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FFD White Magic

Sarah casting White Magic in Final Fantasy Dimensions.

White Magic (白魔法, Shiro Mahō?) is a skillset in Final Fantasy Dimensions. Similar to its appearance in other games, White Magic is learnt through and leveled by using the White Mage and focuses on HP restoration and healing statuses. Like Black Magic, White Magic is purchased at towns.

List of spellsEdit

Name Price Level MP Description Image
Cure 0 1 4 Restores a minor amount of HP to one or all allies. FFD Cure
Poisona 0 1 3 Cures Poison and Toxify. FFD Poisona
Libra 0 1 1 View a target's vital statistics, such as HP, MP, Level, and statuses. FFD Libra
Slow 300 2 7 Slows down the target's speed and actions. FFD Slow
Silence 300 2 5 Inflicts Silence on an enemy. FFD Silence
Mini 300 2 9 Inflicts and cures Mini on one or all enemies. FFD Mini
Cura 700 3 14 Restores a moderate amount of HP to one or all allies. FFD Cura
Protect 700 3 8 Reduces damage from physical attacks. FFD Protect
Raise 700 3 22 Revives a KO'ed ally. FFD Araise & Raise
Basuna 1500 4 10 Removes certain effects over time. FFD Basuna
Confuse 1500 4 7 Inflicts Confuse on one or all enemies. FFD Confuse
Teleport 1500 4 15 Teleports out of dungeons and battles.
Curaja 3000 5 26 Restores a major amount of HP to one or all allies. FFD Curaja
Blink 3000 5 7 Allows target to avoid 2 physical attacks. FFD-Blink-Status
Shell 3000 5 7 Reduces damage from magical attacks. FFD-Shell-Status
Berserk 6000 6 14 Inflicts Berserk on one target. FFD Berserk
Regen 6000 6 12 Target gradually restores HP over time. FFD-Reflect-Status
Haste 6000 6 16 Doubles speed and actions of the target. FFD Haste
Curaga 10000 7 36 Restores a greater amount of HP to all allies. FFD Curaga
Esuna 10000 7 15 Removes status effects from in and out of battle. FFD Esuna
Reflect 10000 7 22 Grants the Reflect status on an ally. FFD Reflect
Dispel 0 (learned by the Seer job at level 1) 8 16 Removes all positive status buffs. FFD Dispel
Holy 0 (obtained as part of the story) 8 42 Major light-elemental damage to one enemy. FFD Holy
Araise 0 (learned by the Seer job at level 20) 8 54 Fully revives a KO'ed ally. FFD Araise & Raise


White magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for good and selfless purposes. With respect to the philosophy of left-hand path and right-hand path, white magic is the benevolent counterpart of malicious black magic. Because of its ties to traditional pagan nature worship, white magic is often also referred to as "natural magic".

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