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Restores MP of all party members.


White Draw is a Dragon ability in Final Fantasy IX used by Freya that replenishes the player party's mana for a cost of 36 MP.


White Draw is learned for 90 AP from Ice Lance (buy from shops after returning from the Outer Continent), Kain's Lance (find in Memoria), Emerald (earliest obtain: talk to the High Priest as Freya in Cleyra).


White Draw restores a random amount of MP to the party as per the following formula:

0 ... ((Enemy Level * 2) - 1)

Though the ability targets an enemy to calculate how much MP is to be restored to the party, the ability does not damage the enemy's MP in turn, unlike with Lancer. Therefore it also does not matter if the enemy is undead.


White Draw is good for restoring MP to the party, but it will also cost 36 MP for Freya to use. However, the earliest it can be conveniently used is after the party returns from the Outer Continent and the player has the Blue Narciss, when it would have been more useful earlier when the party was Zidane, Vivi, Freya, and Quina. It could be useful in the Desert Palace, but Freya is likely better sent to Oeilvert.

For restoring MP, Ethers are generally better and plentiful enough to consume, especially if used with Chemist. Vivi also has Osmose, Amarant also has Chakra, and Zidane also has Sacrifice. The drawback to White Draw is just how random it can be. On the world map, the player can use cheaply available Tents to restore MP, and dungeons have save moogles in frequent enough intervals as well as not to run all out of MP. There is always a save point before a boss battle. This leaves few points where using White Draw would be the optimal move for Freya to make.