A swarm of Whispers.

An accretion of Whispers, the so-called arbiters of fate. The creatures appear when someone tries to alter destiny's course. They are connected to all the threads of time and space that shape the planet's fate.

In-game description of the Whisper Harbinger

Whispers(フィーラー, Fīrā?, lit. Wheeler), also known as the arbiters of fate (運命の番人, Unmei no Banin?, lit. keepers of fate), are beings born of the planet said to enforce the course of destiny. They appear in large gatherings whenever events stray too far from fate's intended path.

Profile[edit | edit source]

The Whispers become visible to Cloud.

Whispers are invisible until someone who can see them (such as Aerith Gainsborough) makes contact with another person. When visible to the naked eye, they appear as flying, gray cloaks with nothing inside and typically appear in dense swarms. They gather to block people's ways, guide those who stray from their intended path, and may even attack those who defy their fate too strongly. Though they are supernatural and usually invisible, they have a physical presence in the world and can be attacked and thus, destroyed.

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The Whispers appear whenever events start to diverge from the original plot of Final Fantasy VII. According to Whisper Harbinger's description, they appear "when someone tries to alter destiny's course". That someone is implied to be Sephiroth. The only person who seems to understand what the beings are for and that their fate is supposedly sealed is Aerith Gainsborough.

Story[edit | edit source]

After the bombing mission at Mako Reactor 1, Cloud runs into Aerith in the streets of Midgar, being harassed by invisible beings that become visible to him when she grabs his arm and pleads for help. The Whispers disperse, and Aerith offers Cloud a flower. As they return, Cloud draws his weapon, attracting the attention of Shinra Public Security Division, and Aerith runs off with the Whispers while Cloud deals with the soldiers.

Later on, the Whispers appear in the Sector 7 Slums after Barret has decided not to hire Cloud again for Avalanche business. Cloud and Tifa rush to the Seventh Heaven bar that is being swarmed by the Whispers, but the beings try to block their path, and Jessie gets hurt. After she is injured, the Whispers immediately disperse, with Barret blaming Shinra's mako reactors for turning nature upside down and creating hostile beings. Barret hires Cloud on the spot to be Jessie's replacement on the next bombing mission.

During the bombing mission, Cloud gets separated from Avalanche and falls into the Sector 5 Slums Church, where he reunites with Aerith, who recognizes Cloud as a mercenary for hire and wants him to become her bodyguard. When Reno of the Turks comes to the church to kidnap Aerith, Cloud subdues him, but the Whispers appear to stop Cloud from killing Reno, Aerith also telling him not to do it. They then block Reno from pursuing Cloud and Aerith as they escape the church.

A Whisper observes Tifa trying to stop the plate collapse.

The Whispers slow Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith down when they rush back to Sector 7, attempting to stop Shinra forces seeking to drop the Sector 7 plate. The Whispers appear around Jessie, Biggs and Wedge when Avalanche is defending the Sector 7 pillar, but Wedge survives, changing destiny despite the Whispers' attempts to ensure his death. Tifa asks Aerith to take Barret's daughter Marlene somewhere safe, but Aerith already knows her name without anyone having told her.

Cloud, Barret, and Tifa return to the Sector 7 ruins looking for survivors and find a secret Shinra testing site, but the Whispers carry them away just as Cloud is about to remember more of his past. If Cloud meets with Aerith in a dream later, she says that everyone will die eventually and that Cloud shouldn't fall in love with her.

Whispers flock to Aerith when she tells the others of her Cetra heritage in her old room in the Shinra Building.

Cloud, Tifa, and Barret storm the Shinra Building to rescue Aerith, who has been kidnapped by Shinra, but more and more Whispers begin to appear as Sephiroth arrives in the body of one of his clones. When Aerith "tames" Red XIII, one of Professor Hojo's research specimens, Red XIII seems to gain intimate knowledge of the Whispers and their purpose and relays it to the party. When in her old room in Hojo's lab, she tells the others that she feels lost and confused, and that whenever the Whispers touch her she loses another part of herself. When Hojo is about to tell Cloud that he was never in SOLDIER, the Whispers carry him away, preventing him from finishing his sentence. The Whispers restore Barret to health after Sephiroth impales him, but they also attack Wedge, who has come to the Shinra Building to help Barret's group. Though not directly shown, it's implied the Whispers throw him out the window of the building as the sound of shattering glass is the last thing heard when the screen fades.

The Whispers eventually overwhelm the entire building, which Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith, and Red XIII marvel at from afar. Rufus Shinra is puzzled by the phenomenon, but Tseng, who is with him, is unable to perceive the Whispers. At the end of the Midgar Expressway, Cloud senses Sephiroth is there, and others can also see him, Aerith explaining that he is going to try and destroy the planet and that Shinra is not their real enemy. Aerith says that they must defeat Sephiroth no matter what it takes. Sephiroth slices through the swarm of Whispers a pathway to "singularity", a doorway into a new destiny where the future is not fixed. Cloud and friends follow and end up in a distorted version of Midgar, where the Whispers combine into a Weapon-like colossus that spawns three constructs with the ability to merge into a Bahamut-like form. Throughout the battle, they show images of events that will occur: Aerith's death, Meteor hurtling toward Midgar, and an older Red XIII overlooking the ruins of Midgar.

The Whispers coalescing into Whisper Harbinger.

The group defeats the Whispers before battling Sephiroth, who takes Cloud to a metaphysical dimension he calls the "edge of creation" and asks him to forge a new destiny together with him. Cloud refuses, but Sephiroth spares him after besting him in combat. Cloud and his friends leave Midgar together to hunt Sephiroth down and find out what his plan is.

The Whispers' defeat creates deviations to the timeline: Biggs survives the plate collapse, while Zack Fair wins "his last stand" and brings Cloud to Midgar. Aerith is unsure what the future will hold, as the sky above them is unknown. Sephiroth is motivated by his will to defy destiny and seems to have goaded Cloud and his friends into fighting the Whispers to open a path to a new future.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Whispers are fought as enemies in the Sector 7 slums during "Sudden Attack" in Chapter 4, "Mad Dash", and at the Sector 7 train station when the party returns there to defend the pillar. Three large Whispers that can form into a dragon are fought as part of the final battles in Chapter 18 "Destiny's Crossroads" alongside a giant Whisper that towers over the skies.

According to the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania, the three named Whispers fought at the end, Rubrum, Viridi, and Croceo, take their fighting styles from Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.[1] In the Japanese version, Whisper Croceo's Amber Whirl ability is named Velvet Nightmare, after Yazoo's gun.

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]


The Whispers are called "Wheelers" in Japanese. Scenario Writer Kazushige Nojima requested they look ghostly to make them feel eerie. At first, the Whispers were to be "like sand", crumbling while also remaining in form, that more evoked the feeling of wind. Director Tetsuya Nomura has described them as tangible, with a meaning behind being this way. Nomura confirms that the ability to see the Whispers is due to Aerith's direct touch, but wanted to keep secret whether Aerith could always see them.[2] The Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania further elaborates that the ability to see the Whispers depends on the person, and that it is possible to suddenly become able to perceive them after touching a "special" person.[2]

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