long enough to grow to a truly gargantuan size. This he must use, day and night, to defend those he cares about from the Low Seas' many threats.
First World of Origin:
FINAL FANTASY II: As the adamantoise monster

Quacho QueenEdit

CV: Ashly Burch / Suzuko Mimori
Notes: Young and pure of heart / Makes a fuss over everything / Always flanked by her attendants / Refers to humans in the third person / "Man-thing!" / Also, a big crybaby
The Quacho Ruby
A strange enchantment lies on the tears of the Quacho Queen, causing each one shed to crystallize into the fabulously rare and fabulously valuable quacho ruby. Each is said to be worth over 100,000,000 gil.
Because of the fantastic wealth attainable by making the Quacho Queen cry, mages, treasure hunters, and other seekers of fortune have infiltrated the Sunken Temple and caused Her Quajesty undue amounts of pain and discomfort. Most of them were men, and the tortures visited upon her at their hands have caused her to come down with an acute case of androphobia. Now, the very sight of a guy puts her into a tizzy.
Queen of the Quachos
The Quacho Queen is, as evidenced by her name, the undisputed ruler of the quachos. In their community, only the most worthy quacho may transfig into royalty.
Lann, the Special Case
Although the queen has a fear of men, she's more than strong enough to defend the Sunken Temple from nearly any corner. (That tonberry king was the exception rather than the rule.) Even while sobbing in panic and terror, she has nevertheless sent man after man packing with a Quacho Queen-sized footprint on his back.
Thus, when Lann (and Reynn) defeated her, she found herself inexplicably drawn to Lann's courageous (?) and noble (?) form. To sum it up, this little queen is smitten. However, her romantic experience level is currently at -1. Unable to understand the strange sensations boiling in that quacho heart of hers, she descends into a confused fluster whenever Lann walks through the door—which makes her rather a manner of speaking.
First World of Origin:


CVs: Maaya Uchida & Ayana Taketatsu
Notes: The Quacho Queen's attendants / "Qua-chaaa!"
Look Familiar?
If you think you've seen these guys before, you probably have! They're based on a chatty penguin named Pavlov from FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: My Life as a King. Pavlov was quite a character, and his species has found new life in Grymoire as the noble quachos.
One day, the quachos may produce their own weird little talking bird named Pavlov—and won't that be something.
A Dapper Duo
Miney and Mo serve as the Quacho Queen's attendants, and you can always find them by her side. Although they may look the same, they are their own quachos. That one's Miney, this is Mo. Got it?
If you listen closely, you'll notice that Miney and Mo have their own, distinctive voices. If you can't tell them apart by sight (how rude!) then maybe sound will do the trick.
Anyway, when the time comes for a regime change, you can bet that a standout quacho like these two will take the queen's place.
First World of Origin:

Princess GoblinEdit

CV: Janell Cox / Yu Kobayashi
Notes: Goblin ruler / Helm-horns that move as she emotes / Inexplicably excited all the time
Always Fired Up!
This feisty young lass is quick to develop crushes and even quicker to get the wrong idea. The one thing she isn't quick about is settling the honk down. Tenacious, she insists on getting what she wants and getting in the last word. In short: what a handful.
Still, goblins can be a reasonable bunch, and it seems that deep down, their princess has a good heart. Perhaps that's why the Federation was able to take advantage of her and her kin.
The Long So-Long
If anyone else said their farewells as many times as the Princess Goblin, you'd probably call them clingy. But when it's her, most Grymoirians can't help but smile and wave back. (Most.)
First World of Origin:


CV: Sam Riegel / Masaya Onosaka
Notes: Octopus / Corny one-liners / "Gwee hee hee!" / Annoying / Too hideous to be true / Does that make him a bad octopus?
A Series Regular
Ultros first showed up as a kind of one-shot story character, and wasn't part of the main FINAL FANTASY lineup. However, he's been making a comeback in recent years—with full voice!
Ultros's name comes from Orthros, a two-headed dog in Greek mythology. There's no explaining the mental leap from a dog to a weird purple octopus monster, but one thing's for certain: his name comes from Orthros, but it definitely isn't Orthros. (Guess the memo hasn't reached everyone yet. Sorry, so sorry!)
Unanimously Hideous
Terra's a purehearted girl who always looks for the best in everyone, but even she had to agree with prevailing opinion on Ultros: he really is too hideous to be true.
Ink-credibly Resilient
No matter how many times you beat this guy, he just keeps coming back for more. Wait! What if he's not coming back, but multiplying instead? No, no, no, that's...too frightening of a prospect to even consider.
If Ultros hadn't shown up in Tometown and ruined everything, we might have gotten to see Celes and Cloud take the opera stage together. I'm sure some people hate Ultros all the more now for spoiling that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
First World of Origin:

Undead PrincessEdit

CV: Deborah Sale Butler / Hitomi Nabatame
Age in Grymoire: Immeasurable
(She's been alive—er, undead—for quite a while, but Sherlotta's still older)
Notes: Dead, but has a great hex life / Down-to-earth when she drops the spooky act / Not especially princess-like
Not the Undead You Expected?
Who were you hoping for, Lich? Oh, sure, he's been the death of the FF party since the series' beginnings—but sorry, you won't get a chance to put him back in the ground on this adventure. Still, you might have heard his name come up in conversation, right? That means he's in Grymoire somewhere.
Roles Reprised
Is she really working 24/7 for Sherlotta's Solace now? Apparently, even here, she's Sherlotta's punching bag.
Hey, Wait a Second...
You may be wondering why so many characters from the CRYSTAL CHRONICLES series have been popping up in Grymoire. Well, take a look at the person doing character design, and you may have your answer.
First World of Origin:


Notes: A type of shiva / Travels with Snow
Shiva on Wheels
"Ixion" is her name, and "shiva" is her tribe. You can call her "The Icy Cycle" or "Icycle" for short if you want...but don't expect her to like it.
On a less silly note, Shiva-Ixion has the ability to enter gestalt mode (aka motorcycle mode) of her own free will. Pretty handy!
Not a Familiar
Shiva-Ixion's bond with Snow is a bit different from that of a familiar and a summoner. A while back, in a certain town, they came to each other's rescue and have stuck together since. In that sense, their relationship is similar to Faris and Syldra's.
Shiva-Ixion is an incredibly rare type of shiva—the only of her kind in Grymoire. She's also one of the few Mirages around that the twins won't be able to imprism. For now, no one gets to hang out with her but Snow.
First World of Origin:


CV: Ray Chase / Tatsuhisa Susuki
Age in Grymoire: 20
Notes: Loves fishing / Drifter / Twists of fate brought him to Grymoire / Ultimate fate in Grymoire left unknown
Young Man Who Loves to Fish
Noctis is a true fishing enthusiast who can spend entire days fishing at his favorite spots. It is said that the fish he catches are cooked by a personal chef, suggesting he comes from wealth. He is not the greatest conversationalist and can be hard to get to know. One would think he would be in a better mood fishing, but that is only the case when the fishing is good. His dream is to one day catch the legendary "God of the Sea" spoken of in Grymoire's ancient tall tales.
First World of Origin:


CV: Yuri Lowenthal / Shiduma ([sic] Shizuma) Hodoshima
Age in Grymoire: 20
Notes: Paladin / On a quest to save someone dear to him / Hails from the legendary land of Baron
Search for the Night Queen
Cecil is a traveller who possesses a noble aura and is highly attuned to the energy of the moon. He is on a quest to find a desert flower called the Night Queen, which he needs to cure his comrade of sunstroke. Though usually calm and collected, Cecil becomes agitated and reckless when a person named Rosa is involved. His care and concern for Rosa leads him to rush back to her after finding the Night Queen, but the sunstroke victim she has been caring for may have actually preferred for him to take his time...
Exemplary Paladin
Cecil also appears in Zack's episode. Called upon by Edgar to return an earlier favor, Cecil suddenly finds himself in a fierce battle against a rampaging Zack. That a lesser swordsman than Cecil may have been instantly slain by Zack in his maddened state is a testament to Edgar's situational awareness, but that is small consolation for Cecil himself. However, being the noble exemplar that he is, Cecil will no doubt continue to assist Edgar in the future, and do so gladly.
First World of Origin:


CV: Rick Gomez / Kenichi Suzumura
Age in Grymoire: 20
Notes: Shinra SOLDIER First Class / Come and get it / Cloud's friend / Sturdy / One date
Long before Reynn and Lann appeared in Grymoire, a catastrophic incident revolving around Shinra occurred, during which Zack sacrificed his life to protect his friend Cloud. Cloud has borne the burden of Zack's death ever since.
Mako, which exists in small amounts in Grymoire, is said to be derived from a massive flow of spiritual energy known as the Lifestream. It was here that Zack's soul sunk into after death, but due to Shinra's use of the mysterious life-form Jenova's powers, Zack finds himself alive again on Grymoire. The world had called upon a new Champion to arise, and now a miracle has occurred...
Soon after returning to life, the dense mako energy in the place where he awoke (and the residual mako energy within his body) puts Zack into a state of total frenzy while battling Mirages. It is only when Bahamut siphons all of the mako out of him as nourishment that Zack returns to his normal state. Back to his usual spirited self, Zack is guided by Hauyn to a reunion with his friend Cloud. What new adventures--or new battles--await him, nobody knows...
First World of Origin:


CV: Laura Bailey / Minako Kotabuki
Age in Grymoire: 18
Notes: Snow's BAE / Icycle's BFF / Lightning's sister / Never agreed to a date
An Extraordinary Soul
During Reynn and Lann's adventures, Serah was only a name uttered by her beloved Snow, but she would later become somewhat involved in the tales of Zack and Hauyn. Even more so than the other Mediums, Serah's original soul had been charged with an extraordinary destiny, which would suggest that a quiet life is not in the cards for her. But Serah's kindness and positive outlook will surely find light in the darkness, no matter what the future holds for Grymoire.
First World of Origin:


CV: AJ Gentile / Kaito Ishikawa
Age: Immeasurable
(Due to his alternate interpretation of time)
Notes: Incorruptible integrity / Perfect gentleman / A true cameo
Navigator of Another World
A Mirage that served a Keeper called "Player" on another world. Like Tama and Serafie, he has a long history with Enna Kros. However, due to his somewhat complicated relationship with the supreme being of the A-World, he does not appear in the forefront as much as the aforementioned two. It is said there are several other Mirages in similar circumstances.
True Form
Like Tama and Serafie, Mel possesses a transfigured form, but it is said he also possesses a Jiant form that exists in several different phases. These are said to be his "true" forms, but they are still unconfirmed and shrouded in mystery.
First World of Origin:
World of FINAL FANTASY (Apocrypha)

The Immortal Dark DragonEdit

CV: Roger Rose / Kenji Nomura
Age: Immeasurable
(Due to his alternate interpretation of time)
Notes: Lone wolf / Brutish / Hard to have a conversation with / Lives only to destroy
Soul Beneath the Armour
The Dark Dragon Tristan
One of the Exnine Knights whose usual (and literal) stomping grounds are outside of Grymoire. His designation in the Exnine Knights is Ex9-I-7. In one of the worlds outside of Grymoire, he was given the moniker "The Immortal Dark Dragon."
A somewhat rare breed of Exnine Knight, he is absolutely loyal to Ex9-I-1 whose orders are the only ones he ever follows. Otherwise, he moves to rain destruction upon A-Worlds, and becomes a wild card for any other Exnine Knight he encounters on those worlds. For this reason, one Exnine Knight (Ex9-III-2) has schemed to make Ex9-I-7 expend most of his power on one specific world. As a result of this, the Immortal Dark Dragon that has appeared in Grymoire is but a small part of the whole, but he still presents a grave threat if left unchecked.
First World of Origin:
World of FINAL FANTASY Meli Melo


CV: Christopher Sabat / Koji Ishii
Age: Immeasurable
(Age of the soul within estimated to be about 2000 years old)
Notes: An odd, peculiar, strange, and enigmatic Mirage / May remind some of Gilgamesh, but totally is not
Light and Shadow
When the Warrior of Light legend was realized in Grymoire, this unique Mirage was born as a counter to the light, an "Antichampion," if you will.
Ancient Grudge
The original possessor of this soul has had an intense rivalry with the Warrior of Light since he was still known as a man named Garland. Because the two had engaged in epic battles against one another, when one appears in a world, the other one inevitably comes into being as well. Rather than an Antichampion, it may be more accurate to describe him as a living calamity with very little conscious thought. He has appeared in the A-World as a Mirage.
First World of Origin:


CV: Johnny Yong Bosch / Hikaru Midorikawa
Age in Grymoire: 18
Notes: Bandana / Red sword / Wild Rose / May have been a Champion in the past
The Mysterious Warrior
He was a member of the resistance movement against the Bahamutian Army before Reynn and Lann had awoken in Grymoire. As many had been fooled into thinking the Bahamutians were saviors, Grymoire may have suffered an even greater catastrophe were it not for the work of resistance fighters such as he.
First World of Origin:


CV: Robyn Addison / Ai Kayano
Age in Grymoire: 23 (eternally)
Notes: Cat ears and tail / Resistance movement member / May have been a Champion in the past
A Mysterious Organization
In the Grymoire before Reynn and Lann awoke, there was an organization that quickly caught on that the Bahamutians were a threat to the world and moved to thwart them through various means. Y'shtola was a member of this organization, which through their use of the code word "Wild Rose" can be speculated to be connected with the resistance movement that Firion belonged to. On a side note, the "Y" at the beginning of her name is her clan name (akin to a last name), making "shtola" her first name.
First World of Origin:
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