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White mages use curing magicks to mend allies' wounds and restore them to health.


A master of curative magic, the White Mage is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift available to humes, nu mou and viera.


White Mages have abilities such as Cure to heal party members and damage the undead; and Raise, which revives a KO'd unit and damages undead. The reviving spells, Raise and Arise, may be used to move a KO'd unit to a tile that is otherwise unreachable. This is useful in maps where treasure is on a ledge and none of the units have a sufficient Jump stat to reach it. Refresh is one of the few ways of getting rid of Doom and some status reducing effects.

They have low HP, but a good way to combat this is to acquire their skills while alternating with another job, such as Beastmaster, though this would lower their Magick stat. A better idea may be changing their job class to another and using the White Magick skillset as a secondary A-Ability, since the White Mage's magick growth is only average, meaning one may wish to change jobs to one better suited for growth in that area.

The viera White Mage has better overall MP and Speed growth than a hume White Mage. Both nu mou and hume White Mage have sparring stats of HP and MP difference, similar Speed growth. Yet, nu mou White Mages are better as magickal supporters since they have better Resistance than hume White Mages.

The White Mage's Turbo MP ability is not very useful, because all units start with zero MP; Turbo MP effectively doubles the amount of time a unit has to wait before they can cast their spells, unless one uses an Ether, the Seer's Recharge ability (for humes) or the Cannoneer's Ether Shot ability. Since this will double the cost for Esuna, Refresh and Reraise, its counterpart, Halve MP, is more beneficial.

Some notable White Mages are Cyda, Mack Ocktor, White King Blanc of Clan Cinquleur, and the hume to whom the player donates gil, who is a member of Carm Mercantile (secretly known as Khamja's front). They represent the three races the White Mage belongs to.


White Magick[]

WHITE MAGES work these magicks to heal and restore their allies.

Skill Equipment Range AP MP
Cure White Staff 4 100 8
Magickally bind the target's wounds. Restores HP and deals damage to undead.
Cura Healing Staff 4 200 14
Magickally restore a large amount of HP. Deals damage to undead.
Curaga Spring Staff 4 300 18
Magickally restore a great amount of HP. Deals damage to undead.
Esuna Cleansing Staff 4 200 12
Magickally purge the target of debuffs.
Raise Staff of Blessings 4 200 10
Magickally revive the target, removing KO. Deals damage to undead.
Arise Nirvana 4 400 20
Magickally revive the target. Removes KO and restores full HP. Deals damage to undead.
Reraise Cheer Staff 4 400 28
Grant RERAISE buff to the target. Automatically casts Raise on them if they are KO'd.
Refresh Staff of the Magi 4 400 14
Magickally cleanse the target of debuffs unaffected by Esuna.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Turbo MP White Robe Spells cost twice their usual MP, but are much more potent. 250