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Orphans formerly in the care of Sorceress Edea. They often travel on their ship, and are veiled in secrecy.

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White SeeD (also known as Sorceress Edea's SeeD) is an elite force created in secret by Sorceress Edea. They reside on the White SeeD Ship, which doubles as a mobile orphanage. They are a secret group, unlike the openly existing Balamb Garden SeeDs, and protect the children from those who pursue them.


White seed uniform.jpg

The White SeeDs are cautious and never remain in one place for long. They often station their ship around the Centra continent, where the numerous inlets provide protection.

Although not much is shown of them, these SeeDs have demonstrated a high jumping skill. Other than this, their mannerisms are similar to their Balamb Garden counterparts.

The White SeeD uniform consists of a cream-colored over-coat with tails that extend to behind the knees. The collars are high, concealing the neck decorative plates/patches with gold designs placed on the shoulders. The White SeeDs wear light gray trousers tucked into black knee-high boots. A cream headband completes the uniform. The uniforms are identical for both genders.

The highest ranking member aboard the White SeeD Ship, the White SeeD Leader, is responsible for all occupants aboard and is in charge of the day-to-day happenings.


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It can be presumed the White SeeDs are the original SeeDs trained by Edea herself, as they appear to be older than the SeeDs at Balamb Garden. The White SeeD was formed to protect Edea and Ellone after Cid Kramer went on to establish Balamb Garden to train SeeDs. SeeD was envisioned as an elite force trained to fight a dangerous sorceress; Edea, Cid's wife, being a sorceress herself, might have thus been unable to follow Cid on his mission to build Balamb Garden, and embarked to create the White SeeD instead.

When Squall Leonhart and his friends come in contact with the White SeeD they do not appear to recognize them as SeeDs, so it is likely the existence of the White SeeD is kept even from those who graduate as SeeDs from Balamb Garden.

Ellone, a girl from Edea's orphanage, is being hunted by Esthar, and for her safety, was placed on the ship with Edea around 12 years ago.

Ellone escorted by the White SeeD in Balamb Garden training center.

Shortly before the beginning of Final Fantasy VIII both Edea and Ellone leave the White SeeD Ship. Edea leaves alone due to having been possessed by Sorceress Ultimecia to become a political figure in Galbadia. Ellone leaves escorted by a couple of members of the White SeeD, and travels to Balamb Garden. During the SeeD graduation ball she ventures to the Balamb Garden training center and is attacked by a monster and saved by Squall and Quistis. After the encounter, two White SeeDs escort Ellone away.

After having escaped Galbadia's missile attack on the Garden by activating an ancient mechanism that allows the structure to become mobile, the White SeeD Ship intercepts the seaborne Balamb Garden to fetch Ellone. Balamb Garden hands Ellone over to the White SeeD, and they set the course for Centra where they go into hiding.

Sometime after this, the White SeeD come across an Estharian vessel. They try to outrun it, but are unable to. Ellone makes the jump from the White SeeD Ship to the Estharian sea vessel, and upon obtaining her, the Estharian ship leaves. At an unknown point in time, the White SeeD also meets Watts and Zone who come onboard the ship, and Zone appears to be piloting it when met there by Squall.

Squall's party enter the White SeeD Ship.

Squall becomes the leader of the SeeD and eventually wants to find Ellone. They find the White SeeD by following instructions from Edea, who is back at the old orphanage with Cid, no longer possessed by Ultimecia. By showing a letter from Edea, Squall and friends are let on-board. They learn Ellone is no longer there, but has traveled to Esthar. After the party travels to the future, bodies of killed SeeDs are found on the ground, wearing the White SeeD uniform. Upon this sight Squall comments that the SeeD has been fighting the sorceress across generations.

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Edea's Orphanage 1.jpg

Edea's House[]

One of the last remnants of the Centra civilization, the house served as home for those orphaned during the Sorceress War and later served as the origin of both the SeeD and White SeeD groups. During present time the house has been left in ruins, apparently having been abandoned after founding of Balamb Garden and the White SeeD.


The White SeeD Ship[]

This ship serves as the mobile home-base of the White SeeD in its members' continuing task to protect Ellone.