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The White SeeD Ship is a ship in Final Fantasy VIII. Created to be a combination floating Garden and orphanage by Edea Kramer, the ship is staffed by White SeeD and is home to orphans, many whose parents were killed during the Sorceress War.


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Following the Sorceress War, Edea Kramer and her husband, Cid Kramer, opened an orphanage on the Centra continent to care for the children left parentless by the conflict. The orphanage's peace was shattered when a dying sorceress Ultimecia and a teenage Squall Leonhart appeared from the future due to a time warp. Mortally wounded, Ultimecia transferred her sorceress power to Edea. The teenage Squall told Edea he was a SeeD, an organization he claimed was founded by Edea herself, and then disappeared back into the time portal.

Bewildered by these events, Edea gathered that some time in the future the SeeD would fight Ultimecia, and to make this prophesy come true she and Cid would need to start the SeeD to train Squall and the others to become strong enough to one day face this destiny. Cid was skeptical and feared the SeeD would one day want to fight Edea, due to her being a sorceress as well. So Edea, along with Ellone, a girl they wanted to keep hidden from Esthar and Dr. Odine, and a number of orphans, went into hiding on the White SeeD Ship, its orphans becoming known as the White SeeD.

Things progressed peacefully although Cid and Edea could no longer be together, and Cid kept the fact he is married to a sorceress concealed. One day sorceress Ultimecia from the future, using Junction Machine Ellone to send her consciousness back in time, possesses Edea and she leaves the White SeeD Ship. The White SeeD and Ellone journey to Balamb Garden to warn Cid something is wrong with his wife. Ellone and a couple of White SeeDs stay with the Garden until the White SeeD Ship intercepts Balamb Garden in the ocean near Fishermans Horizon. The White SeeDs come aboard the Garden to retrieve Ellone, as they do not believe Balamb Garden is a safe place for her to be anymore. The ship then disappears to places unknown.

Later, Squall is looking for Ellone and is desperate to find the White SeeD Ship. Edea, who is no longer possessed by Ultimecia, knows where the ship usually hides, and Squall locates the ship and boards it. After initially scorning Squall and asking him to leave, the White SeeD accept him and help him once they read the letter Edea gave him. Ellone is no longer on the ship; she has gone over to Esthar.

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White seed ship deck



Squall and the party disembark from Balamb Garden onto the bow of the ship, where they are given a less than warm welcome. At the very front of the ship is a female White SeeD giving a lesson to two children, who are at first nervous about speaking with Squall, having been told not to speak to strangers.

White seed ship cabin doors



Watts spends his time at the stern with two other people, presumably refugees or orphans as they are not in White SeeD uniforms. Zone also greets the party here before retreating to the helm. Watts will inform Squall about the ship, the White SeeD and about Ellone.

White seed ship helm



The helm is where Zone spends his time, learning about ocean navigation. He will buy the player's copy of Girl Next Door if previously obtained.

White seed ship inside



The White SeeD leader can be found in the cabin after he asked the party to leave. Upon receipt of Edea's Letter he will inform the player of Ellone's supposed whereabouts.


White SeeD Ship Loc

Location of the ship, indicated by crosshair.

When it comes time for Squall and his team to find it, the White SeeD Ship is docked in a western cove amongst the Centra Crater ruins. After the player enters Fishermans Horizon after leaving the White SeeD Ship, the ship disappears from the world map and can never be found again.

White Seed ship stationary


Triple TriadEdit

The player can find Watts and Zone on the ship and acquire the rare Triple Triad cards they hold. Watts has Angelo, which the player might have already obtained from him in Timber. Zone has the Shiva card, but will only hand it over if the player gives him the The Girl Next Door magazine, found in the Timber Maniacs building in Timber.

The player must obtain the cards before entering Fishermans Horizon (or visiting Rinoa in the infirmary, which triggers the same scene), or the White SeeD Ship will disappear from the world map and can no longer be visited. However, these cards can be won from Card Club Princess Diamond on disc 4 if the player completed the Card Club sidequest.

People associated with the White SeeD ShipEdit

  • Edea Kramer, Founder, Captain/Headmistress.
  • Ellone, Reason for Ship's existence.
  • Zone
  • Watts
  • White SeeD Leader, leader and captain of the White SeeD.


  • While on the ship, the player can find a Holy draw point. They can also hear the legend of Great Hyne, a scene which may be missed as the player can never come back to the ship once they move on with the story.
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