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Bangaa that use their fists as weapons.


The White Monk is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance available to bangaa that uses their fists in combat and is one of two jobs that can ward off the undead for good, the other being the Archer. White Monk is the only job that cannot equip headgear.


The White Monk focuses equally on Attack, Magic Power and Speed. Their other stats, however, are abysmally low.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
6.4 C 1.1 E 8.1 B- 7.6 C- 8.3 B 6.8 D+ 1.4 C


Monk Tech[]

White monk command. Use own body as a weapon.

Skill Equipment AP Power Range
Whirlwind Hard Knuckles 100 25 Self
Quick spin attack. Hits to the front, back, and side.
Air Render Kaiser Knuckles 200 45 3
Releases aggression. Can damage at a distance.
Earth Render Tiger Fangs 200 34 Line
Attack so powerful it can rend the very earth.
Far Fist Godhand 200 35 4
Unleashed aggression deals area damage at a distance.
Chakra Cat Claws 200 35 Self
Sends energy into chakra points to heal HP.
Revive Survivor 300 1
Sends energy through body to revive KO'd unit.
Exorcise Rising Sun 300 1
Evil-banishing life chakra. Destroys zombies.
Element: Holy
Holy Sign White Fangs 200 1
Holy symbol. Neutralizes status enhancements.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Reflex Mirage Vest Predict and avoid a regular attack. 300
Counter Brigandine Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Monk Combo Mythril Claws Very easy chained combo ability for white monks. 100



The White Monk is superior to the other basic bangaa class, Warrior. A highly offensive class, its stats feature high attack and magic attack as well as good speed. The White Monk also has several abilities that deal ranged damage and some support capabilities, courtesy of Revive and Exorcise. The White Monk is the only other class, besides the Archer, that can kill off the undead for good. Though White Monk has awful MP, it doesn't affect it or bangaa in general as none of the White Monk's abilities cost MP, also meaning Silence is ineffective against them. The White Monk is the first class that bangaa can learn Counter from.

The White Monk's defensive capabilities are close to non-existent. Despite having some healing, its low HP and average defenses still make the White Monk a poor tank. Knuckles are not strong weapons, and White Monk cannot equip headgear, further lowering their defensive capability. The White Monk's stat growth subject bangaa to low HP, Attack, and Defense, hurting them in the long run if they change to more advanced classes.

Overall, the White Monk is better than the Warrior, having stats suitable for a balanced offense, and has a decent variety of abilities giving them ranged damage and support. The White Monk's durability is comparable to ranged units or mages.

Against enemy White Monks, the player's faster units overwhelm them quickly. Mages can destroy White Monks easily, but the player should be equally as cautious. Strong physical tanks, like Mog Knights, can handle most attacks while launching powerful counter offenses during the player's turns. Despite possessing decent ranged combat, White Monks are prey to ranged units.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

WhiteMonk TCG.png

White Monk appears on a card.


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