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White Robe as seen in Final Fantasy V.

Heavenly robes that strengthen magick defense.

The White Robe (しろのローブ or 白のローブ, Shiro no Rōbu?), also known as White Mage Robe, is a recurring Robe from the series. It is usually exclusive to the White Mage job, but sometimes, Summoners, Red Mages, or Sages can equip them. It halves elemental damage dealt to the wearer.


Final FantasyEdit

A robe that casts Invisira when used.

The White Robe is exclusive to the White Mage class. It resists Fire and Instant Death, has 24 Defense and 2 Weight, and casts Invisira when used as an item. It is found in the Flying Fortress.

Final Fantasy IIEdit

A white robe that enhances spirit.

The White Robe grants a bonus of 10 Spirit to the wearer. It provides 30 Defense, -5% Evade, 21% Magic Defense, and resists the Body, Mind, Matter, and Death elements. It can be found at Mysidian Tower and dropped by Astaroth and Lucifer.

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

The White Robe can be equipped by Onion Knights, Freelancers, White Mages, Red Mages, Scholars, Evokers, Bard, Devouts, Summoners, and Sages.

In the NES version, it provides 20 Defense, 14 Magic Defense, Mind +5, Magic Evade +3%, 12% Evade. It can be bought in Saronia for 7000 gil. In the 3D versions, it provides 31 Defense, 45 Magic Defense, and Mind +5. It can be bought in Ancient Ruins and the Invincible for 27,000 gil.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

Robe made for those who use white magic.

The White Robe can only be equipped by a character that can use White Magic. It grants the wearer a Spirit boost of 15 and protects against Darkness and attacks made by undead and ghouls. It is found in Lunar Subterrane.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

White Robe provides 18 Defense, 10 Magic Defense, 5 Magic Evasion, and 10 Spirit, as well as immunity to Blind and resistance against attacks from undead and ghouls. It is found in the Subterrane.

Final Fantasy VEdit

Robe made for those who use white magic.

The White Robe increases the wearer's Magic and Stamina stats by three. It can be equipped by all the mage classes, Summoner, Chemist, Geomancer, Bard, Dancer, Oracle, Cannoneer, Mime, and Freelancer.

It can be bought in Phantom Village and Great Sea Trench for 8,000 gil, dropped by Mindflayer and found in the Pyramid of Moore. At the pyramid it is in a monster-in-a-box chest guarded by either one Archeosaur (common) or an Archeosaur and two Ushabtis (rare).

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Robe made for white mages.

White Robe can be acquired via synthesis or a Chocograph treasure. It can be equipped by Eiko and Dagger. It teaches Eiko the Wht Mag spell Holy and makes the wearer's Holy-elemental attacks stronger. It also teaches Auto-Potion and Loudmouth. Though not mentioned in the menu, it makes the wearer weak to Fire.

White Robe can be synthesized in Daguerreo for 8,000 gil, a Gaia Gear, and a Jade Armlet, or found in the Sea at Dusk Chocograph, and in the Chocobo's Lagoon with a dark blue Choco.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

In the original version, White Robes are high-level robes that can be equipped after obtaining the Mystic Armor 10 license. They provide +38 Defense and +10 Magick Power. They can be purchased at Balfonheim Port for 13,500 gil, or from the bazaar along with the White Mask for 22,800 gil by selling Holy Crystal x8, Blood Wool x9, and Beastlord Hide x7. Equipping a White Robe boosts the user's Holy-elemental attacks, such as the Holy spell and physical damage from Holy-elemental weapons, such as the Excalibur.

In the Zodiac versions, White Robes now provide 53 Defense, +100 HP, +66 MP, +10 Magick Power, +4 Speed. It increases the potency of Holy-elemental attacks, and requires the Mystic Armor 11 license for 80 LP. It can be found as a treasure in Cerobi Steppe (Old Elanise Road) and Pharos - Third Ascent (Spire Ravel - 2nd Flight), stolen from Piscodaemon (3% chance) and Ultima (common) in Trial Mode Stage 95, and bought from the bazaar for 12,800 gil after selling Blood Wool x9, Beastlord Hide x7, and Holy Crystal x8. It can be equipped by the White Mage, Black Mage, and Red Battlemage, and Bushi.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

White Robes is a high-ranked armor for Kytes that provides +40 Defense, +85 Magick Defense, and +15 Mind. It can be bought in Tomaj's Sky Saloon shop for 24,000 gil in chapter 9.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Healer's Robe is the body part of the Artifact equipment for White Mages. The player needs to attain level 50 White Mage and clear all of the job's sidequests to obtain it. The upgraded version called Cleric's Robe is also available.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

These pure white vestments halve damage taken from the primary elements.

The White Robe halves Fire, Ice, and Lightning damage dealt to the wearer, and grants a small bonus to both HP and MP. It can be bought at the outfitters for 9,000 gil after the events in Lesalia Castle (chapter 3).

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

Pure white robe that protects from black magic.

The White Robe halves Fire, Ice, and Lightning damage dealt to the wearer and teaches Turbo MP to White Mages.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

A robe of the purest white. Better than black magick for defending one's person.

The White Robe halves Ice damage dealt to the wearer and teaches Turbo MP to White Mages. It provides +23 Attack and +48 Magick. It can be bought for 1,800 gil after trading a Mind Ceffyl, Zingu Pearl, and White Thread to the Bazaar.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesEdit

The White Mage Robe gives the wearer 33 Defense and 5 Magic Power. When equipped alongside the White Mage Hat, the wearer will cast curative spells when controlled by AI. It can be made using the Healing Raiment, and bought for 210 gil.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

Robe favored by masters of healing magic. For all tribes.

White Mage Robe is a low-ranked robe that can be used by any race and gender. It provides 8 defense, 3 magic, and 4 magic defense at level 1, while at level 30 it provides 68 defense, 20 magic, and 34 magic defense. It also has one empty slot and can be bought for 630 gil. It can also be created for 160 gil by using Silk, an Elemental Gem, and White Dust x3. When turned into a jewel, a level 3-9 White Mage Robe makes a Spirit Stone 1, level 10-19 makes an Albinore, and level 20-30 makes a Violence Eye.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightEdit

The White Robe can be bought for 350 gil from Liberte, Urbeth, Invidia, and Guera (after darkness). It raises the user's Spirit by 20%.

Bravely DefaultEdit

White Robe is light armor that provides 22 P.DEF, 5 M.DEF, +4 M.ATK, and +20 MND. It can be bought in Hartschild for 4000 pg.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

White Robe provides 15 Defense, 13 Magic Defense, 15 Magic Evade, and Mind +4. It can be equipped by Jobless, Monk, Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage, Summoner, Bard, Memorist, Seer, Dancer, and Magus jobs.

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

This robe is the embodiment of a white mage. The white robe is simple and soft to the touch, but boasts of a fairly thick and refined design. It is lined with material made from enchanted thread embroidered with mystical words that ease the mind and heighten the spirit. Those who wear this garment will be immediately recognized as white mages. It also emanates a great sense of purity.

White Robe is a Robe obtained by crafting it using 600 gil, x5 Light Crysts, x10 Light Megacrysts, x5 Gaia's Tears, and x5 Spellsilks, by finding it in Town of Amore, and by completing Intermediate D-5 of the Colosseum. It provides 34 DEF and 20 SPR.


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