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Casts white magic.

PSP description

White Magic (しろまほう, Shiro Mahō?), also called White, is an ability in Final Fantasy IV used by Paladin Cecil, Rosa, Porom, child Rydia, Tellah, and Fusoya. White Magic is the counterpart to Black Magic, which focuses on harming opponents. White Magic contains healing spells, status-altering spells, a spell to escape battles/dungeons, and one damaging spell. The White Magic command's charge time varies, depending on the spell the player selects to cast. Fusoya knows all White Magic spells, while Tellah eventually learns all of them bar Holy via a story event.

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FFIVDS White Magic Icon.png
FF4PSP White Magic Icon.png

In the Easy Type version, casting times for the majority of spells were reduced from their original casting time. Lightbringer, introduced in the Game Boy Advance version, has the ability to randomly cast the Holy spell. It is randomly activated when using the Attack command when Cecil is equipped with it. In the 3D versions, the Dualcast Augment allows two White Magic spells to be cast in one turn.

List of White Magic spells[]

White Magic command[]

The following is a list of White Magic spells that can be learned and used through the White Magic battle command.

Name MP Cost Description Acquired Image
2D 3D
3 Restores minor HP to one or all allies. Can also damage undead. Rydia (2D): LV 3
Rydia (3D): Known
Rosa: Known
Cecil: Known
Porom: Known
FFIV iOS Cure.png
Restores HP.
9 Restores moderate HP to one, or minor HP to all allies. Can also damage undead. Rydia (2D): (Dummied)
Rydia (3D): LV 12
Rosa (2D): LV 13
Rosa (3D): Known
Cecil: LV 15
Porom: LV 13
FFIV iOS Cura.png
Restores HP.
18 Restores major HP to one or moderate HP to all allies. Can also damage undead. Rosa (2D): LV 30
Rosa (3D): LV 31
Porom: LV 33
Curaga ffiv ios.PNG
Restores HP.
40 Restores all HP to one or major HP to all allies. Can also damage undead. Rosa (2D): LV 38
Rosa (3D): LV 45
Porom: LV 48
Curaja ffiv ios.PNG
Restores HP.
20 Removes all negative statuses except Berserk (SNES/PS1), Sap, Slow, Stop, Doom, and KO. Rydia (3D): LV 10
Rosa: LV 18
Cecil: LV 35
Porom: LV 20
Seraphim's Mace
FFIVPSP Esuna.png
Cures all status effects except KO.
8 25 Revives KOed ally in critical HP. Rydia (3D): LV 15
Rosa (2D): LV 11
Rosa (3D): Known
Cecil (3D): LV 40
Porom: LV 11
Sage's Staff
Arise Raise ffiv ios.PNG
Revives one target.
52 70 Fully revives a KOed character to full HP. Rosa (2D): LV 45
Rosa (3D): LV 55
Porom: LV 56
Arise Raise ffiv ios.PNG
Revives and restores full HP to a single target.
Hold 5 Inflicts Paralyze. Rydia (2D): LV 7
Rydia (3D): Known
Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
FFIV iOS Hold.png
Causes Paralyze.
6 Inflicts Silence. Rosa (2D): LV 15
Rosa (3D): Known
Porom: LV 15
Rune Staff
FFIVPSP Silence.png
Causes Silence.
10 Inflicts Confuse. Rydia (3D): LV 8
Rosa: LV 24
Porom: LV 25
Faerie Rod
FFIVPSP Confuse.png
Causes Confuse.
Blink 8 Avoid the next two physical attacks. Rosa: LV 23
Porom: LV 23
FFIVPSP Blink.png
Creates illusion of one's self to confuse the enemy.
9 Increases Defense (2D versions)/inflicts Protect (3D versions). Rosa (2D): LV 12
Rosa (3D): Known
Cecil (3D): LV 10
Porom: LV 12
FFIVPSP Protect.png
Reduces physical damage received.
Shell 10 15 Increases Magic Defense (2D versions)/inflicts Shell (3D versions). Rosa (2D): LV 29
Rosa (3D): LV 20
Cecil (3D): LV 33
Porom (2D): LV 29
Porom (3D): LV 18
Elven Bow
Shell ffiv ios.PNG
Reduces magic damage received.
Slow 14 10 Reduces target's Speed (2D versions)/inflicts Slow (3D versions). Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Slow ffiv ios.PNG
Slows the passing of time.
25 20 Increases target's Speed (2D versions)/inflicts Haste (3D versions). Rosa (2D): LV 33
Rosa (3D): LV 35
Porom: LV 38
Haste ffiv ios.PNG
Hastens the passing of time.
18 15 Inflicts Berserk. Rosa (2D): LV 20
Rosa (3D): LV 30
Porom: LV 18
Power Staff
Berserk spell ffiv ios.PNG
Causes Berserk.
30 Inflicts Reflect. Rosa (2D): LV 36
Rosa (3D): LV 40
Porom: LV 44
FFIVPSP Reflect.png
Reflects magic cast at target.
12 15 Removes all positive statuses and Berserk, Sap (2D versions), Slow, and Stop. Rosa (2D): LV 31
Rosa (3D): LV 33
Porom: LV 31
Aura Staff
Dispel ffiv ios.PNG
Dispels magic effects.
1 Display target's vital statistics, including Level, HP, statuses, and elemental weaknesses. Rosa: Known
Cecil: LV 8
Porom: Known
FFIVPSP Libra.png
Determines target's HP and weakness.
6 20 Inflicts and cures Mini on one or all enemies. Rosa (2D): LV 30
Rosa (3D): LV 32
Porom (2D): LV 31
Porom (3D): LV 32
Mini ffiv ios.PNG
Transforms target to Mini or restores state.
10 20 Escape from dungeons and random battles. Rosa (2D): Event
Rosa (3D): LV 26
Cecil (2D): LV 19
Cecil (3D): LV 29
Porom: LV 19
Teleport in-battle ffiv ios.PNG
Warps party out of a dungeon or a battle.
Sight 2 5 View the World Map from a bird's-eye view when on the overworld map. Rydia (2D): 4
Rydia (3D): Known
Rosa: Known
Cecil: LV 3
Porom: Known
FFIV iOS Sight - Overworld.png
Opens world map.
8 Inflicts Float. Rosa (2D): LV 35
Rosa (3D): LV 38
Porom: LV 40
FFIVPSP Float.png
Levitates target.
46 50 Deals major Holy-elemental damage. Rosa (2D): LV 55
Rosa (3D): LV 60
Porom: LV 52
Holy Lance
Asura's Rod
FFIVPSP Holy.png
Causes holy damage.

Item magic[]

In the 3D versions, Heal, Basuna, and Poisona were reclassified into White Magic spells. Most spells are used via the White Magic command, but some spells can be used via the Items command. Item magic is cast by using specific weapons from the Item menu during battle. The weapon must be equipped, and unlike magic used via the White Magic command, item magic spells do not cost MP. All spells can be reflected.

The spell names for item magic are hidden, as when the player uses an item, the name used will be that of the name of the item which overrides the spell's name. Item magic can be used even if the user is silenced. In the 3D versions, item magic's power increases and decreases with the modification of the Spirit stat.

Name MP Cost Description Weapon Image
2D 3D
0 Removes the Poison status. Staff Poisona ffiv ios.PNG
0 Restores minor HP to all party members with a spell power of 12. Healing Staff Heal ffiv ios.PNG
0 Removes Berserk, Confuse, Sleep, and Paralyze. Mythril Staff Basuna ffiv ios.PNG


In the 3D versions, some of the new spells were classified into White Magic spells.

Name MP Cost Description Characters Used
Bubble 50 Doubles party's max HP. Cecil, Kain, and Rosa
Faith 50 Increases party's magic power. Cecil, Rydia, and Rosa
Bravery 50 Increases party's attack power. Cecil, Edge, and Rydia

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White magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for good and selfless purposes. With respect to the philosophy of left-hand path and right-hand path, white magic is the benevolent counterpart of malicious black magic. Because of its ties to traditional pagan nature worship, white magic is often also referred to as "natural magic".