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Friendly creature quick to aid those in need.


White Hare is an Esper in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is the rank 1 Holy Ranged summon, and costs 12 Affinity points to summon. The red White Hares are ally Yarhi, while the blue ones are enemy Yarhi.

At first by the edge of Rabanastre when Vaan, Kytes and Filo are approaching the Galbana, two White Hares can be seen by the edge of the city. Since Penelo isn't present, approaching them is the only way to restore HP. Both of are named Giza Rabbit instead of White Hare.



Its normal attack, Cure, restores HP to one ally.


Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

WhiteHare TCG.png

White Hare appears with a wind-elemental card.



  • White Hares resemble White Mages, as the friendly White Mages have red and white attires (coats), and the enemy White Mages have blue and white attires (coats).