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The Whisperwind Cove is one of the four bonus dungeons in the Dawn of Souls version of the original Final Fantasy, and one of the five in the 20th Anniversary Edition and iOS/Windows Phone versions. It is not available in the Android version or Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster.

The Whisperwind Cove is located northeast of the Cavern of Ice in the Crescent Lake continent. The player must have defeated Tiamat and obtained the canoe to play through the Cove. Bosses from Final Fantasy VI appear here. The Whisperwind Cove is the longest of the new dungeons in the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls port, comprising 40 floors. Mandatory boss battles and exit warps are present every tenth floor. It hosts the largest variety of enemies in the game, of many difficulties and types.

Several levels involve minigames, which can range from beaver counting (reminiscent of Final Fantasy II) to searching for robot parts. Quirky levels, such as a floating continent dominated by shades of orange, break up the monotony of the mostly generic cave floors.


One of the levels has a village comprised of Black, White, and Red Wizards (with their sprite colors altered). Every magic spell can be bought from the White and Black Wizards at regular prices. There are eight Black and White Wizards each who sell eight different levels of magic. Three of the Red Wizards will sell the player weapons, armor, or items.

Weapon Shop[]

Name Cost
Wizard's Staff 50,000 gil
Thor's Hammer 40,000 gil
Healing Staff 25,000 gil
Mage's Staff 25,000 gil
Light Axe 10,000 gil

Armor Shop[]

Name Cost
White Robe 25,000 gil
Black Robe 25,000 gil
Protect Cloak 20,000 gil
Protect Ring 16,000 gil
Gauntlets 15,000 gil

Item Shop[]

Name Cost
Light Curtain 1,000 gil
Red Curtain 300 gil
White Curtain 300 gil
Blue Curtain 300 gil
Lunar Curtain 500 gil


In the Whisperwind Cove, treasure lists are static on each floor, but what varies is the number of chest each floor has, and these are randomly sorted for each run.

There is only one map in the Whisperwind Cove where ten treasure chests can appear. This map is a castle inhabited only by undead. The ten chests will always appear, regardless of which floor the map was found on.

Floor Treasure Undead Castle Treasure
1 Blue Fang, 2500 gil, Tiger Mask, Spider's Silk, Golden Apple, Stamina Plus Turbo Ether, Hermes' Shoes, Protect Drink, Genji Helm
2 Cockatrice Claw, Hermes' Shoes, Protect Drink, Spider's Silk, Light Curtain, Silver Apple Mind Plus, Giant's Tonic, Strength Tonic, Elixir
3 Soma Drop, Turbo Ether, Luck Plus, Speed Drink, Potion, Phoenix Down White Fang, Speed Plus, Remedy, Crystal Mail
4 Ether, Faerie Tonic, X-Potion, Vampire Fang, 600 gil, White Curtain Spider's Silk, Dry Ether, Emergency Exit, Ogrekiller
5 Phoenix Down, Remedy, Hi-Potion, Stamina Plus, Blue Curtain, Golden Apple Giant's Tonic, Speed Drink, Soma Drop, Dark Claymore
6 100 gil, Eyedrops, 120 gil, Phoenix Down, Echo Grass, Power Plus Turbo Ether, Mind Plus, Megalixir, Bard's Tunic
7 Soma Drop, Red Curtain, Hi-Potion, Protect Drink, Red Fang, Wizard's Hat Silver Apple, Hermes' Shoes, Elixir, Speed Plus
8 Phoenix Down, Spider's Silk, Faerie Tonic, Ether, Emergency Exit, 2400 gil X-Potion, Silver Apple, Power Plus, Black Cowl
9 Stamina Plus, Eyedrops, Turbo Ether, 14000 gil, White Fang, Hermes' Shoes Mind Plus, Soma Drop, Lunar Curtain, Enhancer
11 Ether, Hi-Potion, Echo Grass, Protect Drink, Luck Plus, Hermes' Shoes Light Curtain, Strength Tonic, Spider's Silk, Orichalcum
12 Eyedrops, 132 gil, Megalixir, Hi-Potion, Spider's Silk, Power Plus Remedy, White Fang, Golden Apple, Soma Drop
13 Strength Tonic, Giant's Tonic, X-Potion, Stamina Plus, 240 gil, Ether Dry Ether, Elixir, Light Robe, Mage Masher
14 Red Fang, Turbo Ether, Emergency Exit, Speed Drink, Silver Apple, Light Curtain Speed Plus, Spider's Silk, Blue Curtain, Crystal Helm
15 X-Potion, Cockatrice Claw, Power Plus, Hermes' Shoes, Remedy, White Fang Elixir, Giant's Tonic, Ogrekiller, Power Plus
16 Faerie Tonic, Protect Drink, Lunar Curtain, Spider's Silk, Ether, X-Potion Luck Plus, Mind Plus, Silver Apple, Thief's Armlet
17 Red Curtain, Remedy, Speed Drink, Phoenix Down, Turbo Ether, Vampire Fang Soma Drop, Elixir, Elven Cloak, Assassin Dagger
18 Speed Plus, Blue Fang, Potion, Phoenix Down, Turbo Ether, Golden Apple N/A (Hermes' Shoes, Megalixir, X-Potion, Bard's Tunic)
19 Soma Drop, Golden Apple, Eyedrops, 110 gil, White Fang, White Curtain Elixir, Blue Fang, 20000 gil, Gladius
21 Speed Plus, Speed Drink, Echo Grass, Luck Plus, Giant's Tonic, Soma Drop Hi-Potion, Dry Ether, Elixir, Red Cap
22 560 gil, Potion, Remedy, Mind Plus, Light Curtain, Faerie Tonic Hermes' Shoes, Silver Apple, Golden Apple, Blue Curtain
23 Wizard's Hat, X-Potion, Protect Drink, Emergency Exit, Strength Tonic, Phoenix Down Soma Drop, Stamina Plus, Phoenix Down, Crystal Gloves
24 Hi-Potion, Cockatrice Claw, Mind Plus, Lunar Curtain, Spider's Silk, Speed Drink Golden Apple, Power Plus, Remedy, Braveheart
25 6300 gil, Potion, Turbo Ether, Power Plus, Soma Drop, Vampire Fang Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion, Elixir, Genji Armor
26 White Fang, Eyedrops, Elixir, Speed Drink, Emergency Exit, X-Potion Giant's Tonic, Light Curtain, Hermes' Shoes, Sage's Staff
27 2600 gil, Stamina Plus, Strength Tonic, White Curtain, Blue Curtain, Hi-Potion Mind Plus, Elixir, Soma Drop, Crystal Shield
28 Faerie Tonic, Golden Apple, Megalixir, Spider's Silk, Ether, Remedy Hermes' Shoes, Giant's Tonic, Luck Plus, Kotetsu
29 X-Potion, Phoenix Down, Echo Grass, Protect Drink, Hermes' Shoes, Dry Ether Speed Drink, Red Fang, Elixir, Black Garb
31 Turbo Ether, Golden Apple, Lunar Curtain, Power Plus, Remedy, White Fang Emergency Exit, Elixir, Kenpogi, Ogrekiller
32 Soma Drop, Hi-Potion, 63000 gil, Faerie Tonic, Speed Drink, Phoenix Down Blue Curtain, Speed Plus, Elixir, Red Jacket
33 Giant's Tonic, Light Curtain, Phoenix Down, Mind Plus, Red Curtain, X-Potion N/A (Hermes' Shoes, Turbo Ether, Emergency Exit, Angel's Ring) (The Angel's Ring can be found here, but cannot be obtained as the undead castle will never spawn on floor 33.)
34 Elixir, 120 gil, Stamina Plus, Cockatrice Claw, Ether, Strength Tonic 23000 gil, X-Potion, Golden Apple, Rune Axe
35 Zephyr Cape, Soma Drop, Silver Apple, Hermes' Shoes, Luck Plus, Blue Curtain Speed Plus, Megalixir, Blue Fang, Black Garb
36 Eyedrops, 26464 gil, Hi-Potion, Dry Ether, Phoenix Down, Viking Axe Giant's Tonic, X-Potion, Elixir, Sage's Mitre
37 Potion, Power Plus, Speed Drink, Ether, Phoenix Down, Red Fang Elixir, Mind Plus, Soma Drop, Gladius
38 White Fang, Emergency Exit, Speed Plus, Echo Grass, Dry Ether, Silver Apple X-Potion, Cockatrice Claw, Megalixir, Duel Rapier
39 Soma Drop, Megalixir, Giant's Tonic, Faerie Tonic, Remedy, Golden Apple Light Curtain, Phoenix Down, Asura, Kikuichimonji
40 Ultima Weapon


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Musical themes[]

In the 20th Anniversary version, a remix of the Final Fantasy VI boss battle theme plays while fighting the bosses in this dungeon.

"Dead Music" is the background theme for the village cursed by the Phantom Train.

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